Dear All,
I am working in a Private Limited Company and have ESI card.
Yesterday my maternal grand mother got heart attack. She is staying with us since my childhood as She does't have any children except my mother.
I am unmarried, my father, paternal grand father and paternal grand mother died.
My mother is house wife.
Kindly advice me whether my grand mother cover under ESI.
Prem Kumar

From India, Hyderabad
Since your parents are not alive, you can include your grand mother as your dependent provided her monthly income does not exceed Rs 5000. As per section 2(6A)(g), grand parents are dependants if no parent of the insured person is alive.

From India, Kannur
I am extremely sorry to say that I have given a wrong interpretation to the term dependant. The above given interpretation applies only to such cases of DECEASED insured persons to receive pension and not for medical benefits. The exact position in ESI is that only spouse, children and dependant parents (mother and father of the Insured person) only are eligible for benefits and the grand parents will not come under the family and as such they cannot get any ESI benefits. In case of deceased IP, the grand parents can get pension provided the IP's family members and parents are not alive.
Please bear with me and correct the post accordingly.

From India, Kannur
1. Sir, the initiator of this thread, I think, wanted to know whether his maternal grand mother can be enrolled as "family member" to receive medical facilities under provisions of ESI Act, 1948 and rules/regulations framed thereunder.As per definition of "family" under section 2(11), only dependant parents can be included in such category subject to income ceiling as fixed and not maternal grand mother.

2. In this cite, in one of old threads, I have found some reference regarding maternal grand mother in following thread:

3. In above referred old thread, the issue was whether maternal grand mother should be treated as an "dependant" within section 2(6-A) of said Act, and as per thread the claim was rejected. In said section reference is only for " paternal grand-parent". Hence, in my opinion, in view of above provisions, the maternal grand mother is neither a dependant nor a family member, and hence is not eligible for medical benefit under said Act.

From India, Noida

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