my name is pankaj i gave my interview for covergys at vipul agora for ecare comcast process on 14th may i was selected and on next day they told me to submitt the documents which i did it but due to reshifting my house i was not able to join it. Note: Only submitted the docs didnt attend single day od training.
I had sent a text to hr that cz of xyz reason i will nt able to join now i didnt get the reply from hr after 40 days i have got the message that your fnf is done u can call on 1800..... I asked them why did i get the mess? They told because of epsconding u will never able to join convergys. I said i informed to hr. They asked me which no i gave them they told me its a wrong number correct number is different. Hr wrote 9 instead of 4 so there was misunderstanding and it was not my falut.
My ques is how they can terminate me? I just submitted the docs i didnt attend the traning. Please help.

From India, Gurgaon
Hi Pank,

Answer the following questions:

1. When did they ask you to join and when did you send a message to them?

2. When did you not call them and inform? did you check whether your message has reached them on time?

3. How can you say that you did not do anything wrong when you did not ensure your communication reached them?

4. Have you got the offer letter from them? What did they mention about your joining and is there any note like if you are not joining within this week, your offer will get cancelled?

According to you its your fault.

1. It is your duty to ensure that you have communicated clearly to HR and your communication has reached them on time. Simply sending message to a number with your own assumption can not be right.

2. You can not expect any company to wait for you and can not expect company to act as you wish.

3. Sending your documents to them is ok but will not ensure your job and you can not claim anything just because you sent all your documents.

4. When they asked you to join or during your interview, you could have informed them about your joining with a date and should have got their reply for the same.

5. Even though they have not issued hard copy of the offer letter, they sent the same through mail. You confirmed your joining on phone based on your acceptance, they proceeded further. They considered you as an employee, since you have not turned up to office, they terminated you and treated as absconding. Also done F & F.


From India, Madurai
Hello Pankyyy,


were you given appointment letter? If no, there is no employee-employer relationship, hence no absconding, hence no dues on either side, hence you should be considered in future...


You mentioned you messaged a text to HR on the number given to her regarding you being unable to join on the date that was fixed or given.


No response from the HR.


Did you try to find out by calling for once if the HR got the message and what is to be done...

Usually such messages are to be given on letter / over email.

Good you texted it because telephonic conversation may not have been able to trace, but did you after sending text ensure that the concerned person was aware about it?


This is your fault...


Did you not have company's boardline number?

You could have easily obtained it from Google. Call the boardline and talked to the HR and concerned authority...

So I believe it is also your fault.

The company on their view is right to term you absconded (if you signed the appointment letter)

Even If you didn't sign the appointment letter, it was your fault of you not informing them and so they have a right to decline and reject the offer.

Hope this clarifies...

If you think the case has been misunderstood please fill the details and educate us in brief.

From India, Mumbai
Hello pankaj,
I totally agree with ankita. just by texting and not confirming whether the message has been reached the concerned person how can you assume that you have played your part well. Its highly unprofessional and irresponsible behavior. When you had the contact number of the HR you should have called them up instead of sending a message. You cannot blame the company for this. They have taken a right decision. Apart from that i personally feel that no person in this world gets so busy that he or she cannot take 5 minutes out of their busy schedule to make an important call like this.

From India, Indore
I think its somewhere your faults too as you need to ensure that the message has been communicated to the HR. Also, if you did not get any response from them, so you need to check with HRs by approaching them.

From India, Lucknow
Hi Pankaj,

Please copy all the above views from me as well. However, let me add you something else.

1) Were you forced to shift your residence in a very short span?

If not, you'd have communicated the same to your concerned HR at the time of interview and negotiated the joining date.

If yes, as soon as you have decided to shift on, you'd have communicated.

2) Sending an SMS describes your professionality. Aren't we using our laptops? We spend so much of our day in googling, fb'ing and for other networking.

3) Being a HR professional myself, I see many people informing their managers / HR that they are taking a leave today. Aren't we grown enough? Isn't it our responsibility to get an approval? Why don't we understand the business contingencies?

4) Assume, your Girl Friend / Boy Friend text you saying they are not meeting you when you are waiting for them in a coffe launge / public park, won't you have a word exchange? The same imples with the employers (With employer you need to be more formal and professional).

Nevertheless, take this as your learning and try to act as a professional.

From India, Hyderabad
Hello Pankaj

You are at fault at few places. If you are a fresher, then i wont blame you for that.

Submitting documents does not confirm your employment with the organisation.

Your employment starts when you visit the premises on date of joining and sign Joining letter or Employment contract.

Kindly check if you have given any such date for joining and were there any communication if you failed to turn up.

If they have arranged training for you and you didnt show up then its certainly a loss to them and they are in the rights to blacklist you for future employment.

You have already failed to communicate through right channel, so requesting you to meet them, explain your situation and request them to reconsider you for position offered or for future employment.

Be polite with your words, if you ask them "how can you do this to me" then you will surely get negative responses.

If they have selected you then you are an important resource for them and they would love to have you in their organisation.

Give it a try

all the best


From India, Mumbai
I may not have grasped the facts correctly.But if the candidate has not joined where is the question of FnF and absconding?I beleive there might be an error somewhere.You said you didnt attend training but had you joined?Your post is unclear on this.If you didnt join you are right.They cant terminate you.But if you joined and then didnt attend training then they are right.
Keep your communication clear and official.It is the responsibility of sender to ensure the message he/she has sent is delivered to the person intended.
Wishing you the best.

From India, Mumbai
Yes even i feel that it is your fault. Because, first of all the professional matters have to be conveyed or transferred through mail or a letter or a call.
But if you have sent a MSG to HR, then it was your duty to ensure or verify that it reached to the concerned person.
Secondly, if they have not offered you any Appointment letter, then there is no question of terminating or absconding.
Due to your personal problems if you cannot join the company on said date then its your problem. Either you would have dropped your re-shifting of your house work or the interview.
And also you did not ensured them that you are going to join on some other date.
You should always keep your professional life and personal life in a balance mode.
Lastly i would say is, it was your fault, you did not chose an appropriate mode of communication.

From India, Pune

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