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Thread Started by #ishikhars

I'm a student of a Government University in Gwalior. Since we cannot provide enough funds to the companies, they hesitate to come for recruitment placement process in our college.
So my question is, why do companies ignore students from Government College nowadays? Have they not done engineering or have any physical deformities.
I'm a member of Training and Placement Cell in my college. Please help us with guidance and contacts to the companies .
15th December 2014 From India, Indore

I am not an educationist , but share this as an ex-student to a Government College and an HR who hired students from such institutes.

As a student , I faced competition just as any one else did. Education is coined by the pedagogy. Thankfully , we had a very elite and a dedicated team of them. However, we still didn't have the polish and the grooming of the students from the private colleges. Yes, it did affect, which we could easily counter, with our efforts .

There used to be a public shunning each time there was a common event . However, beyond the snobbery on the surface by private college students, nothing lasted for long.

Getting to your point of being hired , the initial offer didn't make much of a difference. Its the career in the long run which crafted our brands.

As an HR when I returned for campus placements, the shark attitude to get ahead, was definitely higher in a student from a private college. With the amount of money and resources invested , they were in a life-and-death situation to earn it back as early as possible.

Whereas, the students from Government Colleges appeared lesser confident even when they might have better grades. However, once they join in , at work, such inhibitions would disappear in time. They stayed longer in the companies and were lot more stable in their careers.

Reach out to your alumni and get the Recruitment Teams from their organisations attend the Campus Placement . Get them to mentor your current batch in the employable skills and framing responses.

There can be no better branding than an effective alumni in the industry.

Wishing you all the very best!
15th December 2014 From India, Mumbai
Who said you provide funds to companies to make them come to your college for placement ? Any college doing that is definitely not on a priority list.
The problem lies in the efforts and interest your college shows in place,nets. For private college placement decides whether they will still have a job to do in 3 years. Government colleges don't care, they will still have a job.
In put colleges too, students take the lead. They contact companies, do presentations to them, convince them to come over. However, they have full support, help and guidance of their professors
See if you can find some professors who will help you, follow up with those who studied there before and now in higher positions, to recommend to their college.
Also search this forum. You will find posts on who those who work with corporate for placements. Contact them.....

16th December 2014 From India, Mumbai
There is quite a lot of difference between government colleges and private colleges for various reasons. The main difference is survival of the fittest. Unless proven, private college does not survive and get more and more students who are willing to pay higher fees, while government colleges do not face such situation. So, it is also for the departmental heads and the management to encourage activities (like workshops, seminars, debates, publication of journals, research papers etc) and to give some propaganda about such activities to showcase the talent of their students to attract promising companies to recruit them. Normally government colleges and their departmental heads (excepting a few) do not do such things and have a laid back attitude.
16th December 2014 From India, Madras
no it is totally wrong.
i have also done my MBA from govt. college from Gwalior & now working with reputed company with good perk.
you should never think about such type negativity.
just focus on you education & assignment, definitely you will get better opportunity .
16th December 2014 From India, Calcutta
Dear friends,

To some extent the facts and fear at true. Generally Govt.colleges are lacking in core areas, ofcourse there are exceptions where they score over their counterparts in pvt.colleges. Even now we see seats in govt. prof.colleges get filled up first in CETs. Still IIScs, IITs, RECs(NIIT) and many such govt.colleges, almost all govt.medical colleges runs full house with no vacancies. I have not come across seats in govt.colleges remain unfilled, excepting few seats in arts stream. Why, true that fees are minimal and faculties are eminent. But I have to confess from the point of view of "campus placements" they are very much behind. I don't incline to believe "funds" theory. To some extent it should be lack of enthusiasm among the faculty-in-charge of Placement & Vocational training Divn. This is only because they don't need to bother about ranking & reputation of their colleges in the ladder, no accountability, no incentives, no liability attached to their position, job guarantee and so on. As and when these aspects are answered govt.colleges will also be challengers. But in saying so, the products are no inferior to their peers. For e.g. take me, a student of a set up in a rural hilly area, away from the town by 15 kms. We used to go by cycles and a few by foot. We did under went frequent cancellation of classes, incomplete syllabus, strikes now and then, name sake projects etc. But still we could excel in talents, faced the challenges boldly, stood among the firsts in job markets, of course those were the days. Whatever said and done there should be combined efforts from both student community and faculties. Apart from this there also govt. policies and procedures which should encourage talents from govt.colleges, accountability and responsibility, education audit should be imposed, infrastructure via pvt.participation should also be improved in govt. colleges. May be by in another 25-35 yrs. if they have will they could achieve better placements.
16th December 2014 From India, Bangalore
Dear Ishikhars,

I understand that you are still a student. I could understand your concerns that no companies go for for recruitment in your college in general Govt. Colleges. Don't worry. Recruitment is done in two stages. One at the campus and other at company itself. There are may job portals from where you can apply for job to companies and if you are more serious about your job, you can grow to any level depending upon your interest and skill. Have some clarity on what you wanted to become.

The companies will certainly visit your college depending upon what kind of culture that exist in your college. The pass percentage, rank percentage etc., matters. Further, the Govt. college staff don't show interest in the career of the students and in many colleges indiscipline exist amount the students. Further, they don't have dedicated staff to meet the companies to understand the requirement and help the students.

