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M.Peer Mohamed Sardhar


 Makeup should be subtle-down to a minimum.

 Never wear contrasting undergarments under light tops as it will show.

 Avoid Chunky, jangling jewelry, bangles, anklets or anything which creates sound. This also includes duppattas with bells etc on them.

 Your shirts collar, cuffs should be clean and there should be no missing buttons

 Keep your nails clean and polished.

 When choosing nail varnish color, choose colors which are light, neutral and closer to your skin color. Bright colors like red, green, blue, purple are absolutely a no-no.

 Ensure your breath is Fresh and clean. There should be no odor from the mouth. If you are prone to bad breath, consult a dentist and gargle with mouthwash frequently, especially after eating.

 Preferably use lipsticks in matt shades. Use a lip liner to outline our lips before you fill in your lips with lipstick. When outlining your lips, stick to the natural curves of your lips. The lip liner should be a shade darker or the same shade as the lipstick. Lipsticks shades to be worn at work should be light in color and not dark shades. The shades should be natural in color rather than bright and dark. Light pinks, light browns and skin tones are appropriate

 Pick the Right perfume: Ideally, perfume is never to be worn at work. What you can use however is cologne, body sprays/ mists, and deodorants etc.

 Whilst selecting cologne, opt for one that smells fresh and tingling, nothing to heavy in aroma. Steer clear from strong fruity or spicy smells for work.

 Use deodorant / Anti per spirant

 Wear long lasting make-up

 If you like wearing saris it is advisable to wear chiffon, georgette or cotton handloom ones during summer and pure silks in winter, they impart a sophisticated image.

 Sari should be worn neatly in a professional style.

 Handloom saris need to be starched and ironed well otherwise they drape unflatteringly on your body with numerous unsightly creases.

 Pin the sari well so that it does not fall

 Put the pin on the back shoulder as this keeps the sari intact and does not show the pin too.

 Don't wear a very flared petticoat inside.

 Have Small prints rather than large in saris. Plain and bordered saris are much better. Loud colors, double shaded saris should be avoided.

 No cut sleeves blouse, or plunging neck lines please.

 Traditional salwar kameez with dupatta can be worn.

 Do not match Indian and western clothes.

 Don’t let any straps, lingerie, lace show or any panty lines show from beneath your skirt or trousers.

 Always carry a clean hanky.

 Never wear Loud shocking colors, clinging or short skirts, Trousers without a jacket and see through fabrics.

 A skirt worn should be no more than an inch high above your knee. Full- length ‘A’ line skirts also can be worn. With a short skirt, stockings are a must.

 If you have long hair, never keep it untied, pull it back from your face and tie it up in a French roll or a good old-fashioned bun at the nape of your neck.

 Hair should preferably be styled and cut to shoulder length, or shorter. It makes you look neat and professional. With a sari, a bun at the nape of the neck, is ideal.

 For business wear, shoe/boots/heel styles must be closed-toe and closed-heel .No strappy sandals or chappals please. Open toed shoes are acceptable if they have a business look. No sequin work, just plain simple leather footwear works best for sandals.

 Heel height should not be too high or low. 2 inch heel is ideal

 Nicked heels, scruffy toes, or unpolished footwear scream failure.

 Never wear golden, silver or sequined shoes to the office.

 Its always better, that your socks are of same color as the trousers as it gives a polished look as there is no break in vision

 Never wear white socks to office

 Dress for comfort and professional effect.


 Pearls, white gold, silver and precious stones look very elegant in office than chunky gold jewelry.

 Bangles or ‘Kadha’s which do not jingle with Indian dresses and a fine bracelet with western dress can be worn to work.

 Earrings should not dangle below the ear lobe. No more than an inch in length is acceptable.

 Nose pins and studs are acceptable. Nose rings are unprofessional.

 All tattoos must be covered while at work.

 Always wear sheer socks/ stockings with shoes under skirts. No bare skin should show.

 Match the color of your purse and shoes

 Have good quality accessories like a folder, briefcase, handbag, watch, mobile, mobile cover, Key chain


 Shaving daily is a must. If you want to keep a moustache or beard, it should be neat and well trimmed.

 Trim hair which may frequently peep out from your nose and ears.

