Helo All,

I am new to this thread and wanted to share my personal problems here hoping to get a solution.

I am working in a Govt sector with having more than 20 yrs of service. My life changed 6 yrs back. I was diagnosed as a cancer patient and am still on medications. Recently there are so much work pressures and basically am an innocent person who doesn't talk much in my office, so they try to drag more work from me . when I am over pressured my health conditions becomes bad. I feel that there is a discrimination as well in work place.Now I am undergoing mental stress and coudlnt sleep for past 1 week because of which my health is getting bad.

I took leave just for a day for which my senior officer had sent me a memo.When I was over loaded with work I explained my illness to my higher authority but till now am helpless.I am totally stressed and I dono whether is there any legal action that could be taken .Does the law support for such cancer victims.

Kindly help me to handle this situation in office. How should I proceed? Kindly help me with law..

From India, Chennai
I am still awaiting for your help and guidance. Kindly advise me how to handle this situation ..
From India, Chennai

Learning & Teaching Fellow (Retired)
I am rather surprised at the behaviour of your bosses that too in a Govt organisation. I am sure someone in India will reply to your message soon. You have not mentioned what type of "discrimination" may be going on. Kindly give more details about the size of the organisation and your role in it, etc. More the information you give about the scenario better will be the solution that people will suggest.
From United Kingdom
sir thanks a lot for your reply.. I really feel bad about my situation and feel really helpless. When i mean the word discrimination ..I feel the way they look at a patient . I really feel bad to say about my situation . And still hoping if any law could favour me.
From India, Chennai
Dear Sir,
Kindly keep your top boss (appellate authority) informed of the discrimination with a request to address it. Or
if you have a Union in your Union kindly take their help or
Approach the local MLA or MP or any other political people to help you or
Present your case to your next boss, when he is alone or in his house, in such a way that he is convinced of the discrimination and get his sympathy or
Consult an advocate dealing with labour tribunal and/ or administrative tribunal. cases, to consider your handicap (cancer) and get the benefits that may be available to handicaped persons.

From India, Mumbai
Dear sir, i sympathise with your situation. My mother is a govt employee too, and from what I understand working in govt is also becoming quite difficult and tiresome; unlike how it was perceived a few years back.

Pls allow me to be devil's advocate here. while I like your username, I find the usage 'victim' of cancer slightly problematic. You should look at yourself more like a survivor than a victim.

Coming to your problem, there are many people, less fortunate who expect equal treatment at workplace; despite having some issues while performing the task. I don't claim to understand your pains and what toll this disease has taken on your health, but if you could do your work to the best of your abilities, perhaps someone might relent and let you off the hook. The unfortunate truth is that many times, employees are not looked at as humans but just work machines. The best way would be to hang on, do your work, talk to colleagues and superiors and hope that things will get better.

From India, Mumbai
Dear Concerned,
Myself also gone such kind of situation but I consulted only GOD who whispered thru my inner voice. that inner voice conveyed me to be sincere in your duties whatever you can do within office timings just continue without any fear. Definately I felt lonely and alone but this isolation brought me a deep silence and a unique peace of mind which I could not experience if i am not tortured by my office colleagues or seniors. This could happened only with the grace of GOD who gave me the divine strength, self confidence and ultimate will power. By looking this uniqueness in me, all people torturing me went back and started their own job. Today no body is disturbing me and i am living a happy and peaceful life which could have been possible just by BLESSINGS AND GRACE OF GOD. You should call your GOD with bottom of your soul and heart, he will give you the answer and strength thru your inner voice.

From India, New Delhi
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