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Hii Friends!!
thanks to all who gave me support in last days, now time is i released 1st HR Newsletter for the company in which i am working, i used duplicate names & pictures due to confidential issue.
I request all wise & experience HR Professionals, please check it and comment so i can develop it in much more better way before next issue...
"i created it very first time so please evaluate it by seeing my level & encourage me along with your critical analysis, i really want to learn more new ideas & concepts."
waiting for exciting & fast replies!!!

From India, Delhi

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Learning & Teaching Fellow (retired)
Consuting - Life Coaching
Business Development, Employee Relations,
Getsie Jesse
Manager Human Resource
Recruitment/talent Acquisition, Career Counselling
Harsh Shukla
Ceo And Md Of 3 Uk Based Mnc's

Harsh Shukla

Hi Mahima,
Very Good effort for a 1st newsletter.
However, because it is the first, there should be a message from the CEO or MD.
Also, it would be a good idea to include some sort of competition such as a (work related?) word puzzle or soduku .
This would encourage some feedback and tell you how many employees are actually reading the newsletter.
You should also include an employee contribution page.
Hope the above helps.
Good Luck for the next and future issues.

From United Kingdom, Barrow

Hi Mahima,

Good Work. Is this going as e-mail or in printed book format.


1. I, second @Harsh thoughts; message from Leaders in your company is a must.

2. Please check Spelling. Your first sentence say "Massage from HR". I am sure, if you have already sent that, your employees could have giggled.

3. Have one section dedicated to "FAQ Section" on company policies.

4. Have one Section "Life at your Company Section" maybe write from some employee.

5. Have one Section "Biography of any one Employee". Have a 7/8 common questions for this and ask same question to that one employee whom you choose here.

6. Always, mention the source of articles that you don't own.

7. Limit your artciles to max 1 page.

8. In Employee Engagement: Have actual orginal picture listed. If you don't have company digital camera, buy immediately with not less than 14mega pixle and additional storage HDD. Have some short writeup for this section. Humor write up will be great.

9. Awards & : Here too have actual photos of employees.

10. One Section from Finance would be great.

that's all I can remember now. Hope its helpful.


From Saudi Arabia, Riyadh

Hi Harsh
Thanks for your valuable inputs & surely it will help me to make it more better, yeah i must include the massage from CEO, in next letter i will surely include it, and will add some more exciting things which you explained...

From India, Delhi

Hi Ukmitra
Thanks for your all ideas and guidelines, i included original pictures when i sent it to employees. As the company is in start up phase so its not possible for us to go with printed version, i sent it by email to employees. Moreover thanks for highlighting grammatical mistake as i sent the same but nobody has seen this, i appreciate your sight.
Here i want to know that what is the role of finance department's section in HR newsletter apart from compliance (EPF/ESI updates/last dates)

From India, Delhi
Getsie Jesse

Nice job, keep it up Mahima!
Feedback listed may help you.
Spell check needs to be done – (nothing on earth can help).
If you copy paste contents make sure they accurately match your topic/ heading.
You can add employee Wedding anniversary.
Ask employees to contribute (write article, about the company, employee achievement in the company, poems, sketches, paintings etc..)
Company’s achievement for the month (if any)
Work on alignments and color combinations, which will make the newsletter, more attractive.

From India, Madras

Well, Finance can contribute with Tax saving article, FAQ's on issue they come across regarding employee salary and others, investment article, notice or reminder on due date for submitting voucher etc etc. Few things can be repetative, no problem. Your article should drag the audience just as if its your company FACEBOOK.

From Saudi Arabia, Riyadh

Dear Mahima,
I have read with interest the discussion. Thank you for attaching the Newsletter.
Sometimes it is better to ask someone else to read the script before finalizing and sending. Spell check will not spot mistakes such as "Massage" for "Message". We all make certain mistakes which has become a habit; for example, you have made the same mistake in your post also.
I found a good website that has examples of newsletters at Newsletter Examples <link updated to site home> ( Search On Cite | Search On Google )
May be a study of different designs will help you.

From United Kingdom

Hello Mahima,

This surely is a very good effort.

