Hi, seniors, i am really in big confusion, i really don't know how to handle this situation.

Seniors, i am a pass out student from batch 2015, studied MBA-HR, Now, Got selected for a company from my first interview attempt itself in a small company, i was so excited to do job even though the package was less. Its a finance company registered in shops and establishment act also.

After joining i came to know that there was no HR, admin was the one who handling both. We have, 22 employees over here. and i was handling HR and later they requested me to handle front office management, Including attendance because some of employees are not punctual so,

Everything was going pretty well. But later on one of our digital marketing manager started interfering in my job(she don't like anyone actually and no one likes her attitude too). She started complaining from the very beginning saying that offer letters which i prepared was not right. Anyway i did not fight or argue as she have more than 12 years of experience, and i was working from just 2 months. day by day she started acting so weird in my matter and interfering in my job. She even comes to take interviews, and other business. started finding that i m doing wrong. Then i told management that i am a fresher but i am trying my level best. without any training and senior advise i prepared manual, all the important letters, salary and other things. (The management never even bother).

Admin told, don't do anything because no one wills see whatever you do. Still i did completed my responsibility and kept everything with me(no one takes interest on this).

Now its 6 month, my probation period also got over. I got an increment of (66.67%)and performance appraisal from our CEO.

After sometime there was a party and the shocking incident happened, the CEO approached me that he have a soft feeling on me and etc etc, it was so shameful and disgusting because he is already married and have kid, more over i am engaged, he knows it. So shameful but i was not able to anything and left the party and came. As he is so called CEO of his own company, no other employees will not bother and will go against him.

Next day management people called me and asked for apologies, including CEO, sorry and all. Requested me not to tell out, I had no choice of forgiving for first time.

After, means now he talks limited with me, i am really uncomfortable to work here. I get frustrated when my colleague(the DMM) interferes again in my job, but i cant ask management now after that. Sh incident.

I decided to quit my job, but its just 6 months, if i quit now other companies will think i am a jumper right, Not only that Here i was the all alone HR, if i go out for which post should i approach. Recently we updated software and she(DMM) mentioned me as HR Executive. Its impossible to work here i feel like day by day i am loosing confidence. They are making me weak or killing my self confidence. I feel like i am just a receptionist here. Management is not telling anything when she dies my works before me. I don thing i will get any relieving letter or experience letter from here if i quit.

I have a financial problem, without an other offer i can not quit the job. Big hectic, please help me how will i face this situation. I am really in trouble. If i apply for a job after having one job in my hand, if they get to know about this will they take any legal action on me/??!!! I am scared, my family is depending on me and i have edu loan also. I m stuck here. Please help me to take right decision.

Thanks a lot!!!!

From India, Bengaluru
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""the CEO approached me that he have a soft feeling on me and etc etc, it was so shameful and disgusting because he is already married and have kid, more over i am engaged, he knows it. ""
This is crossing a line.
Is he still doing this after his face saving apology?
Any records or evidence about his "soft feeling".
Take strong stand against being harassed.
Interference by senior lady has to be handled with patience and tactfully.
Look around for another job.
Use your engagement as an excuse to leave when you secure a job.
Have you told your fiancee about the problem?

From India, Pune
Hello Mr. Nathrao Sir,
Thank you for the support.,
No, Now he has stopped talking with me and also giving any job to me. I did not tell my fiancee about this cheap behavior. More over i don't have any strong witness or proof to go further. In this case if i search for another job will it be a problem?! Because i know, there are companies who urge case on the employees who will go for other company without resigning the previous company.
I don want to take any risk in my career. I am sure, if i take such kind decision they will try to do some or other bad things to me because they don't want me to quit and make me to suffer.
I am confused and stress out. Anyway as you said, i will try for a new job, hoping for the best!! But scared that if they ask relieving letter and experience letter which i don have. But i have an offer letter appointment letter and an increment letter. will it helps me to build my career again!!

From India, Bengaluru

My advice is based on what you have written.
Try for other jobs and if you get a job quit by quoting personal reason-engagement,family needs or something like that.
Do not quit in anger or by fighting so that you get all documents.
But draw line at personal dignity and harassment.
Say no and do not accept improper behaviour.
Otherwise be discreet and work hard.
Do not stress yourself out as you need to be calm and take decisions.
Your increment letter,appointment letters do give proof of employment.
So do not worry.

From India, Pune

I think being a HR you should be strong enough to handle such workplace issues. This is a common problem what a female employee face not only in your organization but also in many other organizations. You should be strong enough to work in such environment without compromising on your principles & that is what makes a HR job challenging. You should clearly communicate your CEO to be in his limits. Further, if you start hopping jobs due to such matters or due to seniors' involvements in your jobs, then it is very difficult for you to work in any other organization in current scenario. Be bold and strong and take it as a challenge to prove your self with your work. Remember, There are 2 meanings for your fear-
F.E.A.R = Forget Everything And Run
F.E.A.R = Face Everything and Rise
Difficulties in your life do not come to destroy you, but to help you realize your hidden potential !! So keep going and give your best in any work you do.
All the Best!!

