Kiran gohil
hellow sir,i have just completed my graduation in business administration and now i am in a state in dielmna whether to choose job or to go for further study.My parents,family and friends are of opinion that it is very difficult to find job now a days so they are putting great effort for me to find a plz do suggest me as i have applied to some courses and in between if job is found what to do? plz rip.
From India, Mumbai
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Lavika Yadav
Sharma Murari
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Kiran Gohil
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First of all correct all your spelling mistakes in your post and avoid SMS language in queries.
Gives poor impression and downgrades seriousness of post.
Coming to your query-what is your desire-job or study??
How is the family in financial status?
What is your objective in life?
Have you decided in which sector to try for job or what exactly and why you want to study in a particular field??
What courses have you applied and what is the value addition you will get by doing these courses??
Ask yourself searching questions and take a look at your future plans and act in way that your plans are achieved,keeping in mind family constraints,if any.
There can be no simple answer study or job,it is based on desire,finances and family circumstances.

From India, Pune

Dear Kiran Gohil,
Your post is amusing and might certainly raise the eyebrows of many who read your post.
You have mentioned that your parents,family and friends are all keen that you should to get a job and are taking efforts for the same.
So what has been you role?
Are you not trying for a job yourself?
You can be in a dilemma if your thought oscillates between a job and higher education.
My suggestion would be take the first thing that comes in your way. If it is a job start working; if it is higher education study sincerely.
Please read your post again and see how many mistakes you have made.
You have to improve your communication skills. Good luck in your endeavour.

From India
lavika yadav

As per my opinion,you should go for job and if you want to study further than you can opt for distance or correspondance educations.After 2 years you will be having work experience as well as a PG degree for better career growth.But yes if you are targetting premium organizations to join on very high package then you need a full time PG degree from premium institutes.
So decide accordingly and proceed.
Good Luck :)

From India, Mohali
Sharma Murari

Dear Kiran Gohil,
I totally agree with above suggestions. Meet with your self situations at first if you want Job or further study.
Second thing I think. Let you go for further study because if you not get success by this investment, this reason will be not
for your failure, eventually. You have enough years of age to get for a job.
Financial problem does not matter, If you want. Many students do study taking loan, why not you ?

From United States, Columbus
Kiran gohil
thank you for your valuable response. and I’ll certainly improve my skills.and also cite your valuable suggestions,looking forward towards such guidance.
From India, Mumbai
Kiran gohil
i had talk with one of the manager of torrent pharmaceuticals about my job and he said that BBA will give you a job but your career growth will stop after 5 years after you are appointed as an it true?
From India, Mumbai
Shivaraj S

Dear Mr. Kiran,
While I am not sure about the conversation between you and the pharmaceutical manager; however based on my understanding and short experience if one stop learning be it on the job training, career growth will come to halt irrespective of any industry. Depending on your role as an executive, with current learning opportunities such as executive MBAs career growth should not stop. I believe this will be your first job so depending on your interest you can always switch industries once you have some corporate experience and much broader knowledge on other opportunities.
I believe the feedback of career coming to halt was based on assumption that you will not continue further education after BBA. Maybe you can have clear discussion with the manager on this and that should solve your query.

From Bahrain, Manama
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