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Thread Started by #lost1973

Respected Members,

I am a sales & BD professional with over 15 years of experience. I started my career from the very basic field level (medical representative) 15 years back& worked my way up to the top management (Zonal Manager).I had worked with top MNC's & Indian houses in various capacities across various industries like pharma,finance & fmcg..In my last assignment I worked as Zonal Manager(East) with a decent CTC(11 lacs p.a.).I was associated with that company till Jan' 2010.But then I decided to start up a business of my own & so left the job. But unfortunately ,that step wasn't of much help, as my business failed miserably due to a variety of reasons.In the meantime I also came to know that the company I was last working with had been dissolved. Now,at 2013, I am desperately looking for a job ,as I am 40 already & have a family to feed. But wherever I apply ,I am getting rejected for this 3 year gap in employment or due to the fact that my last CTC was quite high & no half-decent company is willing to pay me that much for a person who is unemployed for 3 years. I have repeatedly pleaded with the interviewers that ,I am not expecting my past salary, as I also do understand, that competition is tough and highly qualified people nowadays are not getting that much. But ,that somehow is not making my case easier. Salary compromise is often looked with suspicion in HR parameters. And I can't possibly plead with HR's to give me the job because I have a family to feed &my backs are to the wall. Also ,my failed business venture is drawing more attention than my meteoric rise from a field executive to a top management rank 7 all my achievements. At this point, I should add, I am a plain honor's graduate in Science with no technical or professional degree like B.E. or M.B.A.I rose the ladder by sheer hard work. Now, some of my ex-colleagues & industry friends are advising me to fabricate(basically falsify) my resume to make the gap of employment disappear & also make all sorts of adjustments so that I can get a suitable profiling, which I am dead-against. I would rather die a beggar's death but won't compromise with facts and won't falsify my cv.Lies ultimately catch up & I may well land up in a far worse situation, professionally & legally than which I am currently now. Yet, there are friends of mine, who have falsified cv's,salary slips,appt. letters & are quite comfortably placed .I simply don't have the guts to commit such a felony & more importantly my conscience won't allow there no place for persons telling the truth?..But from a technical point of view, what would be my stance with prospective employers, if &when, I get to appear for an interview. From a personal point of view, I am going through tremendous personal & financial turmoil which is but obvious for a 40 year old unemployed man. My situation has reached such a nadir, which is not worth mentioning in this forum & I am literally counting my days. Any advise will be like gold dust for me.How do I get a job to get my family, my self-respect & more importantly my life back.I will be obliged ,if the esteemed member of this forum can address my queries & provide me with a technical answer as to how to catch a recruiter's view & come out of the interview successfully? If needed, I can attach my resume .

17th October 2013 From India, Kolkata
Dear Friend,

Why loose heart and get desperate? Your past record as a marketing person appears to be wonderful. You have excellent achievements when you were not even reached to your Forty. Some decisions do go wrong, some do not yield to expectations. But that's the life. How there can always be lush and green. There are days of summer as well as days of rain also. What I wanted to tell you that do not loose your confidence and patience. Because these are the 2 things due to which you overcome all your trouble.

Since you have decided to go for a job, go there as a job interested person and not as small businessman. This attitude certainly pays you back. You have been out of the stream for a while, and now your first task will be to some how enter in the stream. I think you are wise enough to understand these points.

I am sure, you will certainly find a good job in the very near future and in the end not only yourself but we all will be happy to congratulate you. So keep hopes and good luck.
17th October 2013 From India, Kolhapur
Dear Lost1973,
Sorry to note your predicament. How long did you work for the now defunct company? Before that where did you work? Have you kept in touch with any of your ex-companies' people? If so, have you approached them.
The worst thing that one can do is lose hope and go into depression. You are dead right that falsifying records does not help in the long run and also will give sleepless nights, especially as you seem to have a conscience that does not approve of such acts.
Kishore Kulkarni has given you sound advice and kindly follow that.
18th October 2013 From United Kingdom
Be positive in your approach as suggested in earlier post go as a job seeker and not as a failed entrepreneur.

A good potential employer will Infact see your entrepreneurship experience as a plus and not a minus.Its a manner of presentation.As you might be aware that 9 out of 10 new ventures end in failure that doesnot mean the person has there are multitude of factors that can cause a busines to fail.So here is what i prapose,

you make summary of 1)lessons you learned in last 3 yrs

2) new skills you acquired

3) do a analysis of what factors caused the failure?

what you could have done or managed better.

and so on

and talk about this when asked about in interview....

Experiences of life should make a person better and not bitter.

So try to present your profile with a positive approach.You are courageous man to have tried a new venture,many companies would be highly appreciative of that quality as they can put you in leadership roles for new ventures as you are not afraid to take new responsibilities.

So good luck to you pal.Be strong and keep trying,also make profile on to get noticed.

and last point you are not old,40 is the new 20...:)

18th October 2013 From Kenya, Nairobi
You’re Positive Points

1. Having 15+Years of experience with Sales BD with different Industry, and

2. You are Honest and Sincere, (where and you do not want to fabricate resume)

You were attempted to do business is not any big mistake. Everyone wants to grow and you tried your best, may be due to some reason you are not successful. So look for next step.

What I understand from your text is that you are losing hope on yourself; I will tell you should never lose hope. At this point of time you don’t need to add any qualification unless your job needs.

