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An ppt on "Introduction to OD" has been attached with this post. Regards Sankuraj
From India, Gurgaon

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Hi , Thank u so much for sharing. I would like to share a ppt on action research which very important part OD. Regards Khushboo
From India, Bangalore

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Hi Sankuraj ,
I really appreciate your initiative. N I had shared your PPt with my collegues and they have requested to me to thank you on their behalf.
:) :) :)
:D :D :D :D
Keep up the gud work,,,n plz keeping sharing !!!!
I am eagerly waitin for some more PPT's on OD frm ur end.
:wink: :wink:
Thanks & regards

From India, Bangalore
Dear All,

Thank you for all your material and information that you posted on CiteHR.

I am attaching my Team Building Module for your reference. Most of it is compiled using the material i found on this site.

Appended below is the flow of the 2 day module.


1. Opening Activity - Participants are divided in groups of 4-5 and asked to drink water without bending their hands. (The solution is to feed each other).

2. We discuss what happened in this exercise emphasizing the importance of each other. It is important to underline that there are situations in which we have the talent, ability, will power to perform a task, we have all the resources and even the time but still we cannot perform our tasks without help of others.

3. There is an Introductory Questionnaire given to the participants (attachment: Handout 1)

4. We discuss the importance of team and read and understand the definition of TEAM.

5. We give the participants a TEAM Questionnaire to fill up which will help them understand in which stage their team is. Ideally, for this questionnaire, the teams within the team sit together. For example, if the training is for All India HR team, the West HR team sits together, the South HR team sits together and they discuss every question amongst themselves and then write their rating point.

6. There is a game of Victory Towers. The following instructions are given:

a. In this game, the participants are divided into groups of 5-6 each and they are given unlimited amount of newpapers, scissors and tape.

b. The teams are given 10 minutes to choose their leader. The leader decides, directs and leads the team.

c. They have to make a stable and tall structure of the paper but they cannot cut the newpapers and they cannot stick the tape to the ground.

d. This task may last for about an hour.

7. We discuss the activity. How the team members and the leader percieved each other?

8. Life Cycle of Team Formation and link it to the game of Victory Towers.

9. Activity: Shrinking Carpet

Arrange a carpet or newspapers large enough for the entire team to stand on comfortably. Then go on folding the carpet. People who fall out are out of the game. (The solution is that the participants should hold each other.)

10. We discuss this activity. In this activity, we learn to stay together and perform with minimum resources.

11. Writing Exercise:

Everyone is asked to write answers to 2 Questions (attachment: Handout 3)

12. We discuss their expectations and contributions.

13. Activity of Broken Squares. In this activity, the participants are divided into group of 6 each. In the group, 5 members make the squares while one is the observer. He keenly obseves the group according to the guidlines given to him (attachment: Handout 4). The teams are given the following instructions:

a. You have to make a sqaure using all the pieces given to you.

b. In the entire exercise, you cannot communicate with any members either verbally or non verbally.

c. You cannot ask for pieces from any member.

14. We discuss this acitvity after they finish based on the observer's and participant's observations. I am attaching the designs for broken sqaures. In this activity, 5 squares are divided into 3 pieces each. 5 squares make 1 set. You have to shuffle all the pieces and randomly put 3 pieces together before giving it to the participants. The solution to this activity is that participants have GIVE away their pieces because they cannot ask for pieces. This will bring out how reluctant teams are to share their resources. It may happen that someone makes his square and then withdraws from the group. But for all to make their squares, some would even require to break their sqaures and give away their pieces.

15. Trust Fall. In this game, a member jumps down from a certain height and all other participants catch him safely. This game is to be under strict supervision and make sure that the first aid is kept ready in case of any unfortunate incident.

