Hi, I am Shalin have got 2.8 yrs of experience in Manufacturing industry as HR Generalist and now I am getting offers from Consultancies as a recruiter,and from BPO industry also.Kindly let me know if i opt for Consultants now,will it affect my career in joining of Manufacture sector in future.or shall i wait for some good offers from mfd sector.Realy i m not interested to work in Consultancies now.Plz guide me.Need suggestions from the experienced professionals of this industry about my career....

From India, Mumbai
I believe while working with Manufacturing unit you must have learned or earned a good and practical knowledge of HR & Functions, now you say first what you feel & believe "Job role a Recruiter" is in your understanding.

If you try to get the difference between your present work practical knowledge, experience, and job functions and a job role of "Recruiter" with an Consultancies you can automatically get the answer of your question and query.

It is good to get a corporate job and if you are getting good package with chances to work with CORE HR, is certainly good for you and your career but if you once opted for "Recruiter" certainly would effect your career path and wont be a good decision.

There are many recruiters who wished to work with CoreHR and knows the difference of them well, though Recruitment is a part of HR, but always a part of HR and with BPO's /Consultancies with this role, it wont give you the satisfaction that you have so far and also bother you in many how.

I wont say that you need to be with Manufacturing Industries/Companies but sincerely suggest you to look for another corporate "CoreHR" job which will help you in your career path.

If you dont have any problem or anything which is bothering you currently and demanding for this change, you may wait and search a good job.

Best of Luck

From India, Gurgaon
Dear Mr.Anil,
Thanks a lot for your suggestions. even i was not ready for switch over my track.but i am unemployed for past 3 months thats why i was confused......I worked in chennai for 2.8yrs and due to my personal reason i came to mumbai.
Here too i m trying in manufacturing sector only but the location of plant is too far from mumbai...
Apart from this i getting call from BPO industry as generalist and as an Recruiter also......
Plz guide me how i can approach to Corporate Firms for Job......
Kindly advice sir.....

From India, Mumbai
Dear Mr.Anil,
Here many of them are advising me that forget about mfd sector since you are a girl you cant handle anymore..instead of that u can work in Service oriented or Teaching field.....I m depressed n confused also.i think i m going to lost my career.
with dis i getting offers from chennai also but i cant answer them confirmly.whether i can relocate to chennai or not..........
I m ready to work in Corporate office........of any industry.
Shall i go this?Plz advice sir

From India, Mumbai
Dear Sir, Need your suggestion........plz. Shall i try for Automobiles Sector in last location where i worked initially.... Plz advice
From India, Mumbai
Hello Shalin,

well first thing is that you dont need to worry about things that are bothering you these days and no need to loose hope. "If there is night, there is a day too." I understand your concern and search for a job and surly you will get one good job soon.

"There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind"

Searching a job in the city like Mumbai, never been an easy task and that is today with you but you have to keep searching. Mumbai is a big city and it is really difficult to manage the things but not impossible I would say. And not only you but many of like you have faced these difficulties in past and even in present and also will face in future but the one who fight backs always rewarded.

Second, there is nothing like you are loosing your career or cant get a job there but you are just at the stage where you have to show your confidence, faith and that you can beat the problem and win. So please have faith on yourself which is really important. Also because you already have taken a decision to relocate and left the city you started your career, therefore, it is also your duty to stand on your decision and never give up.

You knows about your quality, experience and knowledge than any other one and have worked with Manufacturing Unit for 2.8years which is not bad too that you cant get you a job but it is like taking time to get you one which is obvious and you have have to accept the things i would suggest you.

Now let me know, have you ever tried to know why you are not getting good chances, if yes please share what you have done so far.

Now what you first have to do is to know what is wrong in your search and why recruiters are not showing interest in your profile. So let me know few more things about you and your search by followings:

-Have you registered yourself with Job Portals,

*if not please do that immediately,

*if yes, you have to work with your profile and details again.