From India, Pune

Dear Diya,
This world is full of such people. And it's not going to end though. It's true womenhood faces such abuses time and again. Gandhiji's prophecy proved time and again, India still under the bondage of suppression on weaker sections, true liberation is still a long way. Have courage. We share your anguish. Keep your hopes intact. World will not end with this, there are also good people in multitude as well you will have better days ahead. For want of credible evidence it's no time to fight with scoundrels. I appreciate your patience. Keep trying for better opportunity based on the strength of documents you have in your possession. May God be with you always.

From India, Bangalore
Sai Nrupendra
Dear Mam
Never afraid off,
This is the beginning; you have to fight against all this lousy. You have that courage within you to thought them and grow away in your career path. Be stout on you ideologies, never bent down in any consequences. All this politics, discrepancies and huddles thought you enough to handle such dreadful situation in your future & to survive. Fight to survive, don't be shy, you will do everything, you have that capacity.
Raise your voice & fight against them, when you feel that all this discrepancies are about to flowing above you.
Lead your life with happiness and glee by forgetting all the nuisance. Don't think about all this always; because it will discourage you. be happy, life is too long and very beautiful. All this are part of life i.e. a very tiny lump. Be smart and courageous.
Cheer up & Good luck

From India, Ranchi
Hello, Thanks to Mr. kumar sir and Mr. N.rupendra sir,
From heart i appreciate each and everyone who have given their valuable suggestions and sharing my problems.
Again, I am feeling so secure and more confident than previous after reading all the replies. Yes, if there is ten people to drag you down, of course there will be hundreds of good people.
Thanks a lot again. Have a nice day!!

From India, Bengaluru

Dear Diya,
I truly appreciate your courage as you have come out strongly to express in this platform about harassment at work place. As we all have seen very few do it and believe me don get scared or get disappointed, you are right so you don't need to compromise for professional growth and we all condemn this kind of act.
As you are the source of your family livelihood, you may start actively looking for new opportunity and I believe you will definitely get better options very soon. You may mentioned your preferred job location and I am sure Cite HR members will assist you in this as most of the members are from HR fraternity.
Employers will be eager to hire strong persons like you and all members are requested to assist her on humanitarian ground. Hope for the best and request you to kindly discuss this with your family and dear one also.

From India, Bhubaneswar

Dear Diya,

Confusions arise or a person gets scared only when he has a wavering mind. A Management Executive should not be of a wavering mind, otherwise he can't be expeted to be a good manager.

If you want to become an effective manager, you should be of a strong willed person. Develop a strong will power in you to decide this way or that way without any hitch. Don't forget, a person does not acquire knowledge from his birth. He/she learns from his/her own experience or surrounding environments or by following others examples. You can also learn from your own experience aided with silently watching actions/ activities of others.

Decisions cannot always be expected to be 100% right and perfect. So, if you don't have right mindeds friend or colleagues to guide you, don't worry, take your own decision, as to err is human and to rectify later. Making unintentional mistakes is not a sin or indiscipline. But that makes a person learn for future and helps him/her to gather courage and develop a strong will power by taking lessons from his/her own mistakes.

But, don't ignore environments. Be watchful about others activities also without interfering in them. If some one tries to prove you wrong, don't be shaky or confused. You may set the ball rolling in his/her court and ask politely to give suggestion or advice in wht way he/she feels that wrong and how to rectify that error. However, it is not necessary to follow his/her advice, if your mindset is not agreement with that. Be analytic on all such advice or suggestions and continue with your own course of action without caring for his/her advice, except when you actually feel that his/her advice is useful and correct. If he/she is right, don't forget to thank him/her by admitting your owm mistake. However, if a superior requires you to take some specific action line, which your mind is not ready to accept, you will have to take extra care as he/she can make or mar your career If you are not ready to agree in principle with him/her, either submit a note pointing out pros & cons of that advice and request him/her to review his/her advice or to confirm his/her instruction. If still you are compelled verbally to do some thing wrong, just initiate action and submit proposal according to his/her advice specifically pointing out about his advice/ proposal and seek his approval for that action. If wrong, he/she would always refrain from making formal approval to that action.

However, if you feel that your career, prestige and modesty in the organisation is at stake and you are forced to take actions frequently to fulfill their desires, silently try to switch over some other job as soon as possible, rather than taking risk constantly.

So, don't lose confidence, be prepared to take challenges of life and successfully encounter them to wriggle out of the difficult situations. Your success depends upon tackling the challenging situations with confidence and will power.

From India, Delhi

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