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Hi All. I have little queries related to Training Profile. As we all know the Basic functions of Training department i.e Training Need analysis, on job - off job training , Induction & orientation,Training impact evaluation and so many training intervention and their process. But Are the companies or trainers doing these things practically or stick to their fixed profile.
Here I am working as a training executive in a beverage company and trying to executive so many activities But nothing is supported by Training Manager as he is fixed to work and according to his view these all functions are theoretical only .No company do analysis and all do which is given although company want some Value additions .Kindly give your suggestion

From India, Amritsar
Dinesh Divekar
Business Mentor, Consultant And Trainer
Workplace Assessment And Training
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Dinesh Divekar

Dear Dimple,

You have written that "But nothing is supported by Training Manager as he is fixed to work and according to his view these all functions are theoretical only".

If he says that TNA and other activities are theoretical then what is practical activity, has he spelled out? Going further, whether theoretical or practical, the ultimate goal of the employee training is to provide value to the enterprise by improving productivity of the employees. Has he done that? If yes, then how? Has he measured ROI on the training? If yes, then on what parameters? Has he increased or decreased any operational ratio?

You say that you work in beverage company. Obviously primary cost for your company is supply chain cost. Therefore, what efforts your training manager has taken to reduce this cost? Far from reducing cost, has he taken any efforts to measure the supply chain cost scientifically? Even if he does that that in itself would be achievement.

Earlier I have given reply to some query on employee query. The list of the costs, that make supply chain costs is given in the following reply:

Whether you work in beverage company or any other manufacturing company, you must measure the costs mentioned in the above link scientifically and address your training efforts to reduce these costs.

Lastly, considering the the attitude of the training manager towards employee training, your following query on employee training becomes inconsequential:


Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore

One can only wonder how such a useless and incompetent Training Manager got that job. He obviously has no experience or training in Training!
My advice would be to start looking for a new position with a company that values training and development of their staff.

From Australia, Melbourne

A tiger trains it's cubs in hunting. A bird trains it's off-spring in flying. A mother helps her baby in learning small words.When training is so basic to life skills, how it can be denounced as theoretical and has no practical value by a training manager with reference to more complex tasks to be performed in corporates. If imparting training to employees is not based on any scientific basis like TNA, you may probably end up sending a fish to a training workshop on how to climb a tree.
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Navi Mumbai

From India, Mumbai
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