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Entrepreneur says, “If I had to pay taxes than I would not hire Chartered Accountant and if I had to pay PF, Gratuity, etc than I would not hire Personnel (HR) Manager”.

Dinesh Divekar
Business Mentor, Consultant And Trainer
Sr Manager Hr & Compliances
Gopinath Varahamurthi
Mindhour Partner, Ass.professor/adm. Officer,
Consultant And Trainer


If at all he is not hiring Chartered accountant then let him not.
Who will account the expenditure as per the Accounting Standards? The roles of CA's are advising the management about the proper accounting policies, ensuring the books of accounts are maintained in proper headings, advising the management what are the taxes applicable to the organisation & how much etc...
It is his responsibilities to advise the management where to invest the surplus funds & the means of borrowings if at all required
Personnel (HR) Manager is not a person to evade the compliance such as ESI, PF, PT, gratuity etc...
It is his responsibility to ensure to follow the rules applicable under respective act. Ensure the organisation is functioning with out any external issues from the government.
Ensure the requirements related to Safety, Pollution etc...
Ensure that the employees are happy with out any internal disturbances etc...
If at all entrepreneur doesn't wanna comply with the set rules by the respective governments let him/her not run any business

From India, Bangalore
Dinesh Divekar

Dear Krunaly,
I do not know out of what context you have written this statement and whether it merits any replies. Are the Chartered Accountants and HR Professionals are substitute for the payment of taxes and social security respectively? Does he want to evade payment of both? Payment of taxes or PF/ESI is compulsory and there is no option to it.
Though statement is absolutely absurd, you may explain the context behind it.
Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore
gopinath varahamurthi

For a "petti kadai" nothing is required, when learned run a business that is entirely different, when learned naturally brought up in good context they know what is society, who are mantris, painfully, half baked and half cocked running the business and these kinds of questions arise...
From India, Arcot
Well I am not an expert but still what I have seen in the private sector I am sharing my views, that the one feel frustrated after having the competent team still when they have to pay penalties,late charges or a bribe to get the work (Inspection/ treatment of a worker in ESIC/ Withdrawal of Pf) . In our system whether you are following the norms as per law properly still you have to bribe, It really hurts. Just shared my views and never meant to hurt anyone.
I Love my country, I am against bribe but still one has to survive in the system.

From India, New Delhi
gopinath varahamurthi

dear friend,
it is not the fate, it is the way of function the intruded pest in our society, we cannot correct, we are bound to live with these. To have progress we must first take the things as it is, never get ourselves involved beyond the limits, the corrupt got with the system and whoever we have as employee may in the gloves of the other, we may not suppose to correct, we may left with no other option but to go. We are not fighting others to protect our country, we are left with fighting within ourselves for a good cause. One thing you know automation of system certainly put us with dwindling workforce what will the people do for their earnings, software certainly is good, yet, in all areas we are facing our jobs carried away from us, what are we going to do? EPF ESIC are very simple things when every thing is good nothing to suffer... so, when you have the potential go work for the good, sometimes we may take routes we may dislike yet, go take the route for the benefits for the welfare of our own employee and countrymen...
you are fully right in your question...have a good day and have a beautiful life....

From India, Arcot
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