Dear All
This is Padmapriya I am the personnel manager in one company which is having Restaurant,Textile and Readymade showroom.
I need some resources like videos/powerpoint presentation to train my shops employees about how to be discipline,how to make good service and their roles and responsiblities and SOP for restaurants
I am new to this field so it will be helpfull to get some good resources here.
Thanks in advance.

From India, Vellore
Dinesh Divekar

Dear Padmapriya,
Preparation of operational or technical SOPs is job of the respective HOD and not of Personnel Manager. You are responsible to make SOPs for your department and not others. How any person can have knowledge of hospitality industry + textile industry + retail industry? Even if someone provides you the material, will you be able to assess the quality of it? Going further, will you able to assess applicability of it?
As far as SOPs for restaurants are concerned, it is job of F & B Manager. Even that is also not easy. F & B Managers who have worked all along in Indian restaurant may not be able make SOPs for continental or Chinese restaurant.
SOPs are always customised. These are made after studying the operations.
Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore

Hi Padmapriya, Just type the topics name in search option and you’ll get content and related information.
From India, Delhi

Hi Padmapirya,

I am equally curious as our Sr. member Dinesh Divekar is in pointing out - Why aren't Operations people and HOD's getting involved?

Yours seems like very big group of business that houses 3 verticals. I am just guessing.

Since You are new to this whole process you must form a team of experts from these verticals with technical and legal know how.

You will have to officially set this knowledge team up for this specific project, hand out roles, and set up discussions. You will therefore need to approach your top management team or the decision makers with a plan of such team. Please understand the scope of your work activities needs to be precisely mapped. This is going to take time. The kind of time where people drop a few sizes!

Once you are ready with a rough plan for this project approach your Top Management and set the ball rolling. You have to understand that you are looking at plenty of discussion going back and forth, then documentation and approval of that work. Always have the technical and legal guys ready with you. This will take nearly 3 months of work for each business vertical. So in your plan set the deadline to 4 months each. Those are just random figures to throw as we have no idea how big your business verticals are.

Members here will share resources with you but as long as you have haven't put your hands into it you are only guessing. Its good to realize this at all times when you will employ your efforts and time on a project like this. There are going to be lots of revisions - to a point of frustration, if you decide to go with it alone. So I won't tell you that you are doing it wrong as you may have your reasons.

Therefore Your best strategy is to know what you are up against, make a team plan for one vertical, identify the right people and get an approval from your top management. Get a dedicated cabin/ conference room, get a budget and brand this project and make a noise. Once its accomplished for one vertical you are ready to go with the other two. That takes care of learning on the job specifically when you are new.

As far as resources are concerned you must check citeops and citesales as well you may find something useful.

Ideally once your mapping of processes and documentation of SOP work on one vertical is over you must be ready to set the training ball rolling.

Here is some stuff on managing customer service meanwhile.

Managing Customer Service.ppt



From India, Mumbai

If someone gives you powerpoints, what are you going to do with them?

Do you know anything about these topics?

How are you going to teach your people?

If you intend to stand in front of a class and just read the words on someone else's powerpoint, then you are wasting your time, and that of the employees. They will learn nothing. Anyone can stand up and read a few words on a powerpoint. It is totally useless, and it is not training. They can sit at their desks and read it on their screens.

You first need to do your Training Needs Analysis, and then work out exactly what training your staff need. Then you develop a specific training course to meet those needs. What you think they need isn't what they really need. Why do you think they need training in discipline and customer service? Where is your TNA evidence to support that theory.

I have said a million times here on CiteHR, that training is NOT a one size fits all proposition. Effective training needs to be tailored to the specific audience.

I have many training courses, but I do not give them to anyone else. They were specifically developed for the organisations and their needs. My training courses are useless to you.

From Australia, Melbourne

I think John is right. No training Materials can be useful to anyone, unless and until it is defined according to the requirement of the particular organisation. Padmapriya, Please Analysis the training needs for your employees. Your industry is of Retail. I do accept that in this Retail industry, it is difficult to tackle with the Showroom Employees as they usuall have the different mindset. Usually they work according to their mindset only. For that, try to analyse or find out their mindset and I am sure, that you will be able to design the Training needs accordingly for them.
From India, Vadodara

@John - In India many "so called" professionals do not wish to engage paid support for training, HR services etc. Hence if something comes free they would like to use it
@ Padmapriya - Most retail segment hire people who are higher secondary school qualified and I believe you may have also done the same. basically customer etiquette would be what they need to be trained on.

From India, Chennai
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