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With the Vishaka Guidelines being implemented , we need to have a set policy and procedure related to Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Workplace.
My question for seniors is, how does one create awareness about this topic. Something "APART" from organizing a training/sensitization workshop or simply sharing the info about this legislation or displaying info on notice boards!
No! is there any other way? Any PPTs or creative and informative way of disseminating this info among employees? Any videos or puzzle? I don't know ..anything but the usual?
Pls share how you are increasing awareness about it at your workplaces? Generously share if you have inputs or info! :)

From India, Delhi

Dear Vineeta,
Creating awareness & writing the policy is the easy part. You would need people who have an intent to prevent sexual harassment at the workplace. That's the difficult part.
Warm regards,
Ajay Chaudhari

From India, New Delhi

Dear Ajay,
I do understand your point. That's exactly why i have asked this query,as to how i can involve the staff by sensitizing them in a creative manner (apart from workshops and interactive discussions). If you happen to have any PPTs or nice write up on this then it would be awesome!
Thanks for replying!

From India, Delhi

This is a normal experience with any information for staff consumption that Circulate it - they will read and forget. but do not remember Teach it - they will remember but may not understand it. Involve them -they will understand and follow what they understand Looking to your enthusiasm to try some thing novel to educate staff on the subject, may I suggest you to try thinking of enacting a play of an hour duration with all required characters and organise a video show of it for your staff in your meeting hall/Board room. As is widely experienced with movies and T.V shows or cricket which make people discuss the various characters and aspects of the show animatedly even after days of viewing them, people tend to involve with the story and this leaves a better cognitive effect on the staff.
In-house HR & IR Advisor

From India, Mumbai

One may create a special team who will address such issues. The team may consist of both men and women. Care should be taken that a bias decision makers are available.
Purpose is to ensure safety and awareness and hence a proactive approach is required rather than reactive.
And email can be created for those who wish to alert the hr team if any employee faces this problem and to tackle this problem very delicately.

From India, Mumbai
Yogesh Borude
Hi Vineeta, do checkout the sneak peek of Anti sexual harassment @ this e-learning employee awareness module, helps share different case studies, quizzes and is very interactive and engages with users. Thanks. Viji
From India, Kolhapur

the opening of the communication can be general information like values of the company and so on. But towards the end reference must be made about penal provisions under the Act.
The Act mentions that every org must have its own policy and it should be widely circulated. The Act has recognised prevention of covert / overt sexual advancement towards visiting females in all-male org also.
Hence besides other means of awareness, circulating policy, highlighting penal provisions will act as a deterrent for such acts, it is felt. Please read the The Sexual Harassment Of Women At Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition And Redressal) Act, 2013 and rules published later to formulate policy. Can guide for the same in its entirety.
Shrikant Prabhudesai

From India, Mumbai
G. Prakash

Hi Vineeta

Some information on this topic available on the web goes like this:

4 Key steps to be compliant with the Sexual harassment of women at workplace Act, 2013

1) Sexual Harassment Policy creation compliant to the act – detailing the Employee and Employers roles and responsibilities; Complaint and Redressal mechanisms

2)Internal complaints committee setup as per guidelines and should be equipped to handle complaints after thorough investigation and recommend actions to be taken

3)Employee awareness on the act, Complaints and Redressal mechanisms as detailed in the policy

4)Statutory reporting of the cases filed and action taken should be reported and filed in the Company’s annual report

Here is the direct link to the page:

KELP - A.S.H | Anti Sexual Harrassment

Also there is PPT explaining types of harassment in the workplace, examples and possible preventive actions.

Anti sexual harassment cbt preview

Please checkout for further clarifications.

Good luck to You

Warm Regards

From India, Bangalore

Dear Vineeta,
The POSHAWW Act has cast an obligation on the employer to create a work environment for women which is free from workplace sexual harassment which includes sensitizing the employees by organising workshops and awareness programmes for all the employees both direct and indirect. The penal provisions of the Act are to be displayed at prominent places as also the Sexual Harassment policy to be circulated amongst all. The list of ICC members with phone nos should be displayed. There should be a single point contact in each department for such grievances.

From India, Pune
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