I am looking for some website or software or application where employee can give feedback about the processes, culture, further developments which can help to increase the morale of employees & make the organization a best place to work. However a tool where employees identity is not disclosed at all.
From India, Mumbai

Hi Neelam You can use the Google docs to prepare the feedback & share the link. In feedback form you can share along with the data for feedback. Once they submit you can check their feedback
From India, Bangalore
Thanks for the reply. I am looking for anonymous feedback of employees. I want to keep the employees name confidential. It also should not tracked through IP address.
From India, Mumbai
Dinesh Divekar

Dear Neelam,

You have asked for the anonymous feedback tool. First and foremost taking feedback from the employees itself is a good idea. This is not just a tool of upward communication but it will help you in gaining insight on the psychology of the employees. Large number of organisations have grown because they conducted "Employee Satisfaction Survey". Taking clue from these surveys they further brought changes in their working style or organisation's culture.

Come to your query now. You have asked for tool for anonymous feedback. That for taking feedback from the employees, you prefer a cloak of anonymity, speaks in itself of the flaw in your organisation's culture.

If the dissent is dismissed as disobedience or if dissent is suppressed, it does not get diluted but gets buried deeply and organisation needs anonymity to unearth it. Therefore, as a HR professional, your first question is why your organisation requires anonymity? What can you make to bring a culture of openness? Is top boss wary of divergent views? What can be done for the free movement of upward information? Do you have means to capture information from the lowest level of hierarchy or top bosses get feed from their immediate subordinates and they are happy with it? Is there disconnect between managers and non-managers? Is there disconnect between Managers and top management?

As a HR professional, you might know the replies to the questions that I have raised. Nevertheless, because of your dis-empowerment or dis-entitlement to express your views, you prefer anonymous feedback from employees and bring to fore that open secret then nothing wrong and go ahead with the tool! Outcome of the survey will lend credibility to what you knew all along!


Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore

Anonymous employee feedback tools are crucial these days, and Google Docs will not be the solution. Here's why:
1. The link that you share with your team is open. So if someone forwards that form to someone outside your company, then you have no clue who the feedback came from. It could be your ex-employee too.
2. You need to spend time framing the questions, and you need to put in a ton of effort in thinking through the entire process.
Instead, try a tool like which has customers like Chargebee, Spritle and many such companies. And they use the tool to provide anonymous feedback in a jiffy.

From India, Chennai
Mamta Kumari007

Please check survey monkey tools.
From India, Mumbai
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