Hello friends,
Im working as Manager- HR in Branding and Designing company in Coimbatore.....I wanna indulge employees in Improving their English communication .Wherein they can read and draft replies efficiently without my help.... Please help me how do i take English Sessions and what topics should i Include in the session.... How do i prepare myself to improve their vocabulary. Please help me As soon As Possible please..
Gauri JK

From India, Coimbatore

Are you planning some classroom sessions for English speaking?

How much time can be spared everyday for such classes?

Employees normally need to know how to draft letters of various types,interdepartmental memos,fill in purchase orders etc.

Probably sample letters can be made out and circulated.

You can conduct debates on various subjects which relate to laws governing your industry,financial planning etc which will help them to improve their English.

Conduct short reading classes where employee can be made to read out newspaper or well drafted sample letters of the type your business generates.

Basic grammar classes,plurals,antonyms and synonyms can be taught.

What is the basic qualification of those who are to be taught English?

Have they a basic grounding or they are not aware of English at all??

Your own query shows SMS language (Im for I am) wanna for want to,i instead of I and A is capitalised where it is not to be done.

Please remember this:

Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.

Benjamin Franklin

Keep this principle in mind and when you deal with employees try to converse in English only -simple short sentences with easy words.

From India, Pune
Thank You Nathrao....They are hardly HSC passed and Diploma from Vernacular Medium From Tamil Nadu. They need to stress to understand English. Sorry but I used SMS language here to post on Citehr only..... They cant read fluent English. They are awesomely skilled Graphic Designers. But in Graphic Designing they need to understand Clients requirement - What clients exactly need? Here communication is mostly thro' emails.... So they need to understand it properly... At times they have to execute presentation wherein they cannot deliver what they want to explain.
So I want to help them to at least be little proficient in reading and speaking reasonable English. Everything I have to plan for classroom sessions, time spared, etc.. All I have to decide. So you can suggest me your ideas.

From India, Coimbatore


First of all, let me applaud your initiative to facilitate your employees improve their English language skills. The task would be challenging but the rewards would be widespread and very fulfilling.

It is essential that you categorise the employees into at least 2 broad categories :

- those who need a lot of improvement

- those who just need some additional inputs to improve

You may have to separately train both categories of employees, keeping in mind their specific requirements.

To gain proficiency in any language the key is to speak, read and write that language. You would have to therefore make it mandatory, for the employees to speak in English at the work place. If that is not possible, encourage them to converse in English. You should also make it a practice to communicate with them in English.

You would have to take a couple of sessions on basic grammar and preferably give the equivalent words in the native language ( In this case, I think it would be largely, a Tamil speaking set of employees). Ensure you give them ample exercises and make it fun for them to attempt the exercises, so that they enjoy the process. You can visit and possibly download their Elementary Book 1 to get started.

Since you handle the HR domain, you could put up a word of the day, proverbs /thought of the day, share interesting articles / write up in English on the notice boards. Encourage employees to use the word in their communication on that day / week. You could also ensure that there are magazines and periodicals in English placed at the work place for employees to read.

Be innovative and make use of fun activities and spot games periodically to help employees improve their English language skills. E.g. After lunch you could visit a department and select 2 or 3 employees of the department. Allow each one to choose a word from a random set of words you would have. Ask each one to make a sentence using that word. Thereafter all three would form a sentence in which all three words appear. Other team members of the department would observe, encourage and learn in the process.

From a written communication perspective, especially drafting emails, focus on the following

Importance of subject line and avoiding generic a subject line

Precis-writing practice would help in ensuring, short and crisp sentences being written.

Drafting skills (including pointers on using short sentences, one idea per para, use of headings and subheadings ) and ensuring logical flow of ideas in written communication

I would also encourage you to visit for additional inputs.

Trust the above sharing would help you put your noble intent into action successfully.

Best Wishes

From India, Mumbai

Start interacting with them in English in friendly one is one manner as often as possible.
Organise basic grammar classes and simple english sentences especially using those words which they need in Graphic designing.
Professional help will be required to make teaching more useful.
Some time will have to be allotted everyday for special classes.
Learned poster above has given some good ideas.
Where will is there there is always a way.When your designers realise that knowledge of English is going to benefit them,they also will put in efforts to learn and speak English.
Good that you have such god ideas which will benefit worker and company.

From India, Pune
Just to add to the excellent ideas that have been poted ,it would add value to all concerned if you can get the senior management to listen to your designers make a presentation ,say an hour every week on a subject in which the designer is comfortable.You will invariably see that it will revolve around the wrk place.This is a methodology that we had adopted to improve the vocabulary of engineers at a location in north india.
From India, Bangalore
Please go through my post and you may get some ideas...

From India, Delhi
As learning communication specially in written where you are leaving a proof of your opinion is not a quick process.
You may arrange sesisons, seminars, classroom pool in a week. But i think you need o boost them by making them practising the same and criticising as well motivating for the same to have hand in hand in their learning. this is bit time consuming to check their efforts and coorect them but it gives results, have tries it and find improvement to my team mates.

From India, Delhi
dear gauri
god bless you
i have been teaching english to many students who came in contact with me through the cite hr
2.please do not start with grammar. it is not comfortable for the trainee.
3.please buy a tamil nadu board / cbse english books from class 6 to 12. english comics like amar chitra katha chanda mama etc and circulate to them
5. tell them to get into a group and rad the headlines of news paper daily for 10 minutes.
6. dont have a class room system and have only a tutorial / syndicate system.
lastly instead of spending your time please hire a visiting teacher for 1 hour a day . school teachers are available at very small fees to take on such sessions.
dr ram

From India, Indore

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