 Keep your hair way above your collar and keep side burns trimmed and short.

 Your hairstyle should reflect your personality and should be kept groomed and, of course, clean at all times.

 Keep nails short and clean, as your hands are seen while communicating.

 When it comes to wearing a fragrance, always remember… a little dab is just enough.

 Use deodorant / Anti per spirant

 Opt for one that smells fresh and tingly, nothing to heavy in aroma. Steer clear from strong fruity or spicy smells for work.

 Darker suits carry more authority; the most powerful colors are dark blue, grey and black.

 Solid colors and pinstripes are best, as long as pinstripes are muted and narrow.

 Safari suits are not formal.

 The shirt should be light colored, either plain or with horizontal or vertical stripes in light shades

 Loud and big checks and Prints of any kind are to be avoided.

 A long-sleeved shirt should always be buttoned at the cuffs and never rolled up.

 White, off white, blue, cream, beige, baby pink, pale n light yellow are the best office colors.

 Always wear an ironed shirt, even if the shirt claims to be "wash and wear."

 When wearing long-sleeved shirts, cuffs should extend a quarter inch below suit sleeve.

 Cotton/polyester blends are acceptable. The higher the cotton content, the better you'll look.

 The legs of the trousers must not be so long as to fall in folds over the shoe.

 Trousers should be short enough to look neat and long enough to cover the bare skin above the socks when they are hitched up in a sitting posture

 A printed, striped or checked shirt ought to be worn with plain trouser

 If the trousers are striped or checked, the shirt should be plain.

 If the trousers are of dark color then the shirt should be of complimentary light color. e.g. a light blue shirt with dark blue trousers.

 When wearing a shirt without a tie, only the two collar buttons may be left undone

 Your tie should compliment and add color to your suit.

 Width should be approximately the same as lapels, generally 2 ¾-3 ½ inches wide.

 Linen wrinkles too easily. satin ties are too flashy , but 100 percent silk ties make the most powerful and professional impact and are also the easiest to tie.

 Front end of the tie should touch the tip of the belt and back end tucked in well.

 Avoid ties with cartoons, huge flowers etc.

 Black and brown leather are the best colors.

 Black/brown lace up shoes, cap toe, and wingtips are the most conservative.

 Shoes should be well polished and in good condition.

 Socks should complement the suit.

 They should not bunch around your ankles.

 They should be long enough that skin is not seen when legs are crossed.

 Its always better, that your socks are of same color as the trousers as it gives a polished look as there is no break in vision

 White socks and sports socks are a big no-no.


 Jewelry should be very simple and conservative. Nothing more than a wedding band, and a single, very fine gold chain is acceptable.

 Briefcases should be leather; brown and black are the best colors.

 Watches should be simple and plain. Avoid leather, metal straps are the best.

 Belts should be leather and should match or complement shoes (blue/black/gray suit = black belt and shoes; brown/tan/beige suit = brown belt and shoes). The buckle should be simple and sober.

 Tie pins and cuff links add to your professional demeanor, so use them.

Common points:


 Incoming Calls-

 Pick up calls within 3 rings

 Greet

 Take notes

 Use positive words and phrases

 Use customer’s name and title

 Stay calm and remember to be empathetic, when required.

 End the call with courtesy


 Clear your table of clutter, retrieve relevant papers and review agenda

 Early guests can be requested to wait if they come early.

 Guest who has an appointment should not be kept waiting.

 Your secretary should escort the guest to your office or you should step outside and escort them in

 Greet your guest as he enters by standing up as soon as he enters, make eye contact, and follow with a warm hand shake. Ask your guest to take a seat before you do.

 All calls should be kept on hold except urgent calls.

 End of the visit is usually indicated by the senior person


 Dress conservatively and smartly

 Come a little early

 In formal atmosphere, juniors should wait for seniors to take seat first. Seniors sit at the head of the table and juniors further away.

 Greet the people who are already present; shake hands, introduce yourself

 Come prepared

 Be careful of questions that might embarrass others.

 Give due credit where needed.

 After the meeting is concluded, thank the hosts, shake hands with everyone present and take your leave.

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M. Peer Mohamed Sardhar

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