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Dear All,
Wanted to have a feedback in general over 360 Degree Appraisals in an organisation. How easy or how difficult does it become for an Individual to do a 360 Degree Appraisal.
1. Does it eat up a lot of time ?
2. Are the 360 Reviews really worth the meaning if they are only conducted every quarter or Half Yearly.
3. Do you end up filling tons and tons of subjective Questions for Every Employee and eventually get bored and just want it to end. ?
4. What if the 360 Degree Appraisal is more Easy than you thought it would be ?
5. What if the 360 Degree Appraisal is round the year and is not just per quarter or just 2 times in a Year.
6. What if the 360 Degree Appraisal Helps your Identify as an Early Warning System to the HR that there is a problem between Employees.
7. What if the 360 Degree Appraisal lets the employees rate people approx every day?
Let us know your thoughts on the Same ? We welcome all to share their experience and thoughts here.

From India, Mumbai
Dhung HR Services

1. Does not take too much time. But definitely takes more time than a one-way feedback system.

2. Yes. The more frequently you take 360 feedbacks, the better it is for employees. After all, 360 degree feedback is meant for the development of employees.

3. No. You should put only the relevant questions for each employee. Questions can be customized from employee to employee and also as per the requirements of the organization. We provide 360 degree feedback tool where questions, language and other features can be customized as per the requirements of the employees and the organization.

4. Yes, implementation of 360 degree feedback is very easy. Our company provides easy-to-implement 360 degree feedback tools to companies for developmental purpose of the employees as well as for the development of companies.

5. 360 degree feedback should be conducted quarterly or at least half-yearly to make it more effective. If you do not conduct 360 degree feedback frequently, employees may forget their 360 degree feedback results and may deviate from their respective action plans also.

6. No. 360 degree feedback results are basically used for developmental purpose of the employees. Once, the areas for improvement have been identified, the corresponding action plan is suggested to the employees for improvement. The action plan suggested is very logical and achievable. Suggested action plan is not something superficial.

7. Rating employees everyday on 360 degree feedback system is definitely not advisable. People will start getting bored and consider this as a waste of time.

If you are interested in a 360 degree feedback tool, we can help you. As you know, 360 degree feedback is an internationally adopted practice for improving employee competency levels and thereby the profits of the company. We generally provide easy-to-implement 360 degree feedback assessment tool, recruitment and other HR solutions to a lot of companies across India, UAE and in the US. You can contact us on .

From India, Delhi

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A 360 degree performance appraisal is an evaluation of an employees job performance by all those around him/her. It involves analysis of their recent successes, failures, strengths and weaknesses in suitability for promotion or further training. A 360 degree appraisal also involves self assessment by the employee.
Employee performance evaluations are a standard aspect of managing employees and are a key factor in decisions about promotions and salary increases.
A 360 Degrees Performance Appraisal is an arrangement or practice in which workers get confidential, unspecified feedback from the individuals who work around them. This system has four major integral components which include: self appraisal, superior's appraisal, subordinate's appraisal and peer appraisal. This process is also known as Multi-rater Feedback.
The Halogen Software (Strategic Talent Management) is an excellent center of Feedback system.

From India, Bhubaneswar
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