I am working as contract in a Software Company under payroll of other company.
On 31 July 2014, I sent a resignation mail to HR of my payroll company(Consulting Firm) and mentioned my last day of working as 30 Aug 2014, giving 30 days notice as per the company polices.
I still haven't received any acceptance mail from my payroll company, but I need to submit at least my resignation mail to my next employer.
Please suggest what I need to do now as already 12 days was over in my notice period.

From India, New Delhi
But my payroll company is in Bangalore and I am working at Client location in Chennai.I need to join in a new company on 1 September 2014.Unable to go directly to my payroll company now.Kindly suggest another way to get out of this.
From India, New Delhi
Have you called via telephone to confirm that they either received the letter or not? As mentioned previously, I would make a copy of the signed letter and resend (certified mail if possible - in the US, you can send a certified letter requiring a signature of the person who received the mail. Then, the postal office sends you a reply stating has someone signed/received it).
Kind regards,

From United States, Baton Rouge
Hi, Now a days, most of the Software Companies work professionally. No Management would like to spoil the career of any individual. If there is no specific issues in your case, as suggested by Aeon Career, visit them personally, explain your position and get relieved in a professional way. Bangalore is hardly 5 hours bus/train journey from Chennai. Best of luck.
From India, Chennai
Dear Ganesh,
Please send your resignation as a registered letter to the HR in question. Mention the last date of working in the letter and include a clause, that if no response is received upon 5 working days from receiving the letter, it would stand as a release document as well. Save a copy of that letter for your filling. Attach the email and the receipt of the Registered letter as a proof of your release, when you apply for a job to your next employer.
Offer every support for Knowledge Transfer and take the handover in writing from the people whom you are reporting to in the current location. Maintain all the copies of clearance forms filled and submitted to the current Reporting Managers as a proof of your release.
Many a times, the HR team might want to ignore a resignation letter to claim the attrite as an absconded. Please leave no stone unturned .
Wish you all the best !

From India, Mumbai
Dear Ganesh,
As you have told already you sent resignation letter, then you completed process from your end, if they will not complete work from their end, you need not bother about that.
1. send one more mail to your VP and HR as well Labour Commissioner.
after that you may fight with them legally. but before that read carefully what clauses mentioned in your appointment letter.

From India, Mumbai
Apart from what above members has replied, would suggest you to ask for your replacement to give proper handover so that the new person joining your place will not face any hardship, wherein they will reply, if again you are not getting reply send a gentle reminder stating your last date of working and a soft handover sheet as enclosure, lastly asking them to get you the full and final payment statement.
From India, Ahmadabad
Hello Ganesh,

Further to what (Cite Contribution), Saji & other members have suggested, your primary issue art this point of time seems to be 'how to handle the new Company?'.

Since you need to forward your Resignation mail to them & you have already resigned, just forward that mail to them....any problems in doing that?

Coming to the issues in your present Company, it surely would have been better IF you had followed-up your line "Please suggest what I need to do now....." WITH details of what DID YOU DO?

Have you tried calling the HR...like a member pointed out? And have you sent any reminder/follow-up mails, which would also give you the record of your follow-up, IF & WHEN you need it? If Yes, what was the response? IF No, why not?

Have you informed your Reporting Manager...since you are @ client-site?

Have you updated the client & IF Yes, what's the response/reaction? The client ought to be more worried than you or your HR. You can also take the client help to push for someone to be identified for KT....since that particular activity will be in his interest.

If you can close the gaps in the inputs you provided, the members would be able to give more relevant & practical & actionable suggestions.

All the Best.



From India, Hyderabad
Thankyou Sateesh for your response. Can we take this as our topic for the google hangout ? Today had received a call for a similar case between two best of the IT MNCs. I will arrange for the hangout whenever you are free for it.
Thankyou so much for your support.

From India, Mumbai
Sure (Cite Contribution) — why not on Friday or over the weekend? Rgds, TS
From India, Hyderabad

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