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Hi all,
I am woking as a softskills trainer where I am suppose to take grammar class for students.
Grammar is important as well as vague topic for students. I did not know how to take the class interestingly especially for grammar.
Could anyone please give/share me your ideas for the same?
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Hi Giri21,
I take it that your grammar class will be in the English language.
In which case, grammar in a second language is not easy to grasp and , as you say, is a vague topic.
I suggest you make it fun and funny; use a word that sounds the same but is spelt differently in a sentence and show the difference, for example, the word THEIR and THERE.
Also , do the same with punctuation marks, for example IT'S and ITS.
An English professor wrote the words
"A woman without her man is nothing"
and asked the students to punctuate it correctly.
ALL of the males in class wrote:
"A woman, without her man, is nothing"
ALL of the females wrote:
"A woman: without her, man is nothing"
So, make your class fun with lots of examples, which you can find on the internet.
I hope the above helps.
Hello Mr Giri,

You can start with a small written exercise to your trainees.

Find out what their expectations are.

Ask them to give the title related to GRAMMAR. Give your instruction verbally.

You will be surprised to find many faltering with even the spelling of GRAMMAR.

Then there will be plenty of answers found wanting in spelling, tense, punctuation etc.

Of course make sure that no one writes his / her name in the answer sheet.

Make sure you do not attack any one while announcing

wrong answer followed by the correct answers.

In Cite HR columns there are plenty of articles highlighting the English GRAMMATICAL howlers.

They are funny and contributed by persons from all over the World. Often they are simple and self explanatory.

Please browse and keep them ready for your class.

My advice / suggestion is only one.

Ask participants to write or speak simple sentences.

Writing a simple sentence is like driving slowly when you learn

to drive a two wheeler or a four wheeler.

Once your balance is set and steady you automatically pick up speed.

Nobody teaches you to pick up speed.

That is the clue.

Hi Mr.V.Raghunathan,
Thanks for your valuable idea of making them them to write & speak.
I did searched for training activities in citehr unfortunately I end up with none and hence I had started this discussion.

Mr. Giri,
You have responded to Mr. Raghunathan, which I quote here
I did searched for training activities in citehr unfortunately I end up with none and hence I had started this discussion.
How come there is no punctuation, "did searched", no grammar..... ! God Save your Students....
Please do not mistake my comments. A Trainer's role is much more challenging than a Teacher. We stay with the trainees for a short span of time and there cannot be any room for errors. What we leave behind them in the trainees minds will be indelible. If you teach things wrongly and in case they are caught repeating mistakes, you will become the culprit. Be careful with what you write and what you train !
Best wishes
Dear Giri 21
It's very interesting to know you have the assignment of teaching English grammar. Well I agree with Mr N K Sundaram on the issue of training and teaching I wish to suggest you go through basics of English Grammar. There is a good old authoritative book on the subject by Wren & Martin. Of course the method and content for the assignment should be planned properly considering other issues like the target, group time allotted, mother tongue of the target group & their present roles / background ETC.
Wishing You Good Luck!
Bangalore 96206 19309
Hi Giri,
Here is one thought. Why is your company asking employees to learn grammar? Obviously, it's not for becoming great at literature.
It's more a functional need perhaps because they are expected to deal with outsiders.
Plain grammar for the purpose of language skills is going to take too much of time and will definitely be boring.
Therefore, as a first step, pick up a few scenarios that your colleagues get involved in their day-to-day work. Ask each of them to create about 50 sentences and get them to correct it themselves. You can then fine tune the grammar/ style and the language. This exercise can be completed in about 10 days and will push up the general standard and help your company to achieve the first part of the goal.
Once the people improve their skills, their enthusiasm too picks up momentum and "the train will go on on its own steam."
If you would like assistance with this program, shoot an Email - .
Dear NK Sundaram,
Being a soft skills trainer kindly learn how to give suggestions or criticism to a stranger in public posts so that your words may not insult or hurt others. (Hope you know the power of speech).
Thanks for your advice as well.

