Which aspect of Hr is most Important in career to grow ?
Talent Acquisition/Recruitment.
Compensation and benefit
Training /Development or OD.
HR Operation.
A Typical Hr Manager/Professional does all the job listed.If someone Can Manage Talent Acquisition / Recruitment well he/she has the advantage and Can handle other aspect of hr.
Although in Mid/ Lower Level Organization Hr Manager does all the Duties listed,in MNC/Leading Organization of industry ,we have dedicated Talent Acquisition Team to take care of Hiring.
Appreciate your inputs

From India, Noida
It depends on organizations strength/structure. For SSI HR performs all duties , whereas in MNC’s specialist HR are there to handle it. Amit Bharti is right in this regard.
From India, Pune
Dear Amit

In my opinion, all aspects of HR are important. There is a lot of debate and discussion going on in the arena of how HR professionals can become CEOs. What qualities in HR make a professional to head and manage a company.

In small organizations, an HR professional does all the aspects starting from recruiting and selection support to training, to performance management system to succession planning, IR to exit interviews. In large organizations, these aspects are divided so that work is done in a smooth way.

So in large organizations, you have Recruitment executive, Talent Acquisition executive, Training or Learning and Development executive, IR executive, etc.

But, on the whole knowledge of every HR aspect is very important for an HR professional to grow and thrive in the profession.

There has been lots and lots of new learning which is happening in HR and words like HR Measurement, Convergence, Analytics, etc which were not earlier associated with HR are now being used.

In Talent Acquisition itself, there are new models which have come up. So, HR would be very interesting for a person who would like to play with new learnings and development.


From India, Delhi
As mentioned by Anu, though every aspect of HR is important. Most of the companies divide between these functions. It would be dependent on the company's need at that point of time. Some Companies stress on the Recruitment as being a seperate entity from the HR-Generalist which covers the rest of the other topics.
Recruitment is target driven and HR is a process driven. Both of these are good as they enhance your inborn potentials and you even end up learning each day. HR in itself is a very vast area. There are always challenges and changes. One has to be ready to accept them and take up the roles to the best of their ability.

From India, Bangalore
my consulting firm is into HR but they dont have any job for me what kind of role they are playing if in HR their is career growth and if the company is working for the client then why i am jobless?
From India, Hyderabad
Dear Meena, Don’t get discouraged. Knock the right door & things will definitely work for you. Patience & emotional control is critical areas in HR field. Have patience, you will get job soon.
From India, Pune
may i know which door i should knock , why should i knock the door
From India, Hyderabad
Dear Amit, All freshers in the HR function begin their role into Transnational HR. Irrespective whether its recruitment /training / appraisals/ comp and ben.... etc. The challenge is to get a good awareness of the HR Process in correlation to the business requirements. Taking about CEO material, its critical for an HR person to have a business sense and think on entrepreneur terms and not as an employee.
So to share inputs on your question.. what aspect is important.... i would say 'Playing the role of HR Business Partner is important for growth". Now!!! this does not come in the initial years of an HR career.
P.S : Meena, we may need people like you.

From India, Mumbai
Meena, I appreciate your viewpoint; but fail to understand how it fits into the 'Subject - Re: which Aspect of Hr is Most Important as Hr Professional in Career ?'
The 'finance' aspect of HR is connected with 'Payroll & Compensation management'. If that suits your interests, it certainly is an important aspect of HR.

From India, Delhi
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From India, Hyderabad

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