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I am a lecturer teaching the subject of 'Performance Management' to a graduate class. I was wondering if you have any cases, stories or incidents related to performance management that I can share with my students?

From India, Thane

See if you want to use my story.
Performance Appraisal on a Post-it
Yes! It is true… You can get your appraisal done on a post-it.
I am going to share an appraisal experience when I was working as a Lead Trainer: Voice and Accent and Soft Skills with a BPO named Equinox. It has become Oracle BPO now.
I had a great supervisor and a learning leader. Due to some business reasons, my immediate manager was shifted to another department. I got another Manager whom I started reporting to. Rachna was very tactful, patient and came across to me as someone who was little diplomatic. As my earlier manager was an authoritative one, believe me; I found it difficult to accept that my reporting manager could be so nice and caring towards me. Just to highlight her thoughtfulness; one day I just told her that my sister’s birthday is coming the next week. She asked me the date and I told her. Exactly, one day before the birthday, while I was leaving for the day; she gave me a very nice photo album and asked me to give it to my sister and convey her wishes.
Six months went by and it was time for my half-yearly appraisal. I had filled in my form very meticulously and was mentally rehearsing my rebuttals. Rachna came in the meeting room and handed over a post-it to me. She said, “Atul, Ashima (my learning leader) and I are really happy with the hard work you are putting in. Your work is good and I am sure you are on your way to become an Assistant Manager. Whatever you have filled in your appraisal form, I am ready to sign it and hand it over with my recommendation for promotion to Ashima. I am not going to give you any feedback. I think with the kind of work we do, you get so much of real time feedback that there is no scope for work related feedback. What I want to say is written in this post-it. I want you to think about these points for five minutes while I get tea and good day cookies from the cafeteria and you think about what I have written.”
We spoke about those six points for about 2-3 hours and I felt that it was one of the most meaningful talks I ever had with someone.
After a year and a half, I became a manager and believe me that post-it thing… yes it worked…and it still works for me… But, I think it only works if you follow this 5 POINT GOLDEN RULE AS A SUPERVISOR:
- Be clear about your subordinates Ability for his various tasks and make them crystal clear too
- Get to know the real Willingness of your subordinates for different activities
- Learn how to channelize the energies and instill confidence in them to increase their commitment every time..
- Care for the small things and still keep the big picture in mind, and
- Most importantly… Be there for them!
There is another post on Performance Appraisal meetings by me. Here's the link:
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From India, Delhi
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Dinesh Divekar

Dear Mr Atul Sharma,
Thanks for sharing the case study on Performance Appraisal (PA). It goes on to show that how feedback improves the junior's performance. Though the incident happened long ago, you still remember it. This shows that it became memorable experience for you.
Nevertheless, the poster's query on case study on "Performance Management" and not on "Performance Appraisal" as such. Latter is subset of former.
Performance Management System (PMS) is a comprehensive set-up made up of elements like identification of the costs associated with the business, assignment of these costs to the respective HODs, accurate measurement of the performance, creating supporting mechanism to elevate the performance and so on.
Performance Management begins with the recruitment. Employee training, career planning etc are all based on the Performance Management System (PMS).
While your post that shares your experience is laudable, the objective of this post is to bring out clarity between Performance Appraisal (PA) and Performance Management (PM).
Notwithstanding their relatedness, their identity is distinct and exclusive too. Junior members of this forum should not confuse between the two, hence this reply.
Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore

Dear Dinesh Divekar,
While the incident I shared is related to performance appraisal, I have spoken about how as a supervisor one can ensure the right environment for performance management.
Thank you for your post for bringing in more clarity.

From India, Delhi
Dear Mr. Atul Sharma,
Thank you for sharing your experience on performance appraisal. I have observed that students remember anecdotes and stories more easily than concepts. Also,the five golden rules that you mentioned are very thoughtful.
Dear Mr. Atul Sharma,
You are correct in pointing out the differences between the two related but distinct subjects of Performance appraisal and Performance management. Along with the important points that you mentioned, I would add that the holistic objective and goals of performance management is long term and the process is continuous (unlike performance appraisal).
Tarun K.

From India, Thane
Srinath Sai Ram

Dear Mr Tarun, erroneously you have mentioned the name of Mr Atul Sharma instead of "Mr Dinesh Divekar Sir" who posted regarding difference between Performance Appraisal vis a vis Performance Management
From India, New Delhi
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