Hello Seniors:- Pls Explain the topic.
if it is ok to deploy one person for 12 hr Shift in case of Security Guard.?
How can we calculate their CTC. ? , statutory liabilities on 12 hrs Shift.
waiting for reply.

From India, Patiala

8 hours is the normal duty hours. 4 hours will be on overtime basis which simply means double wages. .
From India, Pune
The practice of 12 hours duty is gainst the norms of hour of working i.e. 8 hours. The calculation of wages to be done on 8 hours basis and 4 hours will be calculated as per rate of over time. So the per day rate will be just the double. And this will violate the norms fixed for overtime hours.
From India, Mumbai

There is a widespread practice in security industry of 12 hr shift as well as continuous working without weekly offs, partly for extra earning or for accumulating extra offs to be availed at convenience of security guards. Legal provisions do not support this practice at all yet it is done clandestinely and in connivance of all. But it is inhumane to subject anyone for continuous 12 hour shifts for considerable period of time and the natural consequence is that there will be slackness and dilution in standards of duty done as it is impossible to remain vigilant and alert for such long duration, that too for days together. As regards your query for C TC for 12 hour shift, it depends on your compensation mechanism as to how you are paying for the extra 4 hours duty, is it @ double the rate or some other means. As professional HR people, we should not encourage such practices which are blatantly illegal and inhumane.
From India, Mumbai
You are right Mr KK. Though there is legislation but regulated in poor manner. Many of us including enforce department are part of the game.
From India, Mumbai

The issue here is guards are all poor and have low levels of education in general.
Their training for other jobs is also not there or poor.Only job which they find is become a guard.
Housing societies hire guards for duty but look for cheapest options and still want best security.
The whole system is poorly run.
We had guards who have done murders in housing societies.
Maharastra has a Guard Board which regulates security guards.
The set up is run but not too well.
Employers therefore take chances knowing supply of guards is huge and they can easily replacement.
Asking guards to do 12 hrs duty is very common and quite often without OT.
But as HR we need to follow laws and also look after welfare of guards.
Tired guards will be no security at all.
If you find need to have 12 hrs guards, it means that there is need for an additional guard.
Be firm with management that laws should not be violated and security should not be compromised for few thousands of rupees.

From India, Pune
I am glad that our respected members being from Hr has pointed out the right concerns in respect of security business.Inspite of we having law to regulate this business,there is lot of violation in the whole system. Compromising security and safety of men and material just for want of saving money and violating law is not good.Once 12 hrs not allowed,why at all hire security be forced to do 12 hrs.Better to hire 8 hrs guard with suitable relieving is recommended.Private security agencies act 2005, along with state regulation act define the norms of hiring and obligations of principal employer,employing agency and security guards.it also mentions all statutory compliances be done as per labour laws as applicable.Therefore there is no room for hiring 12hrs guarding system as such,though its being done at large in industries and other establishments.Security scenario is pathetic and Hr fraternity should be always guiding management to hire legal and best security agencies and must have strict control on audit and compliance.
From India, Vadodara
Problem is minimum wages are too low for an individual to survive. Guards are working far away from their home and maintaining two homes, family in home village and self in the city of work. Their financial condition is pathetic. We are discussing about 12 hrs, but on ground sometimes they have to work for 24 hrs or more. This 12 hrs duty concept suits both employer and the guard, employer gets a cheap labor and the guard gets some extra money. With 8 hrs payment , he cant meet his basic need of food and shelter. Competition is in lower level , where everyone is trying to exploit the lower group of society. Unless this group is paid and respected, these persons will keep getting exploited .Some revolutionary changes are required to uplift this group.Most of the oragasition find this group an easiet target to reduce expenditure.
From India, Gurgaon
Dear Colleagues,
I agree with all learned senior personnel's views here.
Beyond security guards being exploited like this,some manufacturing industries also engage and extract the workers for 12 hours duty.
They are biggies and manage the show with concerned authorities.
HR should be firm in discussing with the Managements of such organizations to curb it.

From India, Hyderabad
Respected Seniors:- Pls Explain .... Can we provide facility Marshall or lobby attendance staff in security company on PASARA licence, under any act.
From India, Mumbai

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