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In recent times the area of ​​Human Resources has been given the importance and validity it deserves. Companies now take into account that Human Resources plays a strategic and valuable role and oriented to the construction and formation of integral leaders; whereas in the past it was considered a purely administrative and operative area.
For companies, the Human Resources area can be the whole and one of the most strategic and important areas, since it has a focus on the most important resource of the company: its members. Without good management by the area, therefore the business plan would fail and good talent would not be exploited.
Human Resources for companies is a style of mediating figure that advocates for the welfare, training and general state of its members. The function of the Human Resources area is to ensure that members are treated equitably within the processes in which they are involved, and that their needs are aligned with those of the business.
Employees benefit when managers are trained, trained and developed in their area of ​​expertise; they must see their managers focused on meeting their goals and work effectively.
After having analyzed the importance of the role that the area has in the organization, four essential goals that companies expect Human Resources to comply with will be outlined:
  • Join the company's strategy with Human Resources

The area of Human Resources has to have a high capacity of persuasion to the high leaders of a company at the moment of beginning with the strategic planning or allocation of new resources.
The CEOs of a company want that person who leads the Human Resources area to understand where the company wants to go and what is the human talent available to reach those goals established quickly and effectively.
The needs that an organization requires are determined by the CEO of the company. Its task is to determine the correct number of resources that will be distributed in each area for the execution and fulfillment of the strategy. Now, in these moments are where Human Resources play an important role by providing the CEO with the data and tips to make the organization even more efficient.
  • Help attract and retain the best talent

The CEOs seek that the Human Resources area inquire and find the best talent to be part of the company and boost the strategy to reach the goals. Human Resources is a key piece in charge of positioning the company in the market. Recruitment is a continuous sales process which must be strategically planned to find the best talent for the company.
  • Execute a robust onboarding process

Many companies hire a good talent, however they do not take care of developing it in the right way. This can cause low or slow performance, making the Human Resources department doubt whether or not it hired the best talent.
Human Resources must be in charge of appropriating the onboarding process. A high quality process allows to instruct and teach about the history of the company, and to know the generality of the industry to which the company belongs. Another step that makes the process fruitful is to involve the new person in attending meetings with key executives that will inform and train the individual.
These onboarding actions have multiple benefits such as guiding the best performance, and building a better culture through the sharing of experiences.
  • Focus on the employee's commitment

The vast majority of companies today do not measure or manage the commitment of employees. This is where Human Resources plays a very important role in promoting the commitment and motivation of employees.
The commitment if it must be measured by means of the following tools and actions:
  • Measure commitment through surveys
  • Take action with problems that are coming up.
  • Provide support to other areas through activities to increase the commitment of employees.
It is of great importance that from Human Resources coaching is done and feedback is given to the leaders and executives of the areas, since in many occasions they lack skills in guiding and motivating their team.

From India, Mumbai
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Very well written and summarised point wise.
Recruiting and retaining the best talent sounds nice but difficult in practice.
As the doyen management guru PETER F DRUCKER observed the" knowledge workers" are tough to be retained in this 21 Century.
So be prepared for attrition and make sure a proper replacement and training is in place for a new incumbent.

From India
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