You may not able to change this unless Govt. takes initiative. You have few examples in this thread who have grown in their career and there are many examples in the societies who have grown. It is individual interest that matters. You have drive to grow and focus on that. All the best to you in your future. Remember 'Sea is common for all, some take pearls, some take fishes & someone comes out with just wet legs, world is common to all but v get what we try for !! Stay positive'.
17th December 2014 From India, Bangalore
Companies do not need and get funds from any college for hiring the students.
Govt or Private colleges do not matter. In fact it depends on the reputation of any institute /college and the experience with the students hired from there.
Another important factor is the salary expectations and how long the students from any college remain with their first job through campus placements.
p agrawal
17th December 2014 From India, Delhi
I work with a small IT company and we recruit a few freshers every year. From our experience, the candidates who top our aptitude test score are invariably from government / government aided colleges. Subsequently all of them without exception have performed well on the job. I'm not speaking about IITs or RECs - as an organization we don't have the competitive advantage to attract applicants from those institutes. Nevertheless, we find that the students who get into lesser known government colleges on merit fare far better than the students from private institutes with better infrastructure and placement assistance. I would suggest the student community of government colleges to take the initiative to form placement committees and follow up with potential employers.
Robin Thomas
17th December 2014 From India, Kochi
Private Cos are interested in Executors and not Inventors. Govt college students are more of Meritorious (Thinkers) and less of Executors. Executors are glamorous category and do not device new things where as Thinkers can device new things. It depends on what the recruiter is interested in during employment, else IITians / NITians would not get higher salaries than the private colleges. Private colleges more or less produce Mukadam and not Engineers. Do not create a bad impression about Govt Colleges where the admissions are mostly on Merit and hence Academic Competitiveness is still superior. Privates lack this caliber still today hence for any technological inputs the companies still go to the Govt Colleges. (I am a Govt College alumni with 25+ yr exp working abroad after 6 jobs in India, so I believe I know enough of India as well as enough of International professional requirements)
17th December 2014 From Bahrain, Manama

First off all its not true about companies not hiring from government colleges, If you are funding any company its not a ethical practice.

Secondly I don't think companies prefer private colleges because today also IIT's and IIM's are the first preferences to companies even you can check all the government medical colleges are still the top performing institutes. But question is why these companies don't prefer to second and third tier of colleges. There are lots of colleges who are completely unidentified and noticed and their alumni's are on top ranks in MNC's and national companies.

Now a days companies hiring's works on two principles'



Either hire the low cost candidates train them and make them as per their requirements.

Or Buy experienced resource from the market.

Focusing on such strategies many private colleges are focusing on skill development along with regular courses. They are approaching the companies and identifying their resource requirement and they prepare and develop their students as per company requirements.

Such type of activity has duel impact firstly companies are getting trained resources and colleges are able to provide employment to their students.

But when we see government colleges they have lots of resources but the only thing is they are lacking in strategical approaches.
17th December 2014 From Taiwan,
Hello Ishikhars,

Many aspects of your situation have been covered by other members.

However, there are a few aspects that need clarity from you before any actionable suggestions can emanate from the members.

1] Could you pl explain what you mean by "Since we cannot provide enough funds to the companies"? Does this mean, like a member mentioned, that you are PAYING the Companies to come to your campus for hiring? NO....repeat NO Company that's professionally managed & looks for the 'right-fit' candidates take money officially or unofficially.

Now IF you mean that you are paying the HR guys to make a favour to your Institution to come for hiring, then better escalate such corruption to the top guys in this Company thru your Principal. I know it happens & wherever it happens, the selected students usually are expected to bear the cost of the payoffs.

2] Reg your remark ".....hesitate to come for recruitment placement process in our college", suggest pl elaborate on why or what makes you think so.

In addition to the aspects/factors mentioned by the other members about Govt vis-a-vis Pvt Colleges, my experience has been that it's THE OTHER WAY ROUND [NOT counting the Top level Private Colleges pl].

In general, as a thumbrule, Govt Colleges have a much better infrastructure in Labs, Faculty, etc. However, the issue here would be the general environment of teaching [labs equipment not working, faculty not serious in teaching but tutoring, etc]. But such situations can always have viable solutions.

However, Pvt Colleges have the problem of insufficient facilities--though whatever are available are in working condition. A case in point for this is: over 300-350 Pvt Engg Colleges are likely to be closed in Jan, 2015 in Telangana State [out of ~600] for THESE VERY REASON(S) on Court Orders. The existing students are likely to be shifted to other Colleges.

3] W.r.t. your request "Please help us with guidance and contacts to the companies"--it would have been better had you mentioned what YOU did to address the problem so far. If you come-out with pointed/specific issues where you got stuck, you are more likely to get actionable suggestions.

With the power of Internet today, it shouldn't be very tough to contact the HR of most Companies today. However you also need to bear in mind that every Company would have their own set of objectives--so when you don't get reply, pl don't make an assumption that NONE wants you. It's just that that particular Company has other/different priorities. Just keep trying with other Companies.

You can also post the details of the branches/specializations, number of students, etc in this very Forum....most of CiteHR members are HR professionals in the Corporate world.

All the Best.


17th December 2014 From India, Hyderabad
It is just a misconception or rather I say its your perception. As a faculty of Private college i can say govt college is best place to study. fee is very less and there is no extra pressure on students. but in private college there are lots of fees and others charges and fine which are imposed on students for collecting and increasing their capital. private colleges are just doing business nothing else. they are paying very less to faculty and getting take fees from students for placements.
My dear friend you will be surprised to know companies mostly prefer govt college students for hiring because they know top rankers are always in govt colleges.
Rajni Sharma
18th December 2014 From India, Patiala
Hello Ishikhars,
Saw this in today's Economic Times--thought it could be of help.
You only need to work backwards in the respective Portals to reach-out the Companies hiring from Campuses.
Companies get tech help for mass hiring this season - The Economic Times
All the Best.
18th December 2014 From India, Hyderabad
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20th May 2019 From Ukraine, undefined
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