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Good Afternoon Everyone.
Currently i'm working in a Japanese MNC as a Asst. Ext. Hr& Admin.
But my loose point is that my communication is very down .I Am not fluent in English . So Please give me suggestion how can i improve my english. please provide me any notes.
Miss Ridima,
Just u have do easy tasks like ..reading English newspapers,novels ,trying to think in english instead your mother-tong language .OR if this is not possible to you then go for any classes
Hello Miss Ridima,
English is an easy language to learn. Since it is not your first language, you need to practice a lot. Like Mr. Govind S. said above, you should try to think in English. Read English Newspapers; Times of India or Indian Express or any other. Subscribe to one of those papers. Carry a dictionary with you. You can buy a mini pocket dictionary English-Hindi or English-Your mother tongue. Whenever you feel you do not understand any word, look up in the dictionary. Try to speak in English with your colleagues in the company where you work. Watch English news channels. If you are on any social networking sites like Facebook, try to chat with your friends in English. To learn English, you have to get surrounded by English. Don't feel disheartened if someone mocks at you or criticizes you. Be ready for criticism. Practice, practice and practice.. You will surely learn.
Boney Sharaon
Hello Ridima,
Very easy step, daily you watch the news your own language and the same time you have to watch the English new. It will help to understand.
Read any english news papers loudly daily minimum half / one hour.
Speak in english boldly if right or not wherever chances are there.
1. News Papers are the best source.
2. Find some old books at your home of your career or of your younger brothers and sisters in family. You will find some interesting words which you had ignored.
3. Spend atleast one hour in front of TV and watch debates and English News of Indian Channels or if you have interest in business, watch CNBC 18 etc.
4. Try to teach younger student in your neighborhood (tuition) even it is free. You will also learn from them. this will improve your grammar which we can not improve anywhere else.
5. Think some words of your mother tongue and try to find their English and try to use them in routine. Internet is the best of bests source for this purpose.
6. Last but difficult- when you are alone, speak in front of a mirror, this will reduce your hesitation and shyness in speaking English.
First and foremost, attempt to talk to your family members and friends in English. Initially, you will hesitant and shy. Get rid of that feeling, because you should be strong in your conviction that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE IN THIS WORLD. What one requires is the resolve to achieve his or her goal in life. English alphabet has just 26 letters and all permutations and combinations occur within these letters only. Unfortunately, in English grammar, you will find more exceptions than rules. Hence, keep logic aside, just copy how others speak and write. Just simply follow. Keep practising - reading and speaking, like how a lot of suggestions have come up in the above responses. Please avoid making spelling mistakes, rather the first rule. There are options available for spelling for spell check. If you sincerely follow the guidelines, sooner than later, you will be able to communicate like others. You can also attend language classes - one way of serious, structured way of learning.

Best wishes
I My Rule to Master any New Language is HSRW = Hear .....> Speak ......> Read......>Write !
Try to Listen to as much a Good english as possible by watching BBC news & Programs.
Try to Speak in english whenever possible and check for your Mistakes or ask others to correct you, if you wish.
Read easy English first as suggested by many here eg. Daily News papers......when you come across a NEW word pl Go & look it up in a Dictionary.
-----All the Best to you.
P.N. = phonetics plays a great Part in UK English.
Happy Learning ! - Dr VSRege
Dear Ridima,
Others have given you some good suggestions. I will ask you a few questions first before giving you a link. Could you kindly tell us your background: what basic qualifications do you have and in which language did you study all the subjects in your school? What other qualifications do you have and how long have you worked? In what language do you speak with your friends? Do you have any siblings with whom you can converse in English? How large is your organization and in what language do you speak with your colleagues?
Kindly click on the links at and see which of them suits your need.

There are some nice suggestions given in the comments. I'd say the first thing is get yourself a good Grammar book. I see a number of errors straightaway in the small description you've given above. I'm just going to point out things which I see straightaway.

'Currently i'm working in a Japanese MNC as a Asst. Ext. Hr& Admin. (I'm working or currently working... To begin a sentence with 'but' is always open to debate. When you say, 'my communication is very down,' I naturally want to ask when was it up? By the way what do you mean by up and down as well. A better way to phrase it would be, ' communication is weak.' I am not fluent... Watch out for capital letters...and I's in your sentences. Loose point? Do you mean shaky?)

'So Please give me suggestion how can i improve my english. please provide me any notes.' (...suggestions how I can improve my English. Please...)

The purpose of me pointing out these, is because without a strong foundation of grammar, no matter how much you try to converse or speak, it will fall flat.

