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i have an absconding issue...i got ajob in a renowned bpo on campus...and i joined and worked for 3 months...but when i submitted the resignation they didnot accept it..the hr said that the process can't accept the resignation without any reason...well i gave reason for higher studies....the appointment letter said that u can submit ur 1 month of salary in lieu of notice period...tha hyr said that its only possible for an early release....but nothingt was mentioned in the appointment letter about early release...so i left the day i gave resignation...now they are though aware of my resignation,still considering me as absconding and will send me a termination letter..so

my question is will this three month of experience be counted when,being an enginner i will apply for my engineering based jobs??

and will this termination affect my carrer??

i din't even get my salary as i left prior to the salary cycle and they also didnot give me the experience certificate of my pre-process training...

please help...

Dear Friend

Generally, these issues are to be dealt with utmost care. When you have worked for 3 months in this company, you are aware that notice of one month for resignation is required to be given as per your appointment letter to the employer to get the accept of same.Did you give your resignation in writing or oral? If given in writing by giving a notice of one month, your employer must accept the same without any protest. Only thing left for them to take decision in your case is .

1. To accept your resignation and relieve you from duty on completion of one month notice

2. Relieving you immediately on receipt of your resignation by waiving notice period of one month or making payment in lieu thereof, provided if such clause is there in your appointment order

Under the given circumstances, by keeping your resignation pending and giving you termination letter is not justified on the part of employer and on this ground you can go ask your HR dept and ask them what was the decision of management on your resignation.This type mistakes will also be done due to premature attitude or improper information that was passed to higher authority by HR dept. My suggestion is, you should go to HR dept and settle the issue amicably.

One more thing is whether management accepted your resignation letter or else they terminated your services on the ground of unauthorized absence from duty, it does not make any difference and the employer is supposed to make final settlement of your account and you are also having a right to get service certificate from this employer. However, if you get it on against will of management, it might not have any use for you to get better offer in else where


Dear Friend
Under the given circumstances, you need not worry about your future employment. But you should not mention this BPO experience which is said to be not relevant with your Engineering discipline in securing better offer elsewhere.

I may be diverting from the query or topic of discussion but one also needs to understand as to why HR folks behave or react in a certain way under similar circumstances.

Based on the limited details given by Sohini Ghosh in a query, I gather that : i) Only after 3 months service Sohoni decides to resign and wants to be relieved immediately. ii) Reveals reason for resignation only after insisted upon iii) reason for leaving higher studies iv) not willing to serve one month notice and stops attending duties, though not relieved.

Now look at the casual attitude of Sohoni : Takes up the job, agrees for the terms of appointment and within three months resigns to pursue higher studies and also wants to be relieved immediately without serving notice period. If higher studies was on his /her agenda why in first place he/she took up employment ? Can anybody be so casual about taking-up and leaving job so casually [Aao Jaao Ghar Tumhara ].

Now look at this from employer and HR point of view : i) they have spent time, money and sweat in recruiting ii) they have again spent time, money and sweat in inducting and training a candidate and make him/her employable iii) barely when candidate has become employable and may be have started giving some return on salary and other costs incurred on candidate he/she decides to resign for a flimsy reason.

Employer and HR Dept. wants to give a clear message to both those who has left as well as to those in service that, we take lot of efforts, spent time and money in recruiting and training you and you can not just walk away giving some flimsy reason. Notice period is needed to be served to arrange for replacement, smooth handing over of responsibilities and to offer uninterrupted and quality service to customers.

I feel under the circumstances, where employee has submitted resignation, he/she is not relieved and suppose to serve notice period, and is not attending office is indeed a absconder and will have to face the music. In case he/she has solid reason to resign and also to expect waiver of notice period, then go and convince your employer and HR Dept. Thanks !

Great inputs from all the expertise. I just have a thought on 'Absconding'. An absconding is initiated when an employer doesn't know where about of the employee and employee stop coming to work. In this case, the employee resigned and then stop coming to work. Notice period clause, if I read it right, its notice period or salary in lieu of. So organization needs to send a recovery notice for the damages and relieve the employee post recovery. In any case - It is NOT an Absconding.
Sakshi Sehgal
ER & Compliance Leader
Recipient of 40 under 40 Compliance Professional Award

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