Dear Management,
i was working with a company named Mapple Technology location sec 14.koparkhairne person name was pankaj jaiswal.
he appointed me as admin and did not paid my salary for the month of dec 2014. issued me a salary cheque for the month but that chq got bounce.
After that i been to resolve this issue for several times and he made false promises.its been a year now,and he dont rply to me.
Please advise what to do as they are not picking my call as well as not replying the mails.
i have his new number also but he dont answer to my calls.
please give me a satisfactory ans.
waiting for rply.

From India, Mumbai
I don't think you can do anything.
The company has closed, the owner has changed his number.
I am sure he has no intention of paying.
Any criminal case on cheque bouncing should have been done within a month. After one year it's not going to be accepted. Also, you need to have his residence address to be able to deliver the summons in any case. It will probably be a waste of time

From India, Mumbai
Dear Saswata Banerjee,
this company not yet closed only the person who appointed me he is not responding to my calls n sms.that person is brother of the owner of the company and i had words with the owner as well ,he is just refusing to pay me and said 'my brother is not in contact with me you go and search him by your own'. what i can do now??

From India, Mumbai
Dear T prabhakar woul;d you please help me with the procedure hw to send the letter???
From India, Mumbai

Think in terms of registering a police complaint that so and so has not paid your salary and has changed his address etc.Since it is a registered company write to Registrar of companies also.
There is no point sitting idle about non payment of salary.
Rope in the brother also in police complaint.
This may help to some extent.

From India, Pune
I wonder how police authorities can take cognizance of non payment of salary which is essentially a right created out of a contract of employment? There is no point in wasting energy in making complaint with Police.
From the limited details, it appears the company must be an establishment registered under Maharashtra Shops and Establtt. Act. A complaint against Company lodged to Shop Inspector may help to recover salary.
Alternately, as suggested by Saswata Banargy, filing complaint under section 138 for bouncing of Cheque is best remedy.

From India, Kolhapur
Your post heading does not match with the contents of the post.
Further, now you give us some details which are further from the original post.
If you give incomplete or incorrect information, how do you expect "satisfactory ans" ?
Do you have a proof that you worked in that company ?
How long have you worked and why were you removed ?
Who gave you the cheque, who signed it and whose bank account was it from ?
You have not given us the details. Without those, any answer will be incomplete or probably misleading.

From India, Mumbai
yes i have my appointment letter as a proof which shows i worked there,and that cheque was given by a person who appointed me named pankaj jaiswal,he is brother of owner of the company.from the very first month i was facing salary issue,i used to get part payments.thats why i decided to leave the company and resigned from there.

From India, Mumbai
If the cheque was being given by a person other than your employer, then you were not working for the company, even if the appointment letter was from the company. The company will claim that you didn't work for them, but for his brother which has nothing to do with them.
If you were being paid by the company,
Then the procedure you need to adopt :
- meet the labour commissioner
- file the application he needs
- send a legal notice to the company to claim your pending wages along with costs

From India, Mumbai
i was been appointed as a admin excecutive in firm named Company Name : Mapple Technology pvt ltd
Address : Shop no 2 , Ground floor, Gahalot Management College Sector -14, Koparkhairne, Navimumbai, Maharashtra
Phone No : 022-27555888
Website :
and my working profile was open to close shift about 12hours.and from the very first month i did not got my salary on well as company was doing same withh other employees.

From India, Mumbai

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