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Situation 1.: If an employee is responsible to handle 40 clients of a company. But whenever the client goes to him with some queries or complaint, he runs to his Manager for solutions. If the manager asks some relevant questions onto the issue, the employee goes back to his desk to check the details & comes back to manager with particular answer. He neither has a skill to face client's queries on his own, nor able to be ready with complete information before presenting the query/ complaint in front of the Manager.
Situation 2.: There is a team of 15 employees from different departments. Their manager wants them to understand the importance of providing CORRECT data to their managers. The manager should not go back to the employee to question the data.
What training can be arranged or designed for above two situations.?

From India, Mumbai
Dinesh Divekar
Business Mentor, Consultant And Trainer
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Nagarkar Vinayak L
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Dinesh Divekar

Dear member,
Situation-wise replies are given below:
Situation 1: - In this case the employee lacks technical skills. However, before imparting the technical skills, please find out whether the systems and processes of his section/department are well-documented or not. If not, then first prepare the process manual. Conduct the training on the execution of the processes.
Partially, it could be recruitment problem too. What if the employee has low IQ? In that case, even if you conduct the training, it may not yield the promising returns. Just because process manual is not provided that does not mean that employees start fumbling at other places. He could have devised his own manual. Therefore, the first thing that you need to do is to take IQ test of this person. Secondly, take a lesson from this instance and include IQ tests in your recruitment process.
Situation 2: - In this case, there is a cross-functional team and manager wants the data provided by the team members should be authentic. If there is a mismatch in what manager had asked and what information was provided then it is a communication problem. To avoid the confusion, managers needs training on principles of communication and barriers in communication. Please do not include training on topics like tone, tonality, body language etc in this training.
As a immediate measure, Manager may start providing format in which he wants the information. I say so because when senior seeks information from the junior then senior is also responsible to provide the format of the report. Many times seniors just ask the information without providing the format. When the juniors submit the information, they start expressing their displeasure for exclusion of few points.
By the way, seeking information from the juniors is old hat. Why you do not devise a software whereby Managers get updated information at the click of the mouse?
Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore

Both the situations speak of improper recruitment and inadequate training.
Special training to make employees upto date with procedures, processes is necessary.
Otherwise manager is going to be given inadequate and inaccurate data.
Also manager will be spending more time supervising routine work of employees.
So a review of the whole process and working will be needed.

From India, Pune
Arif ur Rehman

Dear Mr. Distraught:
Something initially, very wrong, was with the recruitment.
Coming to the scenario - it underlines the need for clear, complete and comprehensive flow of timely information (communication). The back-up to the process must come from clearly stated and designed SoP's . including the line and staff roles that must provide for the answers to the client's quires / issues.
At the responding end the environment must be real, right and responsible.
There really is no quick fix, but talking of training it must be designed to help develop soft skills, people's skills, technical skills coupled with IQ and EQ .
In the short term there may be some staff shuffles, and services of corporate consultants may be hired; but for the long term and sustained needs of RESPONSES must come through a COMPREHENSIVE, TAILOR DESIGNED training program.
This would be one of the best investment that the company would make.
There is always a solution, smile
Arif ur Rehman

From Pakistan, Karachi

Recruitment,Induction training,On the job training, cross funtional training and performance assessment are few guidelines that needs to be stablished.And ofcourse,for all the above the company should have training policy and dedicated trainers for handling this department.Our experts here has given valuable information on training.
Pls ensure that From hiring to exit,a company must have well defined clear policy& guidelines for successful employee onbarding and organisation growth.

From India, Vadodara
Nagarkar Vinayak L

Dear Colleague,
In the first situation, it appears that the person lacks basic knowledge/skills of the job as seen from his running up and down from client to manager for resolving problems or giving data. The person also appears to be disorganized and confused.
This reflects on the poor selection process which needs to be revamped. Instead of introducing IQ tests, I suggest practical test for performing representative tasks or questionnaire test based on practical day to day problems by the incumbent would greatly help in hiring decisions provided the task/questionnaire test are well designed.
In my view you have selected a misfit and training him, will take much longer unless he demonstrates good ability to learn faster.
In the second situation it relates to cross functional team working. I share the same view that the the data needed by the Manager should be in the specified format to obtain uniform information and also to avoid likely different individual interpretation. Manager can hold training session in which he can explain the need and purpose of this data, and how their individual contribution in giving accurate data is valuable in taking some critical decisions.
Vinayak Nagarkar
HR- Consultant

From India, Mumbai
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