I have recently joined a firm 2 months back I have been lagging on few deliverables today my manager has called me along with HR and given feed back, I took leave or rather informed manager that I required half day leave as I had some family court matter to settle and would come later part of day, but unfortunately my battery was drained and could not call to inform. This was made a huge issue and I informed that I will keep manager posted going forward. I usually go to office by 8:15 or 8:30 but past few days been going a little late by 30 40 mins, yesterday I landed up breaking my glasses and I have a power of 4.5 and I reached office 9 mins late for which my manager raised a issue that I came late by 9 minutes and did not inform him I explained that I had to stop at a small shop to pick up feviquick hence the delay as none of the opticians would be open at 9:30 morning but he made it sound as a major issue. We have some internal trainings that are required to be completed and we get reminders to complete I have finished all of them a few days before the deadline which is arrived by Enterprise level bench mark, but my manager pulls me up and says as a practice the team finishes these trainings a month in advance. Had done deliverables which I missed and manager keeps pulling me up for it, I have marked then couple of emails on delay from stake holders. Today office organised a CSR initiative and everyone from team went I was told that I had a feedback and was told to stay back , fell sidelined and discriminated. I have not picked up calls from office sometime so all that my manager is bringing it up Please guide as to what action can be taken.

From India, undefined
Dinesh Divekar

Dear friend,

Your post is nothing but an admission of your failure to demonstrate professional behaviour. Under such circumstances expecting professionalism from the manager, how far would it be proper, that I leave it to you? My analysis of the post is as below:

a) If you were required to attend a court hearing, then you should have applied for leave well in advance. Since you did not intimate your manager in advance, you had to be absent yourself exactly when the feedback session. Is my interpretation correct?

b) When you wanted to inform us about your absence (leave) that time the battery of your mobile phone was drained out. This shows your cavalier attitude. Why you did not charge the phone or keep the power bank beside you? Why you did not use someone else's phone or call from public telephone booth?

c) You say that your manager made a big issue because of your non-communication. This is obvious. Since you had failed to meet your deliverable, your manager's perceptions of you were different. At this stage, you should have been cautious not to damage your reputation further. However, you did not show seriousness.

d) You have written that "I have not picked up calls from office sometime". Seniors always take it seriously when juniors do not pick up their calls. If you were unable to take the call, then you should return the call at the earliest.

Lessons to be learnt: - Hope you are serious about your employment. If yes, then you need to learn the following lessons:

a) Most important is you have not understood the principles of communication. Your attitude is not communicative. Communication just does not mean how you speak but being proactive in passing the information. Your manager could have become upset with you even if your deliverables were good but if you had not shown a communicative attitude.

b) Have you analysed why you are not able to meet the deliverable? Is it because of a lack of job knowledge? What is the hold-up? Minor mistakes of star performers are always condoned. However, this is not the case.

c) Your manager may lack managerial skills. Nevertheless, there is no provision to choose your manager. Therefore, it is better if you tune yourself to the management style of your manager.

d) The obvious impression from your post is that you need to improve your business writing skills. You have written your post in one single paragraph. You have used compound sentences but there is no relation between the subject and predicate. Sentences are unnecessarily long. There are neither transitory words nor transitory sentences. Sooner you work on your weakness, the better.


Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore
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