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I am working as a Manager HR in one of Leather garments manufacturing company.. i have been ask to review all the staff's work efficiency , their occupancy and their performance. As there are departments like packing, Cutting, Lining, Pattern, Spray..So what is the best way to measure their performance.According to their departments head. Every employee is working according to their task and they are performing well.I am very confused..
I joined this company a month back and prior to that i was in IT industry,so i dont have any exerience with manufacturing industry. while joining a manufacturing unit i was in perception that i'll be going to learn a lot of things here. But they don't give proper importance to HR Department. There is nothing in HR. No HR Policy, No training,No Induction.How i can start with the process in HR..
Please suggest I m really helpless and have no clue what to do.
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you can measure their performance and efficiency by reviewing individual employees daily, weekly and monthly target as well as production of the individual department. Also you can review their absenteeism, late mark, overtime. you have to considered their positive and negative aspects.
Hi K,

I would suggest you to start by forming an evaluation sheet . Sit with the department managers and try to Learn the KPI or Key Performance indicators from them

what are the key roles for them

secondly once it is completed kindly compare the same with JD as you have mentioned they don't give to much importance to HR i guess you will have to work on that part as well. this is one of the foremost responsibility of HR-G

Seek for Hire date of Employee and do a quarterly one to one session to measure Performance on the evaluation sheet designed by you. This would give you ample time to complete the assessment

This would be difficult at the beginning but with time it would be routine

secondly you can ask your Department Managers to do the evaluation on his/her Employee and send the evaluation to you for storage

maintain a performance appreciation and Coaching book to ensure that you are in sync . you can prepare the PAC department wise

This can be biased as department manager might have their favorites

You have to spend 4-5 days exclusively with the employees on the production floor, keeping in mind that your company manufactures some products & the process of manufacturing has some stages. Closely watch how each stage is processed & what are the quality checks at each stage, which do not permit any half done work to move forward to the next stage. The entire philosophy of stage inspection & management of rejects, and understanding how data is maintained at each stage, shall give you an idea about the complete process of product manufacturing in your company.

Having done that, spend some time with the Managers in each department to know how they measure the efficiency of their production teams & processes, and what type of record is maintained by them. What are the various skills they expect their different category of workers & supervisors to have, and how exactly would they like the same to be evaluated. This gives you an idea about the 'Skills Inventory' for different job positions.

At the level of executives (employees above the supervisor level), you need to define 3 - 4 competencies (for example: Drive for Results, Customer Focus, Professional Capability & Inter-personal Communications), which help in driving company's business.

Now you look for a user-friendly PMS software like 'EmpXtrack' and check what percent of your analysis easily maps on their default system. May be by going through their presentation & free trial, you manage to learn more about the likely design & content of your PMS Forms. Having served in an IT company, you should be in a position to convince your management that an automated solution will be ten times more effective, since you can track the process flow, as well as the achievement of production targets in real time.

To do all this, you need to put on your thinking and learning cap & be a work-floor manager for some time. Without understanding the manufacturing process, you have no right to launch a system for performance management. Your active mixing with the shop floor managers will prepare them to accept this initiative.
The learned members above have given vital inputs that can set a direction to you to launch an evaluation.However, simplistickly speaking, you can narrow down your startegy for evaluation of efficiency to the following parameters.

1)Evaluate efficiency in terms of quality of work. That means how neat and clean is their work in lay man terms.For this you should know what are the quality standards for work set for each product. what are rejections in respect of each employee.This gives an idea about quality of work.

2) Evaluate efficiency in terms of quantity of products. How many pieces can be made/produces/handled by an employee with easonable skills required for that job and How much each employee is producing/making/handling . For this you should first arrive at what can be the reasonable number that can be given the reasonable skills nad the stipulating working hours which an employee needs to put in.

3)Evaluate time taken by an employee to produce/handle each product and what shall be the normal time to be taken for it.

You need to fisrt arrive at standards for quality, quantity and time by sitting with either departmental heads and if they are not open you need to know what is the industry standads through external sources.

So far as your observation that there is no proepr importance to HR and that thee are no HR policies ,is concerned, treat it a s learning opportunity in HR by taking initiative to first show to the management as to HR can contribute to business an donce you win their confidence, then you can start streamlining HR in the unit.

