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I want check my questionnaire whether is this opt for doing my project in employee engagement level. and i want to know how to analysis it. which method is used to analyse it and how?
here I have attached my questionnaire.
reply plz...
thank you.

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Dear Raksha,
Thanks for the private message requesting me to look at this thread. It's always helpful if a link is provided; saves searching for the post. I have taken a quick look and here are some general observations.
It's better to ask personal and demographic questions at the end.
Also, you should include a small note to say who you are and why you are doing the survey and how it benefits the responders.
While asking questions it is better to try and ask their views on a single factor per question. For example,
Q17. This organisation provides enough information, equipment and resources I need to do my job well.
Suppose the company provides enough information but not enough resources; how should one should respond to the question?
Finally, it is better to use a web-based service thatprovides an analysis of the responses, provided the recipients can access it that way.

I have read your entire questionnaire thoroughly. At the end I got confused that at what topic your questionnaire is whether it is on "Employees Engagement" or "Employees Retention". Undoubtedly "Employees Engagement" effects "Employees Retention". Lower engaged Employees are more likely to quit the Company than those who are highly engaged. Lower engagement of employees means less productivity or less contribution at the work place. So the matter relates to the study of factors which effects or reduces the employees' engagement at work place and lowers the productivity or contribution. A lower engaged or low productive employee is more harmful for a company than an employee who is going to quit the Company because a lower engaged or sometimes actively disengaged employee becomes the liability for a Company. So what matters the most for an employee at the work place to enhance engagement should be the matter of study. The key ingredients of employees engagement are as follows:

1. The nature of work - It is mentally stimulating day by day

2. Support - Feels supported by his line manager and collegues

3. Recognition - Efforts are recognised and valued

4. Loyalty - Does the employee want to stay with the company

5. Advocacy - Does the employee recommend his/her company to his family or friends

6. Values - Does the employee feel that managers and colleagues "walk the talk" in terms of the organisation's value

Gyanendra Dixit

Dear Raksha,

It's really nice and interesting to see that that you chose Employee Engagement for your Project Topic. You should take this further too by way of research and a Ph.D. too.

To compliment the thoughts and leads of our two learned friends have Mr. Simhan and Mr. Gyanendra Dixit, I would send this link to you where you will get to learn a lot more about Employee Engagement, and what is more interesting is - A study of over 1,700 employees conducted in 2012 by the American Psychological Association (APA) indicated that more than half of all employees intended to search for new jobs because they felt under appreciated and undervalued. http://www.apa.org/news/press/releas...ace-survey.pdf

This will offer you enough information to frame your questionnaire. And Blog for a lots of interesting articles, thoughts, on Employee Engagement, which will help you understand this subject more - not only for this project but your career as a professional too. .

A few things that I think you should always consider while sending out questionnaires - do not ask for name

Unless absolutely necessary and if you are doing a survey for medical reasons - do not ask the gender, because for a survey of this nature is not dependent on the question of age feeling and responsibilities can differ according to the age, so that can be left as an optional - like (share your age only if you are comfortable, and as per etiquettes we are not supposed to ask the age at least of the women).

Best Wishes


The employee engagement survey by itself does not help you very much. It needs to be analysed. There is a method of combining these scores with those of the years appraisal. make a graph with four quadrants indicating the four appraisal ratings ; Excellent, Very good, Good, Meets expectation. These quadrants are color coded for easy analysis. The analysis can be done per employee, for a group as well as for the organization as a whole. For group and org wide the total number of employees is a particular appraisal rating is entered in the respective quadrant. If you use an excel sheet to enter the data then creating a chart would be easier.

The quadrants are left bottom [very good], Left top [Excellent], right top [Good], right bottom [Meets expectations]

Normally there should be only ten questions and the answers should be either [yes] or [no]. The questionnaire provided by Raksha has all the right questions, cut them down to ten.

If doing for an employee put down his/her score from the questionnaire [one for every yes] in the quadrant that relates to his/her appraisal rating. A person who scores 10 is fully engaged as the score goes down the level of engagement lowers. Combine this score with the persons rating in the chart to indicate if the person will stay on or leave.

The analysis is as follows:

A person with excellent rating who is not engaged will surely leave the company.

Sorry,now I seem to have forgotten the balance. I will consult my notes and complete this post later today. I will try and provide the graph as well.


I could not open the quetionaire because the file is damaged.
I could still open the questionnaire and have saved it as a Word 97-2003 document and have attached it.

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I have found one document I had used for employee engagement survey. I have attached it to this post.

I am sure other senior HR persons will be able to add to this.

Just recently someone told me how the employees are treated in their company. The management is blind to employee needs and yet they question why employees are not loyal or not interested in joining in various activities. That company has not asked why but threatens to sack such employees. They only want employees to obey orders not wondering why they have make threats for employees to follow orders.

Is this the day for issuing orders or is this the age for managements to engage employees in day to day affairs and get them to build the company.

These companies do not realise that management by itself cannot build a company a company is built on the strengths of the employees.

Companies now do not know the word empathy, may be they have not heard of it so how can they practice empathy.

These companies have forgotten that employees do not leave a company they leave managers.


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