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Dear All, I am with one of the Engineering firms whose employee size is 400. We are initiating One Forum to Learn about employee issues and get feedback on the current work environment. Company employees are vexed with the Exit or separation process(Current Practices) that management follows. We are trying to know the major pulling and pushing factors of company. Even though it is a public limited company the legacy of old employees and management is continuing by not adopting to external competitiveness.We are building a team of 20 employees(Open forum for discussing any work related issues and One senior and Junior HR's are part of that for listening to employee issues) from various department and we decided to meet them formally for understanding their issues.Is that possible to know employees grievances through this forum ?. Can you give some inputs for how can we build rapport with employees for understanding them.
Early replies are highly appreciable.
Thanks and Regards,

From India, Hyderabad

You need, in my opinion, a 'Grievances & Complaints Help Desk' and enable employees to post on-line their points/ suggestions/ complaints/ recommendations. Some one has to analyse & send a reply to each input received on the Help-Desk. And if you have an automated process in place, you can consolidate & act faster.
Creating Open Forums to listen to grievances of people is sometimes a tricky process to manage. Though it can help in releasing some pant up emotions, but there is an inherent danger of uniting people on issues which impact on budgets & may thus not be palatable to the management.

From India, Delhi

HR is also a part of management and the workers may not be freely willing to air issues in formal meetings. B K Bhatia has rightly pointed out the dangers of uniting people on issues, when discussed in a general forum.
In a company that I worked for, in the UK, we had a suggestions box into which people could put their views (anonymously if they chose to). The responses were analysed and ranked and feedback was given in the internal bulletin.
May we kindly know whether you have a union or unions representing the workers or is there any move to form a union by the workers? If so, soliciting views like you intend to do may run into problems.

From United Kingdom
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Dear Anil,
Can we discuss this over a phone call ? There are lot of things to be taken care of before you start.
You need to identify atleast 3 issues, that you would want to address through these forums and then start planning towards it.
Building engagement is a long term program .
You can plan for help desk , where employees can get answers individually.
You can plan for focus group meetings, where you identify attendees and brainstorm on the solutions to the problem they face.
The final one is the Townhall , where you invite all your employees to attend and request one of your top leaders to address the common concerns.
There are lot of drill downs that we need to plan . Lets take one thing at a time and plan for it.

From India, Mumbai

Dear Anil, So your endeavour is to make your organisation adapt to the changing environmental factors as well as to identify the vexing factors of your employees. Having an open forum would work and you would be able to get valuable insights. I must caution you, as the novelty of this wears off the employees will look back to see if it has really made any difference. If there is no perceptible improvement in the state of affairs, things will further deteriorate. So, this is not to be seen as one off experiment but a deliberate intervention strategy guided to organisational rejuvenation. Another important step is the committment of top management. Such steps would lack the force unless the top management is committed and is seen so. So, as suggested by (Cite Contribution) this is to be viewed as a long term programme.
From India, Bhopal

Dear all seniors,
With respect to all your suggestions, I would like to add that Questionaire method, though its old one, but one of the best method adopted for survey. you can have list of basic and normal way of questions drawn. calculate and divide on the basis of their views. no need to make it complicated. just make it simple way. it will be helpful to understand their mindset, interest level, their emotions and feelings, motivational level, perfomance efforts and rewards.
Kindly seniors can you please suggest me some of these types of surveys or releated to this any kind of freelancer, part time job in Dubai.
Kalpana Raghavaprasad

From India, Madras

Pl. conduct work and personal life balance /Quality of work life programs
Employee assissted programs(Counselling)
Psychologist & Corporate Trainer since 1983
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From India, Madras

Dear Anil,

I am not able to understand the underlying motive for creating another Forum, when The Industrial Disputes Act,1947 already provides for the Works Committee under Section 3, whose main duties are inter alia to comment upon matters of common interest or concern, where there full scope for discussing any work related issues or their grievances. Since you have mentioned that your Engineering Firm is a public limited company, then I am sure, you must have implemented Joint Consultative Machinery (JCM), which is another good Forum to discussed all general as well as work related issues. Vide an amendment Act of 24 of 2010, the Central Govt has also added Chapter II B for formation of a "Grievance Redressal Machinery". Since yours is an Engineering Firm, you must have Safety committee or Production Committee etc with you, where all works related issues can be discuss or the feed back can be sought for.

I fully support Sh BK Bhatia for his views that creating an open Forums to listen to grievances of people is sometimes backfire creating an unruly scenes,which become difficult to control as a result, the whole objective is vitiated. I am of the opinion that in Open Forum more subjective issues are raised instead of common issues. Rest is left to you.

BS Kalsi

Member since Aug 2011

From India, Mumbai
Dear, Members

In my opinion, Weekly employee meetings are advised in order to address concerns raised by staff members with management and promote improved organizational growth.

In these meetings, every grievance may be handled methodically, and the group can come up with ideas for fixes while HR is in charge. The organization's ability to communicate and solve problems together can be greatly enhanced by evaluating and quickly reacting to every piece of feedback that is received. This proactive strategy creates a more favorable work atmosphere by guaranteeing that employee complaints are swiftly handled.

From India, Noida
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