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1. Take the stairs and always carry your own stuff
This represents firm proponent of doctor Hinohara, he still takes two steps at a time climbing the stairs.
2. Do not believe everything your doctor recommends or says
Explore, read and educated yourself. You do not have to believe in everything your doctor says.
3. Share what you know
Dr. Hinohara gives 150 lectures on an annual basis in schools, business communities etc. He often shares lessons on war and peace. Do not forget that most of the lessons (90 min) are done standing up.
4. You do not have to retire
If you love the work you do, you do not have to retire.
5. Plan ahead
If you want to enjoy your life better, you have to have busy schedule fill with different appointments, lectures, work, etc. Dr. Hinohara is planning to attend the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.
6. Don’t be overweight
Dr. Hinohara consumes a tbsp of olive oil, orange juice and coffee for breakfast. Cookies and milk for lunch and rice, fish and veggies for dinner. He consumes 100g of lean meat two times a week.
7. Energy does not come from sleeping a lot or eating well, it comes from feeling good
You will be more happy and energetic if you eliminate strict time-regulated rules, be like children – have a lots of fun until you feel sleepy or hungry.
8. It is wonderful to live long
He continues serving society, he volunteers, works 18h per day, 7 days a week and he also enjoy every single moment of his life.
9. Find a role model
The doctor usually asks himself what his father would do when he faces with some issue.
10.. Do not worry too much, life is unpredictable and full of incidents
The doctor was hijacked by the communist Red Army when he has 59 years old. He spent 4 days under 40 degree heat and handcuffed to his seat. He is also amazed how his body slowed down to adapt to deprivation.
11. Science alone can not help or cure people
The doctor believes that every illness can be cured with liberal and visual arts. He also believes in the uniqueness of every single individual.
12. Do not be crazy for money
The doctor is more than aware that he can not take anything when he goes!
13. Pain is mysterious
You have to do something fun if you want to forget about pain. The doctor found that music and animals can really help you to get rid of and mange your pain.
14. Be inspired
You must find inspiration in the World in order to motivate yourself. For ex: he finds motivation in the poem “Abt Vogler” by Robert Browning.

These advices equally hold good for young and old alike. Nice collection!
This is simply not the advise but complete diet to live in.
While many points are as per popular belief and practice like taking the stairs, being active, do what you like, plan etc the diet chart indicates a contra opinion.
Most people advise a heavy breakfast, moderate lunch and a small dinner.
One funny way of describing a diet habit is, "Eat breakfast like a King, share lunch with a friend and give dinner to your enemy!"
His style is just opposite !

A very useful advice for living a good life
Be active,live simply,make friends,avoid non veg and be happy for a long happy life.
1) Take the stairs and always carry your own stuff
Very sane and good advice.But we look for lifts even if going to 1st floor and in office look for a peon to carry our luggage.
This needs change in our context
2)Share what you know
Unfortunately many people keep info/knowledge to themselves to underscore their importance in organisation.
3) Plan ahead
Vital for success.
Realistic planning with full listing of pros and cons is vital.
4) It is wonderful to live long
But plan finances,take good adequate health insurance
Many people do not plan finaces properly and have problems when they have financial problems and depend on children.
Never forget health insurance cover.
5)Do not be crazy for money
If all of us adopt this principle India will change
Half our problems arise because we want more money.
If I buy a Maruti, I start longing for a higher category care and our demands becomes unending.
Be satisfied and live contentedly.
Exercise on daily basis and be happy.
Be genuinely broadminded and forgiving in nature.
I’m a big believer that your life is basically a sum of all the choices you make. The better your choices, the better opportunity to lead a happy life.
Karen Salmansohn

Dear All Your appreciation is a booster for me. I would post more life changing stories.
Thanks our HR fraternity. Your appreciation is a boost for my message, I would post more anecdotes in the days to come.
Dear All Thanks for your appreciation. I would post more motivating posts in the days to come.

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