Hello Friends,

I was working in BPO company since 1 year.One day suddenly I got news from my home that my father got major heart attack and admitted in hospital.I had to leave immediately as my native is 2800/- KM far from my work location.I dropped a message and mail to my managers informing that I am leaving to the native.
Once I reached native doctor asked to do open heart surgery and monitor his health post surgery also for few months.The other side my parents are aged and handicapped as well and I am a only son so it was not at all possible for me to join the office again as it was very far from my native and my parents were in need of me.
I dropped a resign mail to my manager, senior manager and HR stating my problem but my manager is asking to serve 30 days notice period as he is very arrogant no humanity at all.While I was the best performer in my team and had good name in team because of my work but now for his selfishness he is playing with me.

My question is how to get relieve without serving notice period or can I take any action if company dont relieve me.

From India, Bengaluru
Please write to the HR head of your firm attaching supporting documents and requesting a release on the humanity grounds. Hope this works . Please take care!
From India, Mumbai

Humanitarian grounds should never be ignored in such circumstances.
Send a written request to HoD HR with copy to our manager asking for immediate release.
Enclose limited xerox copies of fathers medical documents.
Being a good son is very important.
Wish your father a prompt recovery.

From India, Pune
Dear, don't be bothered about any issues from your employer, be it your manager or director or anyone for that matter. Do send them a mail (preferably NOT from the official email but send it from your personal email for your record) or a registered post, stating your inability to serve a notice period and enclosing the scanned / photocopies of your father's medical reports. Just save the evidence of this correspondence and do not worry about the rest. Take care of your parents. Wish your father speedy recovery and good health.
Please post back if you need further assistance.
Best regards.

From India, Madras
Was there a clause of 'a months notice or one months salary in lieu thereof' ? If so then the management may deduct that amount from your dues.Even then , your decision to give priority to your parents is absolutely justified.Jobs may come and go but parents are forever.
From India, New Delhi
Adding on to what pervaz has recommended, these mails and correspondence can be utilised for future employment against relieving letters etc. However, I am surprised that your company is not helping you in this situation. Please drop a mail to your MD/CEO and mark yourself cc in all mail correspondence.

From India, Mumbai
My Manager and HR is not accepting my resignation letter. I have not gor any reply to my resignation letter.What can I do next.
From India, Bengaluru

Consider your self as an ex employee of the firm and move on.
The worst that can happen is you wont have any documents of release,service etc from this company.
That is manageable considering your extreme urgency to attend to our parents.
I hope you are not holding any company asset or documents.
If so surrender then under proper documentation.

From India, Pune
The company / Manager should come forward to help you in this situation and I think they should provide you with some amount of medical help (ESI, mediclaim or insurance) , please request them to help you financially also request them to provide leave ( loss of pay) . I hope they would agree with after all they are also humans.....best of luck, TC

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