Hey guys,
Pl help me in area of Employee Absenteeism as m facing 30% Absenteeism daily which is huge & yet m daily keeping track of employees still it is not improving each time they reply with any reason for not attending work. It is case of staff employees.
Pl suggest any other way to work on it & reduce it.
Rashmi K

From India, Jalgaon
The incidence of 30% absenteeism in a day, is not suggestive of normal absenteeism. The very fact that there is no improvement in the attendance despite monitoring it indicates that It is habitual among the employees to remain absent from the work.before deciding on any measure to remedy the situation you need to ascertain the causes for such behavior.The causes may vary. It may be cultural in the sense there is no culture permits frequent absenteeism and does not inculcate value of commitment and sincerity in the employees. It may be environmental.The work environment is depressing and not motivating. For example office politics or bad manager or rigid working hours.It may relate to job profile in that the work does not generate any interest in the employees.The absenteeism may also show some pattern. I used to observe a pattern of remaining absent on the days immediately following the day on which the salary was disbursed.Similarly in offices with a five day week work schedule, some employees find it too lazy to get to work on Monday after two consecutive days of slothing.

Therefore you need to diagnose the causes by talking to those employees who are remaining absent habitually.Thereafter you can decide on the appropriate course of action.In the mean time, you can initiate the following measures.

1)Draft policy and procedure to deal with absenteeism.

2)first call a meeting of the staff and put them on notice about your observations about absenteeism and advise them to be punctual and regular in attending office.

3) administer counselling to those that are habitually absenting.

4)If they do not show any improvement, issue them an advisory memo and cautioning them that their absence without prior sanction of leave/permission, will be treated as unauthorized and they will be liable for deduction of wages.

5) If they still persist n being abeset, issue them a show-cause notice and if their explanation is not satisfactory, issue them a letter of censure/ warning as per your policy.

6) The nest step will be initiating disciplinary action by issuing charge-sheet and conducting inquiry and passing appropriate penalty as per tour standing orders/ rules/policy

Thus you can proceed to deal with it stage by stage from the administrative point of view while simultaneously undertaking initiatives to deal with systemic causes like proper culture and environment building and employee engagement to motivate employees etc.



In-House HR & IR Advisor

From India, Mumbai
Dear ,
thanks for valuable guidance. M personally talking with all employees & they are facing problem with Working environment inside plant.How i could put in front of management as it is not visible factor???

From India, Jalgaon
When the effect(absenteeism) is visible, you must have figured out the cause for a bad work environment in the plant.The cause may not be seen but can be felt. You can discuss with your management about it and see what prudent steps can be taken.to correct it.
In-House HR & IR Advisor

From India, Mumbai
Dear Rashmi,
The subject comes up for discussion time and again. You may check my reply to the past post. The link is as below:
Do the analysis of that 30% absenteeism. Come up with your analysis and action plan to tide over the analysis. Productive suggestions can be given thereafter.
All the best!
Dinesh V Divekar

From India, Bangalore
Dear Rashmi,

I have no information about your Estt., its size, manpower, nature of business, surroundings & environment etc. However -

Friends have given you good suggestions. I may add, you might have some difficulties in putting across your observations into the causes of habitual absenteeism due to various reasons, may be your immediate boss is placed in a high position that it's not possible for you to approach him/her directly and so on. I have a suggestion, you take this aspect as a project of your own, collect responses sheets filledin by such of those concerned by hand, analyse the data, disseminate, categorise, and I'm sure you'll get revealing results from these data, a sample survey like. Place the report for consideration of your HOD/CEO together with your suggestions & recommendations which would be practical to implement whilst effective in short run and long run as well. Alternatively, if you are tightly placed, process a proposal to hire Industrial Engineers who are known for the task like NPC and entrust the matter to them. Many a time managements whole heartedly accept comments and suggestions comingforth from outside by incurring a cost rather than accepting suggestions coming up from rank & file in house. Try it out.

From India, Bangalore
Hi Rashmi,

Hope you had got lot of information, how you can go proceed further in controlling Absenteeism issue that you have come across..

all the Suggestions and measures that all have provide is absolutely correct,

But we can not implement same course of action to all the set of industries we work for..

It differs industries to industries and employees to employees that we are working with,

Exp: The employees we face in IT industries are different from the employees we face in Factories .

And the actions that you take on the employees would also differ, you can not be the same with employees working in Factories and other industries.

great tat you follow the suggestion given our dear friends,

Ultimately Its depends upon the work environment that we have created for the staffs, there should fun and work together make an employee feel good about working there, come out with few Employee engagement Activities, make staff get busy in some knowledge based activities, carry out some team building sessions, spend more time with staffs on the shop floor or office. come out with R&R and have regular meeting with staffs council them what all the benefits and growth etc.

I think this very general, but it will work out.

All the best,

From India, Bangalore
We have 40% absenteeism in our unit. The main causes are:

1. Cultural: Local people are lethargic. Alcohol consumption is in their culture.During marriage season or harvesting period, it increases tremendously.

2. Educational: Education level is poor and they do not understand the consequences of unauthorized absenteeism.

3. Work environment: It is underground coal mine and working condition is tough. Little can be done to improve the working condition due to inherent nature of underground mining.If they are allowed to remain in surface , their attendance improves tremendously but it will affect coal production and ultimately the industry.

Steps taken to control it:

1. Counseling: Every employee is counseled who absents from duty.

2. Disciplinary action: Disciplinary action are taken and penalties imposed against absenting employees.

3. Motivation: We have various reward schemes for employees having good attendance. We have good welfare measures comparable to the best in the industry.

Pl. suggest any other measures to control authorized absenteeism in a situation like this.

From India, Pune

Before attending to your problem, let me know the details of your establishment, viz. industry/sector, size of the organization,
brief details about organizational structure, organogram, your reporting relationship etc.
R K Nair

From India, Aizawl
Dear Rkn61,
I'm talking about Coal India Limited, the largest coal producing company in the world. Our unit is an underground coal mine having 650 employes in roll. Its a watery mine having ventilation problem.The mine runs 24x365 days of the year. Mine is managed by mining engineers with due following of safety rules of Govt. authorities. If any other thing you want to know pl. clarify.

From India, Pune

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