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vineet rana
Dear all, I want to know about shift deployment, if my shift is A then what will the next shift,if B than what will the next or,if C than what will the next.
From India, New Delhi

Dear Vineet, I would like to help you... pl be clear of your question
From India, Bangalore
Shailesh Parikh_HR Pro

Dear Vineet
Shifts are work time schedules. For continuous process/service industries/establishment there need to be arrangement of set of relay (relieving) manpower.
The shift arrangement should be such that it takes care of 24X7.
So it is cyclic after First shift (A) obviously there would be second shift (B) and then third (C).
The persons monthly shift schedule should be such that there is change of shift i.e. the employee should not always be in any particular shift. This shift change can be after 2 days (min) to 6 days (max.) - This is general practice keeping in mind Health aspects.
There should be minimum 24 hours rest (gap) between shifts of next day. All other provisions of Factories Act and rules about weekly off, rest period and overlapping of shifts applies.
Shailesh Parikh
Vadodara, Gujarat
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From India, Mumbai
Brijal Mody
Shift schedules are made in such a way that there should be no overlapping of persons. To my experience for six days working and one day off the sift shedules are made in a pattern of A - C - B format.
From India, Surat
You can plan in other way .If A is morning shift you can continue for 4 days then one day off and go for C night shift for 4 days with 2 days off then for B shift or 2nd shift for 4 days and 1 day off.
This is in case you want to match the number of holidays with the people working 5 days week .
You can have 2 days A shift 2 days B shift and 2 days c shift and off .

From United States, Sunnyvale
Salam Din

Normally the shifts are rotated according to the following cycle:-
Morning ------------> Night -------------> Evening
This cycle is adopted to avoid continue 16 hours working and to give suitable gap for rest.

From India, Patiala

a. shift- 6 am -2pm b. shift 2pm -10 pm c. shift 10 pm - 6 am for continuous process
From India, Hyderabad
Dear Rana,
First of all i would like to tell you there will be 3 shift in a one day or night, i.e. A,B&C.
Shift timings depends as per your team lead or your manager. Actually they have the authority to create shift roster and as per their schedule timings.
Shift A means - First shift i.e. Morning shift, Timings for morning shifts starts from 6.00AM or 7.00 to till 2 or 3.00PM.
Shift B means - Second Shift i.e. Afternoon shift, Timings for noon shifts starts from 2.00PM or 3.00 to till 10 or 11.00PM
Shift C means - Third Shift i.e. Night shift, Timings for night shifts starts from 10.00 or 11.00PM to till morning 6.00 or 7.00AM.
So after C shift, you will be having again A shift i.e. morning shift.
Actually it depends on your manager to schedule timings.
All the best.

From India, Hyderabad
Dear Peers,
The first batch people can work from wednesday to Monday in the first shift,which means 6.00 a.m to 2.00 p.m and the second batch people will start by 2.00 to 9.00 p.m and the third shift will start by 9.00 p.m to 6.00 a.m and give leave for their attendance order like Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday consecutively one by one they can take the week off.(Leave can calculate depends on their earned leave or Cl or one day off).
The last week first batch can work on night shifts for the coming week and the second shift people can continue the first shift and the night shift people will continue their work 2.00 p.m to 9.00 p.m.Please let me know if i made any mistake.

From India, Indore
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