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Hi All, I'm a HR Manager who is working with an IT Infrastructure Start up Company. I'm new to the way of working in India as i lived in USA till now. I need help in maintaining Attendance for our employees who are spread across different client locations. Kindly help me.
From United States, Minneapolis

Dear Madam, Please see post about payroll and attendance management system. may be it is helpfull for you. Kalyani
From India, Pune

Dear Madam,
In your case you have to rely mostly on the employee concerned.
What you can do is to use an attendance - cum performance sheet which is to be issued to each employee in different areas. This sheet should contain information of the concerned regarding his attendance on each working day ( as also authorised leave taken during the period on dates- to be indicated against) and the work performed during the period under reference. The sheet is to be verified/countersigned by the officer i/c at the respective location. This sheet has to be used for preparation of the payroll. The information can be counter checked through the performance as also the informal input of your clients at different locations. This sheet is required to be filled up on monthly basis.
I am sure this may be of some help to you initially.

From India, Delhi

In order to track the attendance of employees you can install the biometric devices in your branches and with that you can able to track their reports easily.
We using ESSL Biometric, you can contact them for any details

From India, Bangalore

Hi Srividya
I think you should check in . They provide list of top HR software for Indian businesses. Just go there and find best attendance management HR software as per your needs.

From India, Ahmedabad

Dear Srividya,
Since the team members are client site ask them to send you the attendance on the last day of every month. As and when they take leave at client site ask them to inform you as well. Make these few things mandatory. Before you deploy them at client side make sure that they are aware of all these things.
You can mark your calendar which can remind you every month end to remind your employees to send the attendance.
You can request the client to share the attendance on the last day of the month.
Hope it helps!!!

From India, Pune

There are so many tools available for that matter. You can use time tracking tool if you want to track each employee's work and attendance. On the other hand, if you don't want to use a tracking tool to avoid misunderstanding with your employees then perhaps just send them a form they can fill up on a daily basis or weekly or monthly.
From Philippines, Cebu

Kredily is India’s only free HR & Payroll software and has been trusted by 1000+ companies. A few benefits of using Kredily Payroll software are.
Completely customizable salary structures: With Kredily you can custom create salary structures as per your organization’s changing requirements and assign them to your employees.
Clock-in & Clock-out: Track your employees in-time, out-time, breaks taken and total duration of breaks, with Kredily’s ‘Web Clock-in’ feature. You can define settings to make sure attendance is calculated only on clocking the set number of hours.
Location-based attendance: Track your employees' attendance location, when and where they clock-in to mark attendance.
Biometric integration: Kredily provides integration services with ESSL and is working on biometric integration with other major players in the industry.
Customizable attendance & leave rules: Custom define work week cycles, weekly offs, clock-in cut-off time, multiple shift rules, and manage how your employees' are assigned leave rules and how they can avail them.
Centralized data: View your company’s entire attendance log at one-place and track all your employees' attendance & leave activity.
Tax declarations made easy: We understand the hassles you and your employees have to face when it comes to tax declarations. We’ve taken the liberty to simplify the entire process for your employees to declare their investments and for you to approve/reject them.
Statutory compliant: We at Kredily understand the importance of complying with the statutory rule and have simplified most compliance functions to make your life that much simpler.
Data security guaranteed: We take data security very seriously because under no circumstance should your company’s and employees’ data be compromised. We’ve taken the necessary steps to enforce stringent security protocols to safeguard all your data with us.
UI/UX: A poor design means a poor experience. In today’s tech-savvy world, a poor experience means an inevitable death of the product. It’s essential that the software you choose is intuitive and easy-to-use not just for you but for all your employees as well. After all, you wish to make your life simpler using tools to automate your tasks not get lost in the clutter of a poor design.
Support/Implementation: HR is a critical function for any company. Right from managing employees to running payrolls, a small error could often have a cascading effect. It is important that any software you choose provides you with the initial help to implement the software for your organization and support you through your journey till you’re well versed with the software.

From India, Bengaluru
EndtoEnd HR

You can use TalentPro's Leave & Attendance management tracker to track your employees leave records. TalentPro's Attendance & Leave tracker is an efficient software that will simplifies the complex task of HR admins to handle employees leave efficiently.
From India, Chennai
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