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Hi All,
In our organization probation is for 3 months after which looking at the performance we give conformation to all the employees. One of the employee is denying to accept the confirmation what do I do in such case?

From India, Pune
Has he put up his papers before you confirmed him in services?
From India, Pune
Dear Monica,

After three months how did you assess her performance? Do you have well-defined criteria and it is just manager's judgement? By the way, have you spoken to her? Why is she refusing to become permanent employee?

What are the terms of employment as per appointment letter issued to her? Though your post is small, one gets a feeling that she may not be comfortable in continuing employment in your company. She has been looking for a change and should need arise, she would like to quit the company. Possibly up in her sleeves she has a job already and she could be waiting for receipt of offer letter.

While quitting she would like to take benefit of shorter notice period rather than longer one when she becomes confirmed employee. The probable reasons taking this decision is her lesser incompatibility to your organisation's culture, uneasiness with working with her manager, less cooperation by the colleagues and above all job with better salary offer.

Sit with her and try to understand the reasons of her decision. You may convince her to stay but do not cajole her. If you find the reasons invalid, then you may start searching her replacement. In the meanwhile, issue her letter for the extension of the probation period. Sooner you get proper replacement, you may terminate her services.

It is important for the employees to give their best. What is the use of keeping those employees who wish to work half-heartedly?

Once you find out the reasons, we request you to come back and update us on the latest development.


Dinesh V Divekar

From India, Bangalore
Dear Monica,
Understand that the fact that in this market crunching scenario, people seldom reject offer which are matching to their skills and ability.
If inspite of the weak market situation the candidate is not willing to accept the confirmation with the company, there should be serious issue with the company's culture or the way they treat the employees.
As dinesh sir said, there are possibilities that he/she is dissatisfied with company's culture or work role and is anticipating an offer from somewhere else.
Again I fail to understand how long has the person worked?
You mention you have a probation of 3 months.
The person denies to accept confirmation (which makes us assume that the person has completed 3 months)
And then your next post says the person is working since a couple of months...
is it 2 or 3 months? Pls clarify....

From India, Mumbai
Well, it's directly indicate that the employee is not satisfied with the job and looking to move as early as possible when they get the offer also, accepting the confirmation letter he will be bound to serve the notice period and then he/she can not move at once after resign. So, in such case you can terminate him as he can move or leave the company at anytime and the work/project will suffer until it assigned to a new person.
Also, if you find the employee really talented and do not want to loose him/her then have a discussion with the employee and ask politely what's wrong with him/her like does the salary package or some other thing he is not feeling comfortable or not satisfy then try to sough out the issue and then hopefully you will be able to retain the employee.

From India, Lucknow
@ Ankita,
Thank you for the reply.
The person is working since 3 months.
I spoke to the person about all the possible things like if the person has offer from some other organization, If the person is not happy with the culture or may be somebody miss behaved and so on but nothing as such happened.
Actually as per company policy we do not give hike on the confirmation and she is saying that I cant accept confirmation without hike in the salary.

From India, Pune
Dear Monica,
With regards to your this post -
Firstly, one needs to realize that the reason stated in resignation letter, given during exit interviews or such other interviews are not always 100% true.
If I had been at the employee's place I would not have shared that I am anticipating offer from somewhere. The fear that you may not relieve me or may give negative review to retain me etc puts us in difficult situation.
What is the salary that she is drawing and how much hike is expecting?
Why she needs a raise at such short tenure.
Was she verbally promised by someone that she'd be given a hike post confirmation?
What is the industry average for such position?

From India, Mumbai
Dear Monica,

Then I feel that employee has some alternate employment at hand. Suppose if you do not agree for raise when what will he/she will do? By refusing to accept the letter of confirmation employee has thrown a ball in your court. You have now three options i.e. accede to the request of raise, maintain status quo or start looking for the replacement. I recommend you going for the last option. This is because, the employee has bargaining mentality and this mentality will rise its head again and again.

Possibly he/she wanted to use this hike as trade-off for the alternate employer and therefore, playing a smart game. Another reason for this move could be that he/she has understood the weakness of the department and confident of his/her performance. He/she could be taking calculating risk. By playing this kind of hard ball, he/she thinks that he/she may succeed as organisation may not go for the search of replacement.

Therefore, you need to be smarter now itself.


Dinesh V Divekar

@ Couvery,

Actually as per company policy we do not give hike on the confirmation and she is saying that I cant accept confirmation without hike in the salary.



From India, Bangalore
Dear Monica

From the details provided by you, she appears to be a tough customer and may want to bargain with the existing and as well as prospective employer and is standing on the spring board to jump at time convenient to her and as Mr. Dinesh said, may pose this situation in future also.you have three options :

1) if your worry is as to how to serve the confirmation letter, then serve the confirmatiomn letter in the presence of another employee and if she declines, record her refusal on the letter an obtain the signature of another employee who was present as witness. That amounts to good servcie. Should need be , dispaly acopy on the notice board.This may compel her to give the required notice period pst confirmation, on quitting and gives enough time to you to look for replacement.

2) if she is talented and want to retain her, as ankita suggested, negotiate with her about the hike but that may not gaurantee her retention, given her attitude.

3) If you do not concede her request for hike , in all probability, she may hop on to another job.So keep looking for a repalcement as Mr.dinesh suggested.



From India, Mumbai
Dear Monica...
I have a very short fuse for new joinees who think they can push the company around. Even if he/she is a good resource work wise; agreeing to this sets a bad precedent and soon you will have almost everyone doing the same. If I was in your shoes, I would have not confirmed the person and recorded indiscipline / willful insubordination / not fitting with company culture in her personal file notings. I would have given her an extension of probation for one month and explained very clearly what the company wants from her. Failing correction from her side, she can then be terminated without notice.
Hope this helps.

From India, Mumbai

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