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Dear Team Find herewith my presentation on practical guide to Stress Management
From India, Chennai

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Mr. Jalasanan,

Sorry to differ with you at least on the point of your substitution of the term "stress" with the term of "distress." In fact distress is the result and effect of the reason of the stress. Distress does not happen automatically without the event of stress. Although stress is also included in the dictionary, as one of the meaning of distress, but as a verb form for upset, not as a noun form of distress. So, please recheck, what is what.

Secondly, when a person is already short of time due to the several reasons of stress, where is even a little bit of time for him to read & learn the bulky books and literature on the following skills, as suggested by you (besides the three others recommended separately):

- Time Management

- Emotional Intelligence

- Delegation and monitoring

- Think Big

- Positive Thinking

- Effective communication

- Team building

- Bullet Proof Manager

In fact, a duly stressed person needs pracical on the job counseling by a psychologist for just 10-15 minutes just for 2-3 days, without mincing of words, after knowing the real cause of his stress to enable him how to identify his most important jobs, to prioritise them and streamline those jobs by taking quick decision.

Such type of literature is available in plenty in open market, but that lacks in practical solutions how an executive should remain relaxed in all the circumstances and environments.In several organizations I have seen several bosses keep their team members stressed without giving any specific instruction or direction or the way of work. In one organisation a very senior executive went to his lady boss and asked her how to accomplish the job assigned by her. Her pat reply was, "I don't know, do with whatever way you like, but that should be completed by today evening." The executive had to return empty handed in a fix how the job could be accomplished by the evening.

Incidently, I was sitting before her when that discussion cum dialogue happened. I quipped, when she did not know, how the job could be handled to be completed by the evening, how she could expect her junior to know better than her, until he is more knowledgeable and intelligent than her. Was he so? She felt a little bit ashamed on my remark.

On the other hand, about 50 years back with just a few years of my job experience at my credit, but I was raw in knowledge about the reservation rules on recruitment in jobs, my boss called me, handed over roster register to complete that with reference the various recruitments made that too in plenty for one cadre. But, without my asking, he felt that he must first be made aware of the process. So, he came down to the visitor chair, sat with me, opened the register and the recruitment document, started filling in the particulars of the reserved and unreserved category candidates according to the roster points meant for them, asking me to give full attention. He used to explain each and every practical aspect while filling in the entries in the register. At least 20 to 25 reservation particulars he entered in the roster register with his own hand to make me perfect. Then I asked him not to do, as I had already understood the whole process.

So as I believe, practical knowlege oriented training added with psychological approach is a must for the bosses to reduce the element of stress from the minds of their employees, not the theoretical sermons,

From India, Delhi

A good effort.
But I do not agree that stress and distress can be interchange able words.
To my mind :Stress is often used to describe a mental state caused by excessive pressure of work. while distress is found in a context wherein people may have been subjected to traumatic experiences.
Even distress is caused by inability to cope with stressed conditions.
Yes I agree limited stress has some beneficial effects,but in long run,continual stress can cause medical problems.
Every person reacts to stress in an individual manner and what is stressful to one may not be stressful to another.
Everyone has to learn to tackle stress in his own way and to expect a life without stress is unimaginable.
Stress is a part of everyday life-learn to adjust,get over and make life less stressful.

From India, Pune
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