All the best.


As per your situation I also change my job. I was in Hospital sector now I am working in Casting production company. Same position as you are facing.
In 1st I am hading JD formation with help of Supervisor, Incharge and Managers, with this activity I am formating HR documents (format) from Offer ltter to Exit Interveiw. I am trying to put the company in a system. Need to check out first all parts of company. Pick the Director who is very supportive, Plan your activity, do performance appriasal.
Don't think that you start HR
system is already there but you have to show on paper. Try to modify it in proper manner nothing else.
Thanks all for your suggestion .
Now m very much clear about their production, and understand their process, how it works like production from cutting department till packing
And i have written job responsibilities of all the employees.Now i want to know what is the best way to judge the performance of workers in leather manufacturing company.
I m completely handling the recruitments of the company. According my MD, recruitment is just the 20% of HR profile.
And apart from that there is no such work in HR.
So, i want to know that what all initiative can be taken and in what way i can prove myself, that there are so many things in HR, that can be done.
I m very confused, what to do??
Kindly help..
Dear Kanika

I have gone through this thread carefully.

This is your second query on the thread :

"So, i want to know that what all initiative can be taken and in what way i can prove myself, that there are so many things in HR, that can be done.

I m very confused, what to do??"

I totally agree with the views of your MD (recruitment is just the 20% of HR profile.) on the content part; but differ on the "extent". In my opinion if its a running concern then Recruitment is just 5-10% of HR profile; may be even less !!

Why ??

Recruitment has slowed down in the wake of the slow-down in economy. How many companies are recruiting ?? And in what numbers ??

Moreover you will be only recruiting to the extent of your attrition - natural or otherwise. You can not accommodate more and more people; unless there is a requirement.

The only situation where recruitment can be more than 20% is where a new plant or expansion of production capacity is taking place; a greenfield project is being executed; or a new business division/vertical/unit is being planned.

So your MD is right.

You are from IT sector where attrition rate is high; and people constitute the asset/working capital/machinery of the company.

Mr. Narayan Murthy had once famously said something like - our assets becomes nil after office hours - implying that employees are their assets and after the employees leave from office, there is almost nothing left.

Moreover, IT being a high-tech field, the HR are not aware of the "manufacturing process".

So, in your case, its OK to assume that Recruitment (apart from employee engagement) is what HR is all about.

Now, coming to your first query; which to me is the root cause of your misery; your first (initial) query was about :

"As there are departments like packing, Cutting, Lining, Pattern, Spray..So what is the best way to measure their performance."

The seniors have given you very good inputs. whether you have benefited from it, by IMPLEMENTING any of their suggestions ??

What kind of Time and Motion study did you make ??

I agree that the intricacies are best handled by professionals from Production Management, Operation Research or Industrial Engineering.

However, an HR should be aware of the Manufacturing process.

How many hours did you spend on the shopfloor ??

Do you make it a point to visit the shopfloor once every day ??

Have you interacted with managers, supervisors, technician and workers ??

Have you been told about any "bottlenecks" in the process ??

What kind of process is employed - whether its job-shop, batch or assembly-line ??

Can you draw a diagram of your typical Work-Flow Process ??

I understand that its not very comfortable to be in the shopfloor; esp. the obnoxious smells that the leather and the chemicals, paints and adhesives give off.

I have never worked in leather manufacturing sector, but have visited the Bata factory, which is highly automated with an assembly-line system of production. The performance of individual worker is easy to monitor; as its based on work-flow and capacity of the installed equipments.

In your case, since it is an exclusively garment manufacturing unit; it must be working on JOB SHOP process flow structures. Here, there is a scope for better "line-balancing", having systems like Kanban; 5S to improve productivity and reduce wastages; and improving the logistics of materials.

These are somewhat beyond the scope of a junior HR; and needs the involvement of the management. If the management is serious, they may hire an external consultant to initiate these; or have training programs for employees.

To become a successful HR, one needs to engage and immerse oneself with the business process, rather than sit on a chair twiddling one's thumb and lamenting on the shortcomings of one's experience and the situation.

There is a lot more in HR than that meets the eye. HR can be a true business partner and help in strategic differentiation.

Warm regards.
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