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Dear Friends,
Is it wrong to be straight forward in an interview? (Assume that i am an interviewer) If so in what grounds...
Also is it necessary to be more people friendly when you are conducting an interview?
I would request our fellow members to give their valuable inputs... I f i am wrong i am ready to accept my fault and change myself accordingly.
Please educate....

From India, Tiruchchirappalli
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Hi Friend, Have a great day.
you have not clearly mentioned your problem. Coming to your point some people will be straight forward and they will not give any preferences to any one and there will be a right choice. But in some cases the people those who are straight forward will always expect the opponent that means the candidate to be in the same wavelength and attitude. If it matches only they will consider that candidate. Of course attitude is an essential criteria for an employee but we have to check their ability and efficiency. That can be checked when you are slightly be friendly with them. If you are little friendly talent acquisition will be an easy job and you can identify the right person for the right job.
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From India, Karaikal

Hi Gayathry,
Thanks for your inputs. Assume that management asked views on HR interview process to employees in which they got a response "If i was interviewed by him/her then i wont be in this job" . My question is how they could judge her/him by getting a limited responses also if a candidate is potential enough why do they need to have a fear. I was sitting in the panel and observed how he/she interviewed the candidate. From the HR prospective i don't find any faults in it. This is the situation kindly review this and respond back.

From India, Tiruchchirappalli

To score well in an interview, a candidate has to intelligently answer each Question, in such a manner that the next question is of his/ her own choice. Be straight forward (rather truthful) in your replies, but leave a small gap in your answer which steers the mind of the interviewer to ask the next question pertaining to the gap deliberately left by you. Your confidence increases as the interview proceeds and this technique, of steering the interview in the direction that you want, often leads to success.
From India, Delhi
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Hi Mohana,
I wish to help you here but i am at a loss to understand what you are asking.
Would appreciate if you could elaborate the exact issue you are facing. Pls don't share what is to be assumed but exact situation faced.
This will help even other members to respond

From India, New Delhi

Dear Neeraj,
Thank you so much for your interest. Let me give the exact detail.
Company's management asked views on HR interview process to employees for which they got a response "If i(employee) was interviewed by her then i would not be in a position to answer for the questions which was posted on me". My question is how they could judge her by getting a limited responses also if a candidate is potential enough why does the candidate need to have a phobia about her. I was sitting in the panel and observed how she interviewed the candidate. From the HR prospective i don't find any faults in it. This is the situation kindly review this and respond back.
Please confirm if i am clear right now. If you are clear request you to post your opinion on the same.

From India, Tiruchchirappalli


Dear M' Sundaram,

Pardon me if I didn't understand your query fully well, still I replied.

Let me say this:

1. Your management asked the responses from the candidates who appeared for one of your interviews about the HR interview process;

2. In reply the response received (one among the few received) went on like this:

"If I(employee) was interviewed by her then i would not be in a position to answer for the questions which was posted on me"

3. And you were also in the panel observing her questions (which U mean your colleague who, a lady, also put some questions to the candidates).

4. Apparently, presumably your candidates found them, her questions, extremely difficult to answer and they naturally felt but for her they would have easily bagged the job.

5. And you viewed her, your colleague's interview questions, are in order and nothing wrong;

6. And How the candidate(s) could judge her wrongly just by facing her in an, only interview she and the candidate involved.

7. And how she, on the panel could be judged by only a few responses thus received ?

Am I correct friend ? I understood your query correctly ?!

I am not sure what prompted you to raise this query. Was she under fire because of her supposedly tough questions ? Notwithstanding,

It's very much common and usual that panelists put various questions on various things. It's very much unfair, in the first place, to judge a panelist on the basis of responses from the candidate. You placed her on the panel just because she was found suitable to be in the panel. And in her wisdom she went on to put few questions (we have no information what kind of questions she raised and what were the answers or went unanswered). It is always possible even for a simple question, let it be either from the curriculum or outside, the candidate fumble. And still the candidate might found it a tough question to answer. It's all depends on case to case. It's also very common where candidates are found not upto the mark and as dejected lot simply raise some customary family matters, about college days, hobbies etc. and pause(pass) them off, in which case they might find them very easy to answer.

This candidate in question probably frightened by her startling questions which the candidate didn't prepare well and hence went rattled. And I don't appreciate your process of judging her caliber on the basis of such candidates' responses.

So I won't suggest you to unnecessarily conclude that she is a tough nut to crack or not fit to be among the panel.

By the by did she selected any candidate at all, I mean your panel ! or all went jobless as unfit !

From India, Bangalore

Great Mr. Kumar.
Thank you so much for your valuable inputs.You exactly portrayed what i meant to say. Thanks much for your understanding and reply. I haven't judged based on response what i get. Also I never used to ask about the interviewer to candidates which is highly unethical. Management asked opinion to all those who got selected. I posted this because I just wanted to know if it is right to check, if an interviewer is right at the time of interview.
Thanks once again.

From India, Tiruchchirappalli

Dear Citizen1502...I'd love to add some perspective from my experience both as interviewer/interviewee and as a trainer of effective interview techniques, however, I have read and reread your comments and I find it very hard to understand (despite the brave attempt from Loginmiraclelogistics to decipher your meaning) exactly what happened and what the issue is. Perhaps some remedial training in written communication might help...
good luck

From Spain, Barcelona

Dear Friends,
Thanks for your views and suggestions. Unfortunately i got mess with too many things and because of which this might have happened. I understand clarity is missing here. As you people suggested moving forward my postings or queries will be simple and understandable. Thanks for your guidance...

From India, Tiruchchirappalli
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