Dear Members,
Today is one of my worst day in the professional life. The reason is because of me two of my best friends and colleagues have got bad name for time being and got the feedback from their seniors. I am very upset with this and i want to quit the Job. The reason being simple according to me their is no mistake from me or my friends but they are being fixed by other employees. Now my decision to quit is one i am not finding any growth in this company and also because of this incident where others should not suffer because of me, i have decided to quit. Friends i may have not told you the full reason but still i want you views about my quitting the job. Kindly suggest me...........
Amith R.
24th September 2007 From India, Bangalore

Amith R Murthy
Hr Executive
Megha Gautam
Hr Executive
Ranjana Chaturvedi
Head Hr/admin
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Hi Amit,
reading this i can undestand your situation, but don't take any decision without thinking. as you are saying that your friends are got bad name because of your sinple mistake or something.
What my suggestion is, if you really want to quit the job do that, but before that have a chat with your seniors and explain the situation and ask apology and tell them that your friends are not responsible for your mistake. that will save your friends job and your seniors may forgive your mistake.
What will you do if you get the same problem in another company.always we need to think before taking decision for qutting.
Hope my suggestion will help you..
24th September 2007 From India, Hyderabad
Hi Anil,
Thanks a lot for your suggestion. I would like to make it clear that no one has done any mistake here and to be more clear it is just the matter of the time now for which i need to sustain this unwanted pressure and to be more specific i am worried about other facing problems may be because of me(Not to consider quitting the job in this context) and more over since i am not able to see any growth in this company i am thinking of quitting. I always think on such instances occurring in my next company.
And no one has made any mistake in this case but i wanted to know about how do me go with such cases.
Can i have views from others also..............
Amith R.
24th September 2007 From India, Bangalore
Hi Amit
Until and unless u tell the situation properly no body would be able to help u and guide u properly...
Be open,,and discuss with only one person whom u think may can guide u the best,,
Yaa one thing I would like to share apart from ur prob.is if u wanna change ur job just hunt for another job first and then leave the company becoz the situtaion is that if u leave the company at present that would be a black spot on ur carrier...stay here for sometime untill the issue settles down...meanwhile start giving interviews also,,,as soon as u find a good job for urself ,,,go ahead...
This is wat I feel...
24th September 2007 From India, Calcutta
Thanks a lot for your views on this also. I will for sure continue in the same job for coming few days and when coming to the problem it is just a matter of miscommunication that is taking place and to some extent it is matter of one trying to pull other person down coz he/she has got promoted to the next level now and this is not being tolerated by other people around. The person who is moved up is my friend........
Now i would like to know how will you handle people who are trying to do this and also who tend to believe the words of such people.....
Hope now it is clear..........
Amith R.
24th September 2007 From India, Bangalore
Well amith, chill down,,
we all are here to help you.
Just now we chatted in afternoon ,,,
well u can sure think of quitting your job, but this incident has made u think that you would quit job now and search a new job. But first cool down,, u can apply for other jobs as suggested by our members.
And this issue is common ,, pulling leg, jealousy, hatred all come with success....
Now some one in your company got promoted, and some employees did not like it ,, and were not on good terms with your friend, so these employees started pulling the leg of ur friend. Seeing this the good friends of your friend who got promoted got angry with the employees who were pulling leg, and so in this something happened and some innocent person got entangled in the web..
For time being dont apologise to anyone, support the person who is entangled in web and free him,, try your best and get the real culprit into the web by HOOK or CROOK,,
24th September 2007 From India, Pune
Thanks a lot friends. For time being what we have decide is to be silent for some days and allow the things to cool down a bit and want my friends to settle down with work in the eyes of their Senior person. I hope this will solve more than half of the problem.
By the way i need one answer from the members how one should get self motivated during such instances.
Can i have your views on this point..................
Amith R.
25th September 2007 From India, Bangalore
I need to tell you that you should try to control your emotions.I know it is difficult but as we are in HR we need to be in control of the situation.
Just think for yourself will quiting the job solve the situation.You may feel yes in the short run but I feel it is escapsim.
I feel you should relax and think with you heart and mind and solve by thinking what your deicsion would lead to either positive or negative.
Lastly to the question of beign self motivated try to think of any great personality that you admire and imagine how he/seh would have solved the problem and the you would automatically get the answer.
In the end we are all there to motivate you so be happy and say cheese now :lol:
25th September 2007 From India, Mumbai
Hi Karuuna,
Thanks a lot :) .............
Yes as i have posted in my previous post we have decided to stay silent for time being and allow the things to settle down. I hope this will certainly calm us down and also shut the mouth of people who are trying to create problem and i also believe this will close the eyes of a senior person who is believing this fools.
Keep me motivating..............
Amith R.
25th September 2007 From India, Bangalore
Dear Amit,
If you are havinig lots of job offer in your hand then i suggest you will quit. But if the same situation comes in the next company than what you do. so better to remain in the same job and develop skills to handle such situations. at this time patience is best therepy for you and at the same time you should develop your own skills to avoid such thing in future.
Best of Luck
25th September 2007 From India, Mumbai

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