Also, when you learn new words, please use that in sentences. Make at least 3-5 sentences and start using them in everyday speech. Have one person at least with whom you can speak with in English. Read a nice book as it always helps. There are many tips and suggestions.
Free English Tests for ESL/EFL, TOEFL®, TOEIC®, SAT®, GRE®, GMAT® , get a subscription its free, you will get an email every day, spend some 15 to 20 minutes, and follow their instructions, you can start from alphabets and become a professional tutor..... of course, it depends on your interest and dedication to learn.........
All the best..........
Fluency in English speaking can only be achieved with a lot of speaking practice. Think about people around you who speak good English - most of them went to English medium schools or had an environment at home which gave them enough speaking practice.
For someone who did not have an environment which would facilitate English speaking skills, the only option is to get lots and lots of speaking (actually, conversation) practice, get over your fear of speaking wrong and become fluent.
If you want quick results, you should join the new practice based fluency programs in the market. If you do not want to spend money and are ok with taking more time, find some friends with whom you can daily converse in English and who will help you correct your mistakes in a kind way.
Dear Ridhima,
I train a lot of people on spoken English, various groups - teachers, employees etc. I have a note that I have prepared on this that would help you improve your communication and spoken English skills. Please do share your email id with me at
Dear Ridhima,
Members have given very practical and wise suggestions.
I suggest , that in addition, "listen' to new from papers like "Mint".There is this option in epaper.You just need a net connection and a computer.
This way you can listen to news in English and repeat same news till you are clear about pronunciations of words.
Then read the same news yourself to practice.
Do not worry, it is not a difficult language to learn and master.
Dear Ridhima,
Don`t lose your confident and try to make some creation at your work.
I agreed with my respected senior but my little suggestion is, you become a Cinelovers for english/non regional movie.
Tips for Cinelovers :-
when u see a movie please read subtitle of the movie, if you wish to mute tv voice then make your comminucation better early.
Abhijit Biswas
Perfection is not achieved completely by anyone in world
But if you keep chasing Perfection somewhere on the way u may catch Excellence
Dear ridhima,
one thing i wish to tell u that being the city based guy person u might hv listening, feeling the english language.
Only thing thing u to put in practice without any fear.
My suggestion is to first take any grammar book of 10th class level one and reading it from 1st page to last page. Then u write me ur feelings
best of luck
Hi Ridhima
I think there are a lot of people who practically help people achieve what you want to achieve...
Recently, my company too started taking communication skills training... We use Transaction Analysis and Systems Thinking to assist the participants learn and its extremely effective. Material is pretty proprietary.
If you have a basic requirement, please go ahead and engage one of the trainers who have responded. Its never too late to invest in yourself! If you are looking for some specialized knowledge, then you might want to consider a program like ours.
Nikhil Gurjar
022 2779 8950
Hi Ridima,

First of all, never think that you cannot do, always keep your confidence levels high.

It is very easy to speak like an expert, you just need some basics and grooming.

You will be able to speak fluently in English, just keep speaking and follow these simple tips:

1. Watch your favorite cartoons in English- This may sound childish but its really works because they use very simple and understandable language.

2. The more you listen the more you could grasp to keep listening to some movies which are in simple and plain English.

3. Watch Listen to some English songs/ Albums with lyrics displayed for few days and try to listen to them with-out lyrics and try to sing along.- This improves the listening skill which in-turn improves your speaking skill.

4. Refer primary level grammar books (6th to 10th grade) instead of high-level grammar books.

5. You may be having good friends around you, speak to them in English everyday (even though they tease you initially, they will definitely co-ordinate)

6. Read Indian English Novels initially and go for foreign author novels. And refer a good dictionary whenever you find a new word.

7.Take some case study and try to work on that.

8. Create a play with 2 or 3 characters and do that Play with your friends in English Dialogues - this is so fun doing and helps you out improving speaking skills and spontaneous speaking.

9.Watch news in English.

10. Last and very important, take a topic and speak with yourself in-front of a mirror. This gives self-motivation, improves your presenting skill along with fluency in English.

Hope you will try these tips and come-up with best results.

Wish you all the best.
Nice suggestion but please stop using all CAPS while commenting. It's totally unnecessary!
I just want to point out that while it's good to be encouraging, it's not fair to give unrealistic hopes. Someone mentioned that you can be fluent in English easily. Um..not really. I agree that English is an easy language in comparison to many of the Indian languages. However, it still needs a lot of practice to attempt perfection.
That being said, it is possible, but I strongly advise Practice, practice and more practice.
Faced the same prob.
I belong to a city where a person speaking in english in our schooling or graduation days was like showing attitude.
to overcome this communication hurdle.. So Called --- ENGLISH I joined spokem english course & i met like minded. I started watching movies & seriously i even benefitted in terms of intonation or rhythem or fluency.
Join Some international chat session is another vital help as u get new words everday which improves ur dictinary...
last thing it is not at all using ur mother tng but atleast use the learned words in english...
rgds, Sushobhan
Hi, a lot of people have given inputs, so here I go too.

1. These suggestions are from my own experience. Some may suit you, some maynot. Pls pick and choose.

2. Remember that improving English (or learning and mastering any language) is a long and continuous process and can't happen quickly.

3. U can start small- by reading papers, books etc, listening to radio and news for a short time daily

4. TV serials (Star World, Zee cafe, Comedy Central etc) are a great source of entertainment and english improvement. Disclaimer: culturally some might be a little shocking but you can stick to simple, family oriented serials. There are some that air on Comedy Central.

5. Pls get a dictionary on phone and on your PC. I suggest wordweb. Do a search and u will find this free dictionary which is very user friendly. It is available on PC and on phone.

6. Many have talked about confidence. I agree. Don't be bogged down by the pressure of learning English. Be persistent and with time you will see the improvement.
Hi Ridhima If u want to improve your english follow all the things which above mentioned and my suggestion to you speak with people in english and dnt think that ur english is nt good u cant speak etc.just speak wid everyone in english watever u know say them in english coz when u will speak wid them in english automatically they will reply in english then u will know ur self how to speak n automatically u will start to speak fluently.
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