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Mr Joshi,
That is exactly what I am saying. Using of company's logo in the bio data was originally posted by someone. I am the one who is saying it is not a welcome idea.
You also seem to be on the same view.
V. Balaji

I am totally against using company's logo in the biodata by someone. Whoever wants to use company's logo in their biodata, please try to write to your (employer) and ask for permission, let's see, how many are permitting to use it.
Logo of the company is registered under patent right. As long as you are in the company, probably, building the brand image, etc. can be talked about. Who are we to use ex-company's logo. I view this as a straight "grabbing" of someone's right.
Let's not do something which is not correct in the name of being creative. If you want to be creative, create your bio data in a different format, different font, different presentation, etc. rather than using company's logo, their trade mark. Let's not call it as "creative writing" and try to justify our actions.
V. Balaji

Dear Debraj,
I will also suggest you not to engulf yourself in such activity .
In my opinion Logo is one's Trade Mark & no body is permitted to use it for personal use.And when you have effective resume, KSA ie. Knowledge Skills Abilities....then they will not be bothered about where you have worked before?They will only look for content you have written & your expertise which needs to be compatible with their requirement.

Dear All,


Good place to comment on legality of using logos.

Most of the respondents are of the opinion that it is entirely illegal to use logos in resumes. Although, they are not grossly wrong but they are not completely right either, as this is a very general perception or understanding of terms of use of logos.

There is no denying the fact that logo is meant for non - free usage and therefore must meet no free usage content criteria while using that. The rationale for using logos is similar to the rationale of using a famous portrait such as that of "Monalisa ( Which is also protected)" while describing something such as a topic or an information etc. There are basically three types of concerns which logo owners have regarding their use

1. Copyright Concerns

Kindly note that it is not necessary to seek formal permission from the owner in advance of using its logo, so long as the usage is fair use, does not create any impression that the logo is associated with the person who is using this in his resume or endorses that particular person, and does not create any reasonable grounds for complaint by the owner. In other words, the person who is using the logo should make sure that he/she has sufficient ground for fair use rationale.

In addition to this, although most logos are meant for non free usage, there are three conditions where logos will be copyright free

1. If the logo was first published before 1923, it can be assumed to be public domain and hence copyright doesn't apply. You will be surprised to know that logo of "Coca Cola" is under trademark but not copyrighted.

2. If logo is simply a sequence of letters or written words.

3. If logo consists entirely of simple geometric shapes, or a simple combination of shapes and text.

2. Trademark Concerns

It is a normal practice to allow usage of trademark for the purpose of commentary, criticism and information. In Indian law, this principle is loosely defined but well defined under the laws of other nations such as US. Resume falls under information because it is a summary of info to prospective employers.However, before using this content, one has to ensure that it is used to identify only the entity or organization that owns the trademark.

3. Editorial Concerns

There are many editorial concerns relating to logos that one must address before using it in resumes. Such concerns include

No use for advertisement purpose

Not showing logo in the negative light

Use only accurate logo

Logo size should not be less than 100 pixel resolution

Let me also make it clear that , i am not trying to exhibit my knowledge about the use of logo, but i am just trying to convey that it is not grossly illegal from technical point of view. Morally, you can always take a different notion. Even , the relevance of having creative/visual resume is the ultimate choice of job seeker.

Interesting discussion...

1) On LinkedIn .. and at many other places now.. one sees Company Logo in Resume's .. I am pretty sure they have not taken " permission " since , generally, no company would like to convey that they were " bad enough " for their present / past workers to be seeking " greener pastures ", howsoever irrational it may seem...

2) " Fair Use " : This is rather loosely worded concept. One relevant feature , however, is as under :

" The fair use or nominative use of a logo is recognized for purposes of description and identification."

In a CV BOTH these purposes are being well served by the Written Word itself . unless the CV is NOT mentioning / describing the Company at all !

3) the same article as linked above talks about " No Endorsement " and "Disclaimer" aspects.

All of above - if interpreted strictly - would make putting a Logo on a CV illegal , first point being , IMHO, the clearest one...

so, while it is being regularly done, in the strictest legal sense it perhaps should not be...

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