16. We discuss the activity, how the participants felt while jumping down and while catching the person.

17. We share the new Hare & Tortoise story that highlights the importance of Teamwork.

18. We sum up the activities by listing down the points of Building a Good Team.

------------------------------END OF DAY 1-------------------------------


1. We begin with summarizing Day 1.

2. We introduce Good to Great concept.

3. Activity:


a. Everyone stands with their legs apart.

b. They are asked to lift their RIGHT LEG, bend it in the knee and move their leg in a CLOCK WISE direction.

c. When the participants are comfortably doing it for few seconds, ask them to lift their RIGHT HAND in the air, their index finger pointing upwards. At the same time they are still moving their leg.

d. Now ask them to draw a 6 in the air.

e. There will be a little confusion but they will manage to do it.

f. Now while they are doing it, ask them to concentrate on their leg, it is now moving in the ANTI-CLOCK WISE direction.

4. While discussing this activity, we must highlight the fact that the leg was moving fine in the CLOCK WISE direction, then the hand started moving in the ANTI CLOCK WISE direction (while drawing 6 in the air) and so the leg also moves in ANTI CLOCK WISE direction. This means, the top (HAND) has the power to change the bottom (LEG) in the organization. This can be done effortlessly by an EFFECTIVE LEADER (HAND).

5. Discuss Good and Bad Leadership qualities. Ask the participants to jointly discuss and make a list.

6. Introduce the 1st concept of Good to Great; Level 5 Leadership.

7. Tell the participants the old story as follows:

There was an old farmer who was very ill. He had four sons who used to manage his farm. They always had arguements and fights. Many a times, other farmers, money lenders used to take advntage of thier weak relationships between each other and used to dupe them. While the farmer lay on his death bed, he called all his sons and gave them a stick each. He asked them to break the stick. All the sons easily broke the stick. Then the farmer gave them a bundle of sticks, tightly tied with a rope and asked them to break it. All the sons tried one by one but couldd not break the bundle.

Thus, they realised the power of being together and working as a team.

8. While discussing this story, explain that it is very important to be together as a team. But only being together does not work. Having right people together is very important. If there is even 1 weak stick in the bundle, it could break, loosening the bundle.

9. Introduce the 2nd concept of Good to Great, First Who, then What.

10. Activity: SWOT Analysis (attachment: Handout 5). Also ask them to write 3 qualities that the participant does not have but his team members have.

11. While discussing the SWOT Analysis, focus on the Weaknesses. The participants have to accept their drawbacks.

12. Introduce the 3rd concept of Good to Great, Confront the Brutal Facts.

13. Tell the participants the following story:

There was a fox and a hedgehog in a forest. The hedgehog has thorns on his body like a porcupine. Whenever it senses danger, it uses the thorns to save itself. The fox wanted to make the hedgehog, its prey. So the fox makes a detailed plan, keeps a watch on the hedgehog and notes down the timings when it goes out of its cave, when it comes back, etc. The fox makes a detailed strategy of how and when to attack the hedgehog.

On the scheduled day, the fox takes his poistion when the hedgehog is passing and is about to pounce on it. As soon as the hedgehog sensed danger, it simply rolls itself into a ball and puts out the thorns for its safety.

The fox notices the thorns and cancels the attack.

14. Introduce the 4th concept of Good to Great, Hedgehog Concept. The basic underlining theme is, sometimes, simple plans work rather than complex strategies.

15. Introduce the 5th concept of Good to Great Culture of Discipline

16. Introduce the 6th concpet of Good to Great, Technology Accelerators.

17. Sum up all the concepts.

18. Activity: Human Knot.

In this activity, all the participants stand in a circle. Each one holds the right hand of the person standing in front of him with his left hand and hold any person's left hand randomly. Nobody holds both hands of the same person or of the persons standing on either sides. Without leaving hands, all the participants shoulddetangle themselves.

19. Closing Activity: Pat on my Back!! (attachment: Handout 6)

In this activity, everyone sticks the handout on his back and all the other participants write 1 good thing about that person. So if there are 30 participants in the program, he takes away 29 things people like about him !!

20. Collect all the handouts excpet the Pat on My Back. Ask the participants to fill up the Personal Information Sheet.

-------------------------------END OF DAY 2------------------------------

Suggestions are always welcome!! :-D

From India, Mumbai

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