One of our Ex-Employees requests me (I am HR) extending experience years from 5 months to 2 years in his experience certificate. We had to sent him due to the project had closed. He went to another company and worked there for 1 1/2 years and resigned now due to salary issues and he could not get relieving letter. Now wherever he goes he is being stopped due to unavailability of relieving letter. When he mentions that he got totally 2 years experience recruiters ask experience certificate for those 2 years. So now he has come to me asking to give the experience certificate again with changing the experience duration of 5 months to 2 years and help for his life & career. I want to help him but I think helping in this way is illegal but he pursues me and beg for the modification. What should I do now? What are the consequences if I do as his request?
Please let me know.
Thank you
26th May 2017 From India, Chennai

Dinesh Divekar
Business Mentor, Consultant And Trainer
Bharat Gera
Principal Hr Consultant
Sr. Hr Executive
Labour Consultant

Being an HR this is really an unethical and illegal thing that you are asking for. Also, you yourself had given your answer in question by mentioning that it is illegal to do so,
27th May 2017

Dear friend,
Sometimes in life we might have to take calculated risk if it benefits someone. However, while providing help to someone out of way, underlying factor of trust matters lot. Your help should not boom rang on you. Otherwise, situation could tantamount to a proverb "Aa bail mujze maar".
Since the ex-employee is beseeching you, rather than handling the matter on your own, you may defer it to your MD's office. Let your MD take a decision on whether to issue backdated service-cum-employment certificate or not.
It is not a question of employment certificate alone. What if his future company asks for the salary details for the period for which employee did not work? What if the future company asks for the bank statement? In that case you will have to provide the fake the salary slips also.
Therefore, please take the call judiciously.
Dinesh Divekar
27th May 2017 From India, Bangalore

I am surprised to see this query, presuming that you are an HR professional, never ever in your life think to do it. Doing is a taboo.
28th May 2017 From India, Thane

He can does the followings to prove that he had served the earlier Company for 1 1/2 year.
1. Produce acknowledged copy of his resignation.
2. Copy of appointment letter
3. Copies of salary slips
4. Bank Statement (salary account)
5. PF Account Statement.

If he could produced the above documents and he has officially resigned the company, he has to justify his case during the interview and convince them. He can very well inform that the employer is not providing him any relieving letter because they wanted him to continue in their services.
We do not know under what circumstances he had left the job whether with resignation or absconded.
If you provide him 2 years experience certificate, first you look for another job because some organisations does employment verification by sending letters by post, courier etc. If such letters received by in any of Senior Management with your signature, you will be "REWARDED'.
Secondly there is risk of demand of salary for 1 1/2 year salary payment which is unpaid as per the certificate.
So All The Very Best. Because HR means High Risk for you.

30th May 2017 From India, Thane

Today he demanded experience certificate, tommorrow he may ask you to give relieving letter of current date as per experience certificate, have you thought of the consequences you will face thereafer ??
30th May 2017 From India, Ahmadabad

Manoj Kamble, Bharat Gera, You are right.

Dinesh Divekar, Fc.vadodara Yes it can happen

Suresh2511, Your suggestions are very helpful. I can let the ex-employee know about these alternative ways. Thank you.
31st May 2017 From India, Chennai

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