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Hi, Could anyone please guide me for preparing an Performance Appraisal I have undergone a short time course for the same but just learnt the basic concept as “ need to analysis their performance based on the roles assigning” but exactly want to know what is Performance Appraisal?
1) Does Performance appraisal vary from one Dept to another Dept or common to all Dept.
2) How to the Rating factor have to be calculated
3) What is time period for circulating the Appraisal
4) Will the Performance have to be measured from the day one of employee joining or we can bring his performance on paper at the time of Increment.
It will be very helpful if anyone share the exact worked out of Employee performance format with evaluated percentage.

From India, Delhi
Dinesh Divekar
Business Mentor, Consultant And Trainer
International Corporate Trainer / Hr (od)
H.r Executive

Prashant B Ingawale

1. who are the participants whose performance you want to measure? 2. what kind of job they do? 3. How you measure their performance?
From India, Pune
Dinesh Divekar

Dear Deepa,
Irrespective of the department, the process of Performance Appraisal (PA) remains same. What changes is the measurement criteria or measures of performance.
It appears that you do not have proper Policy on Performance Appraisal (PA) well in place. When employees join the company, during induction itself they should be told that when their appraisal will take place. The salient features of policy could be as below:
a) Appraisal may be done quarterly or half-yearly. Appraisal cycle of one year is too long. Nevertheless, salary hike may be done a son 1st April or 1st Oct.
b) Employees who join in between, when their first PA will take that can be decided in the policy.
c) % of salary hike should be linked to the score of PA.
The important point is PA concentrates only on the individual performance. We need to go beyond and measure the business performance. For this you need to have well-designed policy on Performance Management System (PMS). There was query in this forum on PMS. I have given reply to this post. Click the following link to refer the reply:
Though the heading of the heading is for IT companies, the reply is applicable to all the type of industries. In the above link, you will find several other links. Go through all the links patiently. It will improve your awareness of the subject.
For further doubts, you may call me on my mobile number.
Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore

Dear Deepa,

As You asked for Performance evaluation,
1. Can be done once an employee completes his/her probation period and or as mentioned in your company's policy of evaluation that may be vary as for quarter/Half-yearly. But to evaluation for one is too long.
2. The score is calculated from the score he got from the evaluation which can be fixed by the HR.
3. Performance appraisal may not differ from Dept to Dept in my view but by the hierarchical it may differ and that depending upon the HOD's Concern .

From India, undefined

Many people, especially, young MBA HR graduates are under many wrong notions about various HR activities. One such thing is PMS. Please remember, PMS is based entirely on organisational need. If the organisation wants to grow, improve its performance, profitability, scale its turnover year after year through empowering senior employees to run each department as a profit centre, through motivating, training, and so on. Therefore, your PMS system should be top driven, have clear-cut policies, have KPIs and KRAs in place, have proper JDs, Org charts etc . All are inter-connected and you should promote the process right from top to the bottom-most supervisor in the organisation. For each job role, Key Result Areas and Key Performance Indicators are identified, understood by the job holder. For senior personnel, their focus areas should be people development, business growth for taking the business forward. In October last, myself and my HR friend, visited Doha , Qatar for carrying out HR auditing of a leading logistics firm with over 400 employees. Our auditing revealed found many things missing in the organisation. For instance, there was no manpower budget at all. Recruitment was happening haphazardly. We have given the organisation road map, identified champions and from 1st Jan they are proposing to launch Performance Management System. From India, we have been monitoring progress, reviewing and correcting their approach. Next month, we are going to visit in the first week for a three week period for conducting a road show and also to audit other aspects of HR where things are going in the right direction or not. First visit pertained to Transformational activities and next visit will be to focus on Transactional activities. If interested, please contact me. Best wishes
From India
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