You may try following;

1. Look at resume from the prospective of Business ( as Business manager looks at anybody’s resume)

2. Highlight your achievements and capabilities,

3. Try with different job portals and consultants

4. Apply mid and senior level (from 8 Years onwards) Positions

5. Never try to convince about your failure or gap give the valid reason (if they do not believe forget it)

6. Be assertive and never plead for job, you will lose the opportunity, no business man gives job because you want, he will take only people to whom skill set and attitude matches irrespective, whether you employed or not or having rich experience or not.

7. May be you can remove your data of birth and irrelevant data from resume; try to tailor your resume for each opportunity you face.

Success there with you 

Wish you all the best


18th October 2013 From India, Bangalore
Dear lost 1973
You just need two things
1. Try to strengthen your hopes and
2. Reshape your CV. Yes, not falsify but reshape it! Falsifying means you add or subtract wrong information while reshaping means disguise all of your weaknesses in strengths. Reshaping is not illegal. It is rather adjusting your strengths and weaknesses at right place and in right words. I'd like to see your CV so that I will able to advice more meanwhile following article will tell you more about CV reshaping
Your Career Lion: Create Your Resume With Pride
19th October 2013 From Pakistan, Karachi
Dear Lost 1973,
My sincere advice is to be positive in the approach & change your ID to a pleasant one[
Now there are plenty of outsourcing agencies for recruitment, you may get a few, if you try in the net as well as our repsected members shall also guide you.
Once again I am re-iterating you to be positive & you should be proud that you are an Honours science Graduate with multi level rich experience.
As our respected member pointed out that you re-shape your CV and even if you are getting 70% to 80% of your previous remuneration, its OK means Something is better than nothing. Hope you will take it in the right spirit.
Wishing you all the best.
19th October 2013 From India, Mumbai
Place where you are stationed?
Would you be interested in giving soft skill training/teach anatomy and physiology/Pharmacokinetics and dynamics to prospective MR\'s etc.
Pl Mail yr resume and answer my queries, what is yr expectation?
19th October 2013 From India, Jhansi
Thanks Mr.Ravi,
.I am also praying for that. I am happy to join at even less than 50% of my last salary despite inflation. The idea is to get back in mainstream and get some income f lowing into the family, so that I can feed them at least with an honest man's income.

20th October 2013 From India, Kolkata
I am a certified coach and specialized in career coaching. I am willing to help.
I can conduct a few coaching sessions with you if you are based in Delhi, otherwise on skype if you are based outside Delhi. You are free to make a choice as lot of self disclosure is required during coaching sessions.
Since you are in a difficult situation at the moment, I offer you my coaching services free of charge.
All the best.
Indu Wadhwa
21st October 2013 From India, New Delhi

With your varied and rich experience I'm sure it won't take that long to find a suitable job. I'd just recommend that you try to be a little more cheerful. You after all attract, what you constantly think about and feel. Now that I've covered the psychology mumbo-jumbo, I can go ahead.

Well everyone has already listed out great points and advice.

Can you personally list out, what you're open to doing and the limits that you have personally set yourself? Have you tried any Social Networking websites to promote yourself and interact with fellow industry mates and/or recruiters. I recommend LinkedIn especially.

The three years (missing according to you), are in fact not exactly a hiatus, since you were trying to establish a business. This for whatever reason, didn't work. However, it doesn't take away from all the years of experience you've accumulated.

Please don't consider falsifying your work experience. The ramifications will be much more, with you being in a senior position. Don't give up hope, and certainly not to moan about your age!

All the best!
21st October 2013 From India, Mysore
Dear Fabcat
I have tried all social networking sites & more to promote my career & candidature. I have been knocking doors of every placement agency worth it's salt. But somehow, nothing is happening. There's not a single job-portal where my cv is not posted, similar not a single professional/other networking sites where I have tried. It's just not happening. Help me ,if possible.

21st October 2013 From India, Kolkata
Dear Not so lost anymore I hope,
As I was reading your post, I was thinking along the lines of you being a Consultant or Corporate Trainer. This is much sought after in today's work arena, and the pay is good as well. I feel with your experience, you could try this. My mother works in this capacity and it's rewarding. I will message you my details as well.
Keep up the good spirits!
23rd October 2013 From India, Mysore

I am reading this post more than 15 days from the last message

I hope you got some positives during this time.

To the best of my knowledge, marketing people are always in demand. More so in recession as they are the only ones who can rescue a company.

I would suggest you post your cv here.

May be the cv needs to be written properly.l

Seniors here can see and tell you if you need to make changes.

Second, most employers will not consider the 3 years gap as unemployed. You were not employed but self employed. Consider that when you apply for a new job. In your cv show this period as working for xyz company (the actual name of your business, not a fake one). During interview you need to tell them that you decided not to continue being self employed as you wish once again to work within the support system that a large organisation creates and that you are finding it difficult to focus on your mail selling skills being bogged down by too many other requirements (eg business development, hr, tax, collection, banking). That would be a very good reason to return to job.

Do not put your CTC in the cv.

When asked focus in your earning level in business as the level you wish to earn or that how much you need to have a comfortable life in the city. Avoid discussing your CTC in previous job on the grounds that it was 3 years ago and too many things have changed after that. When talking of how much you earned in business, stress the last of income stability as the reason for wanting to get back to job.

You need to project that you are not aspiring to get back to the earning levels of your hey days. Most prospective employers would be considering that and thinking you will leave after 3 moths when you get another job. You need to convince them that it won't happen
9th November 2013 From India, Mumbai
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