Dear Mr Giri,
Being a soft skills trainer, Management Practitioner and English trainer, I have conducted several programmes to different groups with various background. One of the successful tools in Language enhancement programme in English is writing, speaking and reading on various topics given a specific objective. This is a strong platform on which you can build structure of communication excellence with different levels.
Believe me .it worked consistently and produced results with active participation. Initially you will find that it would be slow but gradually the momentum will pick up. Others have given practical tips and insights. Kudos to them. Very rarely meaningful contributions are seen in this cite bearing a string of little criticism. Let us accept it. However it is slightly above the board.
Do well and all the very best.
V. Rangarajan. (Chennai)
My dear Mr. Giri,

Am sorry to note your contents. Perhaps you have not read my response in the true sense without any bias. I certainly expected these kinds of comments to my response. That is why I specifically mention that my reply should never be responded with a knee-jerk reaction, but that has exactly happened. It was not a negative comment at all, and it was a suggestion. This suggestion was made with the specific intention of communicating to wannabe trainers as well. Public forum is meant for conveying one's view points without personally attacking anybody. I think I have done this only. Day in and Day out I find a lot of such postings and we do not react to each and every posting, pointing out the spelling and grammar mistakes. We are not here for it. However, being a Trainer, the person should have been a bit more careful, when he specifically talks about a subject which itself concerns Grammar - that was double whammy. My intention not to hurt anyone but to advise them. If somebody does not want to take it in the true spirit, sorry, I cant help it. May be I can refrain from opening the mail from CiteHR itself. I see the postings only when I am free and if I stumble upon something very glaring, then I respond. Making a typographical error is something which is totally human. But, if the error is repeated, then it is not called error.

Best wishes
Dear Giri21,

I hope you and the other bloggers take this message in the right spirit. When I read your first post, I had choking feeling. Hence, I cut and pasted the same into Microsoft Word and have edited it thus.

"I am working as a soft-skills’ trainer where I am supposed to take grammar class for students.

Grammar is an important, as well as a vague, topic for students. I did not know how to take the class interestingly, especially for grammar.

Could anyone please give/share me your ideas for the same?"

I am sure some puritans can still find mistakes/errors in the above message. I do not claim to be an expert. As a part time student in the UK, I had shown my first assignment to my boss to get his views. After reading, he said "It covers the topic well"; and asked, jokingly, " Were you hungry when you wrote it?" I gave him a funny look and asked "Why?". He said, "you have missed out the definite and indefinite articles in a number of places. Please proof-read the document and insert them." He gave me a few examples. I think the problem is that we do not have such articles in the Indian languages.

Another common mistake that I have found, with a few of my Indian colleagues, is the use of double past tense. My friend says "I did told him." and "they did came yesterday.", etc.

As I wont, I searched the web and found the following site. I hope you find it useful and interesting.

The Fun of Learning English! ESL Resources for Students and Teachers found at https://www.google.co.uk/#q=making+a...ssons+humorous
I fully agree with Simhan. As I am writing this mail, I saw in a TV show, the Anchor asking a famous actress " When are you RETURNING BACK to Tamil films ?" Returning is "coming back" and hence Returning back means, Coming back and going back again... ie Double Negative.
While speaking, we can afford to commit mistakes but people look for only message and there is no way of correcting them. However, while writing a sentence in a public domain, what you say is recorded and visible for everybody to see. Therefore, it is always advisable to double check what you write before posting !!!!
Best wishes
Dear Sri NarasimhanJi,
Yet again you are back with your own way correcting and advising on this topic. Thanks a lot on my behalf and on behalf of others who are closely watching your response on different areas.
While on the subject, I am pursuing my Ph.D on a different and unique subject " Role of HR and Training on the Private security force in industries. I have presented many papers so far since 5 months. I have presented them with my insights and experience I gained in this industry I am associated with , since 10 years in leadership role handling various areas. Many academicians and industry practitioners have appreciated my topic and encouraged me to proceed further with academic point of view.
I would request you to please your share insights and thoughts on the above subject. May I request you to suggest some good literature review to support in my journey?
V. Rangarajan.
Dear Rangarajan,
Thank you very much for the sentiments expressed; I wish you all the best with your pursuit. I have no knowledge of that industry. Kindly see if the article at http://cpi-ac.ca/Discussion%20Docume...nuary%2030.pdf is of any use. There are more links at https://www.google.co.uk/#q=private+...and+role+of+HR
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