The article is excellent. There are so many stories which are not coming to light. Eventhough people had an idea to serve the nation, the other wing of politicians don't allow them to do so. Many a time this is causing frestation and as a result of frustation brain drain the good old concept.

From India, Adilabad
Great post..
...need to teach these politicians a lesson....the problem is when you reach out to the polling booth to caste your vote....some one all ready does everywhere corruption and illegal activities...I strongly believe ..we should atleat have a bench mark to be elected as the MLA's and MP' should be IAS be a MLA or MP..then only we can have a good our country...

From India, Srikakulam
Sure!!! what we have derived from this real saga of life is we have to pay back what we get, Mr Narayanswamy has truly paid back all the government and its people have invested.However he needs to pursue his passion of justice.
From India, Madras
Human Resource
I say I am proud of my country for its rich heritage and culture ...........and at the same time I am ashamed of the political standards and there behavior knowing all this we still we give votes to such people who don't even know how to serve the nation. I don't say all are the same but I say most are the same.
It is all in the hands of the Youth whether they will stand against truth and honesty to be a true indian and live with pride or bend in front of such mean people and life a shameful life.

From India, Hyderabad
well it is not only tru with i.a.s but in every area of public dealing it only requires. inner strength to neutrilse spinless politician
From India, Bharat
H.R manager
Hello Anita
Raju Naraynaswamy has defied the age old beauraucratic rule of becoming a puppet in the hands of unscruplous politicians, ( His intention was laudable for giving back to society the benefits of his education, AFTER ALL HE TOO IS A HUMAN BEING HE SHOULD QUIT IAS AND EITHER JOIN ANY RESEARCH INSTITUTE AS HE IS A GENIUS ,( OR START UP A S/W COMPANY PROMOTING LINUX) THUS SHOULD BE A BEFITTING REPLY TO THE POLITICAL SHENAIGANS,

From India, Kochi
All I can say is HATS-OFF, in-fact we have many Narayanaswamy's in India trying to change the system but unfortunately they become the victims so either they have to change or they will be changed.. If we go deeper its a question of every individual in this republic India have to think. To be honest when we read such messages, we are getting so emotional and just post our views rather than working on the basicis. These are the factors which keeps the youngsters away from politics even if they intend to get in. If we are looking for changes the way we want, i think its time that we respond rather than react to situation because that can provide solutions. Jai Hind.

I could think of this Quote by John F. Kennedy - Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe to assure the survival and the success of liberty.

From India, Coimbatore
heart touching story...
gud ..but there is one phrase and .that is .. "without hindrance . wht's the meaning of life.?". So do the Best Of BEst you can.. And rest of all leave will managed by God... you do the right things.. you get the benefit of this by god in the hereafter.

From India, Jodhpur

Finance,Technology,HR & Law
It is a shame our society does not want people like him.
Ms Anita, you have forgotten Mr T N Seshan, the giant who humbled politicians with his position of CEC (which was a considered an unimportant post till he occupied it) . Where is he now?

From India, Bangalore
Ms. Anitha,
I salute Mr. Raju Narayana Swamy IAS,
I just want to convey my thanks to Ms. Anitha who wrote about Mr. Raju and have wonderful information about a great person.
Abdul Nassar N V M
Doha, Qatar
It's indeed sad to observe that after 39 body took the pain to comment.
The question remained unanswered.

From Qatar

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