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We are highly educated and developed from our past generations. We live a comfortable life as technology has made life easier and all under our finger tip. We are more educated about living healthy lifestyle and work safety. But our life has became so fast with limited time, most time ignore about our health and safety knowingly (laziness) or unknowingly. This led to increase of medical bills, pain, absent from work place and led to loss of organization output. It has been noticed for last few years employees are availing medical leave more frequently and most of the employees are affected with one or two health disorder. Employees working in metro cities especially in India or developing countries are prone to health disorder as they have to travel for hours to reach workplace and they spend a part of their life traveling in roads. At the same time they have to fulfill all their family liabilities and at the end they are left with no time for their health.

The responsibilities of employers are to provide medical leave and medical insurance only? People are the one who run the organization, poor health and unsafe work environment costs both employers and employees heavily. Employers and employees both suffer financial loss, stress and many more. Employees drive an organization and employers need to be really serious about their employees, health of employees is an aspect. Major reasons of health disorder are unsafe work environment, pollution, stress, food habit, life style and immunity to fight against diseases has become very low. In our work place most of the employees are affected by asthma, diabetics, blood pressure, cholesterol, heart issue and many more.

Small initiatives taken by employers and employees can avoid or minimize health related issues. Some of initiatives that can really affect are:

 Increase of work load and deadline for completion of task led to stress. So Stress release session may be conducted by physiologist once in a month or as per the need. We have implemented and I can say it really works. The result can be seen after one or two session.

 For convenience employees prefer junk and easily available food. These have serious adverse effect on health. Session with dietician can be arranged once in a year or as per the need regarding food habits and healthy foods to be consumed with the right amount to stay fit and healthy. The same to be reviewed whether they are following and is it beneficiary to what extended.

 For comfort and convenience employees preferred automobile and they hardly walk in a day. Maximum walking month initiative where each employee will be Pedometer that records the number of steps you have walked and displays them again along with the number of calories that you have burned, distance, walking time and speed per hour. Employees will feed the data in the online system (can be created with the help of IT team) and employee with maximum steps will be awarded as winner after completion of one month.

 To maintain fit and healthy employees a small gym can be built in the work place where employees can work out during their leisure time. Young mass is obsessed about healthy physic.

 Healthy lunch can be provided to employees at work place. It can be free or subsidized depending on the need. This will help them from not taking junk food and will really be happy.

 Yoga, Annual sports can be arranged for employees with various physical activities and employees should be encouraged to participate. Picnic or tour to place with close to nature will also work.

 Employees inhale smoke and fumes while traveling on road by bike and open conveyance (Auto rickshaw and non AC bus. So Transport facilities to employees may be extended.

Above mentioned are few and we can implement as per our needs and feasibility. We need to make management understand about the importance of healthy work force. Expenses incurred in these activities should be treated as investment not as cost. Many modern and employee friendly organization are finding ways to keep their employees healthy. Employees need to be aware as it’s their health and they should take the ownership to keep it healthy to live a happy and stress free life at the end it will save their money. In terms of HR these will be employees’ engagement activities to keep engaged work force.

Suggestion and comments will be highly appreciated.

From India, Bhubaneswar
Assistant Manager Human Resources
Insolvency N Gst Professional


The old saying health is wealth still holds good.

One cannot perform well in office or anywhere if your health lets you down.

India has an an overweight epidemic among the middle class and office going worker class.

This speaks volumes of our life style.

Unless and until we decide to do exercise-spare time for exercise-no one can help.

No wonder drug can bring about health.

No wonder diet is going to help you achieve health or 6 pack abs.

One must set apart time for exercise-be it fast walks,gym visits or playing football etc-some sort of regular exercise is a must.

Younger age people somehow think that youth will carry them through,but everyone becomes older day b day and youth does not remain,

Fitness exercises has to be a part of daily life,just like we get ready to go to our office.

Really none should put up this excuse-I do not have time- you have to find time.

Beneficial aspects of exercise are indisputable and coupled with good diet,one can easily lead a healthy and productive life.

Managements have to play their role in making office/work spot healthy.

Clean areas,safe drinking water and absence of junk food in cafeteria will play a big role.

If space permits-a ping pong table or other sports facility can be provided-gym for short workouts etc.

Mid morning breaks will enhance productivity

Provision of a good medical cover is a part of most CTC,but it does not end here.

This will off course improve productivity among employees.

Management must actively promote physical and general happiness

Employers should keep in mind;that linkages between health and productivity. While employers understand that investing in human capital improves the company bottom line, they are only beginning to understand the impact health has on worker productivity.

In fact, indirect costs of poor health including absenteeism, disability, or reduced work output may be several times higher than direct medical costs.

Some of the bigger Indian companies have started giving increased focus on health which is a god sign.

But lot of onus remains with individual to keep health as a top priority.

From India, Pune

Thank you sir and you mentioned in a right manner. Health related issues is the major reason for absenteeism from work place and it has increased in recent year. We all suffer and hardly speak in this issues in terms of employer. Employer can initiate healthy lifestyle program for creating better work environment.
From India, Bhubaneswar
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