Further to the excellent suggestions by other members, I would like to reiterate about the Spelling/grammatical mistakes [it's not just about the 'massage' for 'message']. There are others too--like 'noting' for 'nothing' in the very First Quote. And it's 'company growth', NOT 'company growths'--if you wish to put it in Plural, it should be 'growth of companies'.

Maybe you could separate the Quotes into a different Section under "Quotes for the Month" or some such sub-title, if you are planning this to be a regular feature monthly.

Reading of the quote about 'motivation', I recollect one by Zig Ziglar:

After a speech about Motivation, someone from the audience asked him: '..but motivation doesn't last in the case of many employees'. He replied: 'Bathing doesn't either. That's why I recommend it DAILY'.

Further to the suggestion of Harsh--about including the CEO's message--I would suggest you to include a message from some HoD for every issue--would ensure that they participate in the 'sharing' & building relationships within the company--the Mistake#2 you mentioned. This would ensure that this Newsletter is multi-directional [beyond bidirectional] rather than from HR to the rest of the crowd.

Ukmitra's suggestion about including Finance-related topics is surely a good & useful one--maybe it's not just about ESI/EPF.

At the EoD, it all boils down to money/revenue for any organization. If any employee finds a better way to handle any task that saves money for the company, that could be highlighted as an Appreciation. Quite often, there are things that humans relish & cherish more than money [increments/hikes, etc], that DON'T COST much to the company--which you seem to have taken care of.

In the Rewards & Recognitions Section, it would be better if the brief details are mentioned--about WHY the reward is being given. The idea being NOT JUST TO appreciate the individual, but ALSO TO 'coax' others to follow. This would be more pronounced IF your company is spread-out in multiple locations.

All the Best.



From India, Hyderabad

Dear Mahima,

Firstly I must compliment your enthusiasm and the effort that's gone into bringing out this newsletter. Also to you might go the credit of bringing out the first newsletter by which you have left your signature on something done for the first time : Neil Armstrong landing on the moon and or Sir Edmund Hillary reaching the summit of the Himalayas becoming the first man ever. Like this there are several, you can take pride in becoming the first in your 'organization' to conceive and execute your plans to make it a reality in the form of this newsletter. Keep it up, you need to sustain this if it needs to go on. You haven't put your signature anywhere, so make it a point to put your name in the end as you take ownership and responsibility. Acknowledge contributions by other by giving credit to them too.

Cardinal Principle to follow: Know your audience well and cater to their taste.

My tips would be

Professional - Things happening in your industry vis-a-vis your company activities - this can be contribution from the business heads or your company

Training Programs conducted/sponsored/people deputed outside office to attend training programs - short description of topics, list of participant's attended

One general article on any interesting subject - (non religious) can be for Personal Development (remember to acknowledge source and take care of copyright issues). In fact, today's subject of interest is energy, environment, ecology, etc.

The next you can have is a trivia column where you can have Amazing Facts : Like for instance

- Up to 1800 thunderstorms are going on in the world at any moment

- The average person walks the equivalent of twice around the world in a lifetime.

Investment Tax Tips like you have in this:

Personal - Things and events happening on the personal front - pictures can speak more than words so make this like an album of your associates - (birthdays, weddings, anniversary's, Baby's corner)

Generate interest and slowly pick up pace and then involve more people to help you bring this out on a monthly basis.

Critical Aspects :

Check on spelling - the opening page the first line "Massage from HR" is a let down both in terms of spelling (it's the first line there) and secondly to the professional status of HR too.

Check on grammar, I suggest you use simple sentences.

My understanding of "Employee Engagement is different." A simple definition, "Emotional connection an employee feels toward his or her organization, folow the link to read the complete definition What is employee engagement? definition and meaning

For more information on this subject please follow this link and when you query on "Google" it'll open you to tons of material for now you may follow these

:// engagement

<link outdated-removed> ( Search On Cite | Search On Google )

On your choice of color please take care of the "contrasting colors" again take the first page the green color of ABC (P) Ltd against the orange background hurts the eye, at least mine and makes me want to quickly run away from that page, so take care of the aesthetics too.

Congrats! for your effort and best wishes for the future too.

From India, Hyderabad
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