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Dear Sir, I need Draft mail for the debit. Theft was happend in the our company premises at night security guard was sleeping on duty
Kindly send me the debit not mail draft to the security agency

From India, Virar
Dinesh Divekar

Dear Jayant Kumar,
When theft took place in your company, the security guard was sleeping. Therefore, action of sleeping was a contributing factor in the theft. However, however, have you investigated whether it was sole factor or primary factor or secondary factor?
Have you conducted the investigation for theft case? Was there representative from the security agency in the investigation committee?
From your post it appears that in a zeal to close a case, you wanted to punish the security agency. Nevertheless, what if the security guard was awake and still theft had taken place? Moreover, whenever shift changes, material handing/taking over takes place. Therefore, what about the employees who were on duty? Are they not culpable?
While you have asked for the draft of the letter that you wanted to send it to the security agency, I have come up with the different questions. This is because we the members of this forum are expected to take neutral and impartial view. Sometimes those who are involved get biased hence I have tried asking few questions so as to remove that bias.
While you raise the debit against the security agency, possibly, the real issues could be pushed under the carpet. Hence these critical questions.
Lastly, please give us complete information. When the theft took place, what was the value of the material, who were on duty, when the theft took place, was there similar incident earlier, is there any SOP in place to avoid the theft cases, have you prepared work instructions for the guard on duty and if yes, then are these in the language that is understood by the guards on duty etc. Without this information it was not possible to draft of the letter as such.
Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore
dear sir, i need a letter related to complain against the security guard they were found drink in the office premises and also theft some battery please do me a favour related to that
From India, Noida
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