*I believe your profile needs some good changes and that you have to recognize too

-Have you tried to know the recruiters activities like how many recruiters have shown interest in your profile in last days

-Hope you are regularly visiting Job Portals and applying jobs

-Spend time with Job Portals, read the posted openings and requirements of employers, apply for the jobs if you find any good suitable opening also if found shared contacts of employer there, need to contact them directly

-Contact your friends and try to get local contact for help which is also important

-Newspaper openings and application also helps alot though many of i found feels this is an old system but it is still a very useful/helpful system, so please do that too

-Be a student and keep learning as you also have to polish your knowledge so do not forget to spend time for improving your knowledge

Lastly, if you are getting the job offers for HR Generalist, must not loose these options. There the questions is not about industry but about Job role/job function which matters actually, therefore, you just never go for recruiters jobs but for all relevant to work function (HR Executive/ Assistant etc) no matter got the opportunity with BPO/KPO/RETAIL or whatever..

As I said above that there is only you knows how much you are experienced and knowledge you have, you better knows how to fight back with difficulties and perform in interviews but if you face any difficulties with interview or anything that you want to share (Go to you cite inbox /PM) and need assistance of Cite.Co, we are always here to help you out.

From India, Gurgaon
Dear Mr.Anil,
Thanks a lot for your reply.......
As a recruiter and job Seeker I have updated my resume in all top Job portals and at the same time changing my key search also daily...
I m going through for Newpaper Ad also.....
I m searching from local references and other means of sources for job...
I believe myself that if i go for interview for Consultancies i am sure that i will be selected but then i am getting responses from Consultancies for Interview confirmation.....
Before joining in an MNC in Chennai ,I worked for two Consultants which brought me to do well in interview for MNC.I am dedicated and Hard worker person in any work......
But still hoping for Best Opportunity.....
Thank U

From India, Mumbai
I read the thread.. I would suggest you to register yourself on linkedin account.. their are many useful benefits.. around...
You can connect to many people for different sectors
You can taken their permission and send your resume to the concerned HR in a specific company..
People in your circle can recommend to your past and present work
People will endrose you for the skill you have acquired..
My personal suggestion for you is join as a HR Generalist in any industry.. It will be a good move...
Please dont join as a recuriter in consultancy...
Radha yermal

From India, Bangalore

You have already hit the nail on the main problem.

Mumbai has no manufacturing any more

At least not the the types that need large hr departments.

Few that are there, like RCF at chembur are already staffed. Scope of getting a job is limited, specially as many people want to return to mumbai after stints outside the city. (Other, smarter people chose to remain outside).

There are manufacturing clusters at Bhavani, patalganaga, thane (again mostly closing and relocating), thane belapur road (again in shambles), to some extent on vasai virar belt. The other clusters are in nashik and pune. You can live in mumbai and commute to nashik or pune.

So your friends have said right, manufacturing hr jobs are not available in mumbai.

Jobs are in service sector - software, bpo, insurance, banking, mobile and retail.

You need to decide whether you want to change to service sector

Or relocate to a place where manufacturing is in vogue.

Ofciurse you can get job in corporate hr. but that would depend on your skills and experience that I am not capable of assessing. Most corporate hr jobs would be at senior level, or as assistants to senior hr managers, where you may end up doing superb work or become a secretary for him. If that's a route you want to follow, go and meet the temping agencies like team-lease, adecco, who are placing people in such rolls (but at contract employees)

Send me your cv anyway through personal messaging. Perhaps someone can help

From India, Mumbai
Dear Mr.Saswata,
Thanks for your valuable suggestions.......
Currently I am getting response from pune,nashik in mfd sector.
At present I have attended Interview for beyond Panvel Position which is very far from Island city (ie Western Line) i just dropped it.Now i looking for Corporate Opening where i can improve myself.
Can you guide me how can i get touch to corporate people?
can i have your E-Mail id plz so that i can send my profile to you....

From India, Mumbai

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