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""I am doing my efforts for bringing the candidates based strictly on the criteria, but still the senior management is putting the blame on me.""

Blaming HR person for candidates not coming for interview or joining the job is ridiculous.

HR facilitates recruitment of suitable candidates based upon QRs spelt out by specialist section.As HR person you may not be able to frame JD of a technical person.

A person looks for growth,good pay,atmosphere when joining a company.

If the company has these characteristics,there will be large number of people looking for jobs.

Blaming HR is the easiest way out.

As HR person give your professional suggestions about job description,industry standard pay/perks and be a proper HR person.

Do the arrangements for interview,document verification,tying up with candidates for date and time of interview.

Whether a person wishes to join or is found suitable is not in your hands.

Do your HR portion of job properly and company will realise their shortcomings as compared to the competitor companies and make changes or lower QRs.

This is the problem sir, they are not trying to see that there could be other things responsible for this thing. For every recruitment related thing they are accusing me.
When i say i have posted the opening on a leading job portal, but still not much applications are coming, may be because the posting is there from last 3 months. This reduces the efficiency. They say " what do you think now people are not going for ""(job portal).
When i say that we are dealing with 5 consultancies at a time, and getting good line up (as i have mentioned that approx 80+ people came in last 20 days for interview), they say consultancies have become our weakness, they just waste our time.
And the worst part is the HR activities which they are asking me to display on social media is actually not at all happening in the office. They say most of the companies post fake HR activities, its not a issue.

They are not open for any change sir, they think they are absolutely fine, its just i am less capable in hiring.
If i go to them with any concern regarding non support of any colleague in hiring process (Once the team lead simply rejected the candidate without taking his interview, when that candidate cleared all rounds of interview, Once i asked him to approve a written test for candidates, for which he never replied), they simply bend the things at me saying " what to be done with 1 candidate, there should be at least 3-4 to make a choice."
There are a bunch of employees who are working here from last 3-4 years (team lead is one of them), senior management never says anything on there mistake.
I am fed up with the things, and every evening i have to go the senior management with the day's status of line up & turn up candidates, then they try to show me that how incapable i am in my work.

Hello Nehaa Singh,
When you get such JDs from the tech guys/team, suggest INSIST on CLEAR & MEASURABLE parameters.
And DON'T go to the techies with problems. Maybe you can't offer solutions too [strictly peaking, the Team Lead ought to be doing that], but you can surely ask for more streamlined info/inputs.
Here are the points that your Tech guys are generalizing vis-a-vis the JD.
1] 1+ years exp: What's the upper limit? 1+ yrs can mean 2 OR 3 OR 10 yrs....right? Insist on an upper limit. That will help you focus on the best possible fit some extent.
And a 1 yr exp guy is as good as a Fresher--just a bit better.
2] Understanding of open source projects like Joomla, Drupal, Wikis........:: What does 'understanding' mean? Theoretical knowledge? Will any questions be asked in the I/V? If Yes, then the Tech team is NOT looking for just theoretical knowledge..........they are looking for hands-on exp--which SURELY IS NOT RIGHT. Most people with just 1-2 yrs exp MAY NOT get an opportunity to work on realtime projects in these areas in the First place. And those with real exp in these areas will be expensive than most startups can afford.
What you can do? Ask the Tech team to segregate these skills into 'Must Have', 'Desirable/Nice-to-have' AND the upper CTC range that you can afford. That will give you an idea on which skills to REALLY focus.
3] HTML, CSS, Javascript, AJAX etc: The First 3 skills are understandable...most guys in PHP area ought to have them. But Ajax isn't used by all--it's not needed for all development applications. Check IF this is falls into 'Must Have' category OR 'Desirable/Nice-to-have'.
4] All the Specs w.r.t. APIs, PhoneGap are surely not for anyone with 1 yr exp--more likely is 3+ yrs exp range. And guys with PhoneGap & APIs--especially with exp in Payment gateway APIs--are expensive.
5] 1st line is the most imp criteria for shortlisting candidates: Frankly, I am not so sure that this is what the Tech team is thinking too. In all probability, they may be asking queries in the other areas/skills in the I/Vs & this is where the candidate may be flunking.
This looks like a typical case of asking for the moon.
In general, suggest the following PoA.
AA] List out the skills you mentioned in the JD & sit with whoever in the technical team makes the decisions. Then ask for CLEAR categorization of 'Must Have' AND 'Desirable/Nice-to-have' for EACH of the skills.
BB] And further, ask HOW MUCH exp in each of the skills they are looking for--2 yrs in Core PHP, 1 yr in APIs, etc, etc. Hope you get the point.
CC] And when you talk to the candidates, take their SELF-RATINGS against each of the Must-Have skills for sure & also for Nice-to-Have skills IF they say have exp in any of them. AND check clearly if they have done any live projects in the Must-Have skills while perusing the resumes. This way you get to know whether the exp is for real.
DD] And FINALLY get clear guidelines of the Min & Max CTC range you work with.
Also, suggest DON'T go for job postings at this point of time. You are bound to end-up wasting time--a major chunk of the responses MAY NOT REALLY suit your specs. Go for Advanced Searches with focused criteria & contact only those who YOU think meet the criteria/parameters mentioned above.
And what's the Selection process you follow--from sourcing of the resume to the I/V? There COULD be loopholes there too.
AND FINALLY, IF none of these work [or allowed to work], you can be sure that the time has come for you to move from there.
All the Best.



