Senior manager working in government sector bank head quater, after completing her work she left office after 7 Pm took the car service especially arrange by the bank for the purpose of women's safety, the bank's car driver badly behaved with her, the next day she escalate complaint to top concern authorities, they demand her for written complaint, but she neglect to give written complaint by stating that she stay alone in new state, that permanent driver may has link local rowdies, but top authorities have says so many women like you tell a compliant against him no one ready to give written complaint against him, so we cannot take action against him and after two days lady manager found bit paper in her hand bag, some mobile number written on it, immediately she gave the call,, that belongs top official again she escalate complaint reply from concern official is keep your bag safe, after three weeks again she found same kind of paper same handwriting along with phone number "I love you" statement written in it. She again escalate complaint, but top official says this nothing if any damage or harm happens we can do something these are all happens in the life you can ignore it or you want to do some thing, you must give written complaint, she is in risky condition why because her boss allows her after 8.30Pm then she needs to travel all alone for two hours in night etc. She totally dipress. Is there any solution for this. Share that please..
From India, undefined

Dear Elakkiya

What makes to you stay upto late hours. Try to leave the office by close of work hours. In case of any delay due to work, kindly keep in touch with atleast two or three persons close to you and keep the GPS active in your mobile phone. While travelling, start speaking on mobile with someone, state that you are travelling in company sponsored vehicle, the driver Anna name, Vehicle number and other details, so that the driver will have fear in his mind that if he does something then he will be in fix as the details are already spread to somebody out of office premises.

If possible try to establish your relationship (like uncle or aunt or someone very nearer & closer to you) so that let the driver knows that you have influence in police department or with any higher officials.

As the driver is having influence in your office, you establish your level is above him and your influence level is also above him. Act tactfully and do not show the fear in your face.

You can submit the written complaint also and mark in the bottom, copy to nearby police station. You can approach the Internal compliance committee of your organization or local compliance committee at district level.

From India, Kumbakonam

Every PSU bank had a internal complaint committee (ICC) for prevention and investigation of sexual harassment. Further, the government has its own mechanism at central level through national women rights commission. You can complain at either of them. If you decide not to complain, then no one can help you.
Without a written complain, the managers can't help you.
There is a set of procedure for oral complaint, for which you need to to the ICC.
If you don't want to do either, then crying about it will be of no use.

From India, Mumbai

Take bold action of written complaint to the management.
Attach xerox copies of chit with-I love you and phone number etc
Verbal complaints can always be denied subsequently.
Leave office on time along with other coworkers and staff.
Preserve the chit of paper and phone numbers.
If you feel management is not playing ball,inform civil police in writing with copy of your complaint to management.
Be bold and show no fear,even if you have fears(it is understandable that you will have fears)
Remaining silent is the biggest mistake in such cases.

From India, Pune

Hi elakkiyamurugaiyan,

Oral complaint has no relevance for taking any action by the management without a very basic record of a formal complaint on record.

Since you are talking about the incident happened with some other lady, first of all please clarify, how you are concerned with the incident and in which capacity of yours you have asked this question for and on behalf of that senior manager of the bank?

Secondly, there are some serious gaps & holes in your story, as you have stated that lady is being sexually harassed by her driver, but not willing to make any formal complaint for her sexual harassment or repeatedly finding the slips in her bag. A pertinent question arises, why she is not making any formal complaint, when even she holds a senior position in the management? Moreover, a driver engaged for ferrying women with safety cannot dare to sexually harass her, unless he would have been provoked to a greater extent by that lady or insulted on some petty issue.

Thirdly, unless that lady clarifies some crucial points, specifically about the nature of harassment and still avoiding to make any complaint, how any solution suggested in the air can work in her interest when there is no evidence on record of the bank, particularly her compaint?

Fourthly, how you are sure that the paper chits placed in her bag was also the work of that driver?

However, if you are ready to clarify on her behalf, just ask her one question and intimate, how she would like to justify any action against the driver in the absence of any complaint or evidence, if the driver drags the management in the court of law for the punishment awarded without any complaint and requisite evidence on record?

So, the solution lies only on submitting her written complaint to the management to enable them to make a systematic enquiry in to the case as per the prescribed procedure to satisfy the provsion of law on sexual harassment at workplace..

From India, Delhi
There are to scenarios:

1. Either she fights

2. Or she flights

Its no use cribbing about sexual abuse and suffering. It only creates fears in our own minds. The best way is to face it, and fight it through appropriate channel and in an appropriate manner.

If inspite of the doing so , the management fails to support her she should then file a police compliant too.

If it still doesn't help then she has to stand up for herself and fight for her rights alone.

If she cant do it then its better to change the job. But trust me , facing the abuser and the system, is not as difficult as sitting and not doing anything about it. Your half battle is won if you face the abuser and threaten to take action against him publically.

As women , we need to outcast such individuals by collectively standing against him. If all the women in the office support her and force the management to change the driver (if he is the real culprit) , I am sure the management will take an action.

Trust me its easier then suffering the abuse or just cribbing about it.

From India, Mumbai
Dear Madam,
It is mandatory for all Govt Sector banks / PSU etc to have Internal Complaint Committee. Please enquire about it and be bold to give your complaint against the misdemeanour. Give it in writing and attached the photo-copies of chits in question and ask for a receipt of the same. Also mark a copy to the concerned police station which will compel the committee to act on your complain. Remember if you dont stand for yourself, no one else will also it promotes the actions of such culprits. Chop off the roots of such deeds so they dont grow up and trouble you or even dare trouble any one else.

From India, Pune

Hi Ankita, This will assist you to understand https://www.quora.com/What-is-the-procedure-to-register-a-startup-company-in-India-and-how-much-will-it-cost
From India, Chennai
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