My Boss is inspiration to everyone. He will scold us when it requires, he will insult us if it requires, he will appreciate us where ever it requires, .he is disciplined, punctual.

He will reward with big money which we can't think in our dream when we do good job......I got car, house....lucrative pay...because of my boss... he is in a very big position in the software industry and he teaches us everything. He being a big person, god blessed us, we get a boss like our boss and grooming like never expected...

He is also a bit hyper, I am very much afraid of his hyperactive.

Today i made a mistake and he questioned me that am i from a farm land or from corporate industry? and he told me he being a manager, is it really required that I will expect from him to teach me like a child? I made a mistake and I am trying to fix the issue.

So now my question to all of you in the group is --- how can we make the best impression with your boss 365 days? At least if we target 365 days to get the best impression, we will win to get the best impression half of the days of 365.....

need your thought and advise to me how to get the best impression 365 days....

note:- please don't reply me 365 is not possible....... I am looking for your out of box opinions/advices......

From India, Bangalore
Mr.Omkar, your boss, as stated by you, is very disciplined and yet hypersensitive and scolds employees when it requires and praises them when they deserve and showers monitory rewards and does grooming also.From the description of your boss, he comes across to me as some one who combines the traits of a parent, a child and an adult.Since you did not pose any question as to whether you should stay or quit, it appears that you want to continue there but you want to impress your boss with your performance for 365 days.You also said that if you target for 365 days, you can at least succeed for half the number of days in your mission. From this, you come across to me as some one who has inclination to work hard which is laudable and who also realizes that it is difficult to satisfy a boss for all the 365 days which is practical.This understanding shall help you deal with your present anxiety.

You need to understand that it is difficult to change others but it is within your ability to change yourself to adopt yourself to a hard task master with streaks of benevolence like your boss.The first change you need to make is to your perception that to error is human but one can mitigate the incidence of committing errors by learning from past mistakes.List out the situations and acts which annoyed your boss and explore the means/precautions as to how you will not repeat them. Understand that your boss is impulsive in his responses to a mistake either as a parent scolding and correcting and yet times as a child complaining and fault finding.His motive may not be to humiliate employees.It is within your control to make your responses to your boss's reactions mature by not reacting to his remarks by replying and rebutting him but explaining to him as to why the mistake occurred and that you would take care of it in future.However when you are a valuable employee, the boss listens.So first try to do something of value first to win his confidence and get closer to him.Then if it is possible, try to seek a hearing with your boss when he is in his best mood to explain to him tactfully as to how you would like the feed back to be given.

Hope this helps


From India, Mumbai
Hello Omkar Bezzanki,

As you requested, I WON'T give you any advice that '365 is not possible'.

However, I would surely say that "365 is NOT DESIRABLE" in your own long-term interest.

Let's get into the details.

Everyone bumps into different types of it the boss or peer or subordinate/junior, etc....@ different points of time in one's career/life. And your interaction with EACH of them is a learning experience from where you pick-up a few aspects in career/life & then go about correcting yourself & becoming better & better all thru your life.

That's what life is all about.

And in case you are into IT, it's all the more important due to the chances of layoffs being high...........once when one gets used to particular type(s) of situation(s), complacency sets in & any small change in the scenario has a far more serious effect on that person than it would otherwise have, IF he/she is used to different types of people/situations.

Now let's assume you figure-out a way [or ways] to, like you said 'get the best impression 365 days'.

Realistically, you surely wouldn't be with this boss 365 days a year all thru your life.......looking @ it, even wives, now-a-days, can't be taken for granted that way I guess :-)

When you change your job, you most likely would have another boss......will you OR can you make an ABRUPT change in your personality to ensure you ''get the best impression 365 days' with that boss too.........and how long will this go on & on in your career?

Hope you got the point.

And there's another aspect to this 'wish' of your's. Obviously, some acts by you surely would begin to, at some point, involve peer competitors who too want to be in the good books of the boss.....then what? You would then have to SHIFT the Reference Point from your boss to this other peer, to get the better of him.........hope you get the point.

More than trying to satisfy any individual, suggest focus on SITUATIONS/ISSUES/WORK. That way, you get to be better & better.....with the reference point being YOU & you ALONE all thru your life. Aim to be better tomorrow than you are today.....and so on it ought to go.

Else, there are high chances that you will end-up only trying to satisfy everyone else BUT yourself.

All the Best.



From India, Hyderabad
Mr. Omkar,

Your "note:- please don't reply me 365 is not possible....... I am looking for your out of box opinions/advices......" IS SIMPLY ABSURD!

You are just a new member, who registered recently only on 23rd August 2015. You want advice but on your own terms, command and direction to seniors. You are a knowledge seeker, who is expected to be humble and respecting, not like you dictating terms to those from whom he expect to derive knowledge.

I can very well imagine, why you get scolded by your boss. Better check your own attitude and behaviour in the office, more particularly towards seniors. I can't expect you to make your boss pleased even for 100 days out of 365, even on best advice if you don't control your emotions and discouteous attitude For pleasing your boss, you should be expert in the field of your job docile in behaviour. But, none can be expected to be perfect and all rounder.

By the way, do you have all your ten fingers equal in size? If you don't have 10 fingers equal in size, you can't also expect 365 days equally good or even bad for you. That all depends upon your way of working besides submissive attitude towards others.


From India, Delhi
Nathrao ji,
If you interpret properly his statement, "please don't reply me 365 is not possible" it clearly mean he does not want more suggestions , rather he wants only those to repond, who cannot suggest him how to please his boss 365 days, not even less by one day. That means, his choice is quite restricted, whereas nobody can suggest him how to keep his boss pleased for all the 365 days of the year. THAT MEANS NONE SHOULD GIVE RESPONSE. Is not that a thoughtless and nonsensical command on his part? That itself suggests, he does not apply his mind before talking or writing anything, what to say of discharging his duties and responsibilities in the office.
So far as remarks of his boss about his being from a farmland, he has not made even a slight mention on which of his deed his boss commented like that. He should not have kept guessing the members just to please him to further please his boss that too for all the 365 days of a year.

From India, Delhi

Hi Everyone, Nathrao ji and Dhingra ji
My apologies if I make any negative comment on the post and I mean it....My boss is everything to me and to my life till my last breath....and I want to be a business to our company...and I am not playing any other things at all... I just want to be business to my company till my last breath....
I don't have seniors in my friends group and I don't like to discuss with my family members as they are not experienced these job related matters....
Hence I posed my discussion in this group and wanted to take advices/suggestions from citehr members.
All of your advices are very important to me and I have noted them in my diary and started implementing them.
Nathrao ji and Dhingra ji.... thank you so very much for your valuable time and valuable words to me... as I am new to this group, I will be careful in my writing here afterwards.
Omkar Bezzanki
+91 998-625-8811

From India, Bangalore

Hello Dhingra ji Per our call conversation, Hope I have mentioned my vibrant and positive approach towards the citehr group.. Omkar
From India, Bangalore
Mr. Omkar,
I have already suggested you a very simple formula during our teltalk, "you must have command over your deeds and words," to please anyone the most. Although anyone cannot achieve that perfection to please the boss for all the 365 days of a year, as that depends upon upon various factors, e.g., employee's passion to work & humility and the mood swing of the boss depending upon the circumstances.

From India, Delhi
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