The salary range is always kept vague or as per industry norms, initially they were not disclosing it to me also. When i asked repeatedly they said 15k to 25k... and try to keep it under 30k. They have rejected candidates who asks for approx more than 27-28k...saying that the money they are asking is not worth their knowledge.

The selection process followed is:

The same JD is given to the Consultants, they shortlist & line up candidates according to that.

When they come for interview they give a small written test of 10 questions, those who score more than 5 are taken for F2F interview, after clearing F2F they have to appear for a system test, for approx 1-2 hour.

Qualifying candidates are interviewed by Team lead (which is rarely happening these days, coz candidates are not reaching till that phase).

There are 2-3 interviewer, the reason for rejection of the candidates, by 1 particular interviewer is the same in almost 98% cases. For example, 1 interviewer always rejects candidates saying that there knowledge in Database is poor. So, I think that there is need to check the interviewers also, so as to know what they are asking and what system task they are assigning.

Time to consider looking for change at own convenience.
Hurried and unplanned exit will create problems.
Keep eyes and ears open for other opportunities while working sincerely with present organisation.

Hello Nehaa Singh,

Suggest talk to the Team Lead & change the I/V Process.

Step-1: small written test of 10 questions

Step-2: System Test

Step-3: F2F

Step-4: F2F by Team Lead

Right now you have absolutely NO way to point-out at the capability of the Interviewer. Quite often, in small Companies, most I/Vers check whether the candidate knows 'WHAT THE INTERVIEWER KNOWS' and NOT what the candidate knows or doesn't know. This emanates from the limited interviewing exp of the Interviewer himself/herself. And obviously, no one would admit 'I don't know this or that'. Hope you got the point.

Now when you put the F2F AFTER the System test, you have a benchmark rating [NOT by you but by the Test results] to talk against any random/vague rejections.

And now to 'sell' the idea to the Team Lead or whoever is involved in the F2Fs--you want to save them THEIR time [you are doing a favor to them....right :-)]. Hence putting the System Test BEFORE he/she spends time with the candidate in a F2F. Basic human nature--irrespective of the level or apt example of what Narendra Modi mentioned on 15 Aug, 2014 ["Mera kya, mujhe kya" syndrome]--except that here you are 'using' it for the good of the Organization [and also make your life much simpler]. Hope you get the point.

As far your line "The same JD is given to the Consultants........" is concerned, they may be responding so as to not to offend you as a client OR maybe they weren't able to see what's coming after they send the resumes. But IF it were me, I would rather 'LOOSE' such a client than accept Requirements where there is no clarity & full of hazy inputs.....since situations like you mentioned and are experiencing are BOUND TO FOLLOW. When a client can't give the Reqmt with clarity, the logical consequence is a vague interviewing process.

All the Best.



This JD says the person should have knowledge of E-commerce Website/Mobile-site development with experience in Payment gateways. very simple JD. I believe CTC offered to the candidates is the main issue here. Such candidates demand higher CTC. However, you can try to get such candidates on 'elance'. Talk to your Hiring Manager/CTO and ask him to segregate the required skills into mandatory skills and 'nice to have' skills for this job. and that will make your job easy.

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